SRC E-News Sept 25


Hello all SRC Members,

The Shepparton Runners Club will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 15th October at 7pm. Under the current restrictions, we will be holding our AGM virtually via zoom. A link will be sent out closer to the date to all members.

A copy of the previous AGM minutes was sent out yesterday via email, as well as role descriptions, nomination, and proxy forms. The forms are interactive, if you wish to nominate someone prior to the night, please fill this out and return to this email address.

This is a great opportunity for any current members who wish to join the committee and be a part of shaping the club for 2021.

If any member has any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Runner Profile – Mairead McDougal

Mairead Macdougall Age 57.


5km – 24:21 at Shepparton parkrun in 2015

10k 58:16 at Wangaratta 2016

Half Marathon – 01:59:32 at Wangaratta 2015

Marathon 05:11:51 at Berlin 2015

How did it start?

When my dad died in 2012, I found myself somewhat adrift, having, within the space of 48 hours, given up my job and returned to live in Scotland, thinking what now? My long time friend Anna MacConnell, had by this time, ticked off a Marathon before 50 on her bucket list and on a week-end trip to Glasgow, promptly signed me up for the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow when she happened upon a poster for it (She did the half, I did the 10k). 


Another friend, Hilary Mackay told me about parkrun and after about 3 false starts, once because I couldn’t read the map without my glasses and missed the start, I eventually did Edinburgh parkrun in 2013, including in the snow. When I came back to Shepp later that year, I pitched up at an SRC Handicap. The first person I saw was Helen Reynolds and I asked if I could run. No-one I spoke to had heard of parkrun. Then I bumped into Kerry Connelly in Coles at Riverside and she asked me if I’d heard of parkrun because Allan was starting one up. I was rapt. Allan asked me to the pre-launch trial and we spent a good few months with early starts, travelling around the country, visiting other parkruns to check them out, while poor Kerry mostly held the fort in Shepp. I am now hooked on the various unofficial parkrun clubs: Staying Alive, Compass Club, Cowell Club, Alphabeteer etc. I reckon volunteering at a parkrun beginning with each letter of the alphabet would be a good one (Alpha-volunteer?).


Gutted that I had timed my 250th parkrun to be at Shepp at Easter (currently sitting on 248 parkruns at 86 locations with 41, registered, times volunteering). Missed out on GC half and Shepp Running Festival this year. Got to run with both Helen Reynolds and Melanie McAuliffe and Andrew and Glenda Vibert on their trips to QLD as well as Chris Trevaskis before the lockdown but I reckon there would have been more visitors if times had been different. Finding it really difficult to remain motivated without events to look forward to and  train for. Matt Ryan’s bingo has been a great motivator and I think events are starting back up here but now I have another freakin’ knee injury. 


Anything spicy with a thin, crusty GF base and plenty of cheese.


Eat better (less), be consistent (put the work in), drink less, lose weight, run better. usual stuff! Looking forward to parkrun coming back and more touristing, Bushy someday. Doing the ones I missed out on this year, GC and Shepp. Bought a pair of trail shoes for White Rock Trail but it was cancelled so maybe get to run an event in these shoes! Overall, keep running to feel less stabby. 

Run2PB Facebook live

Yesterday Run2PB streamed a Facebook live hour

Nutrition for all runners w/ Guest Jessica Rothwell

Join Jessica Rothwell . Accredited Sports Dietitian, BHumanNutr, MDiet, and Run2PB Coaches Matt Davy and Zac Newman as they discuss essential nutrition advice for fuelling and refuelling as a runner.

The event will cover:

✅ What runners should look to be eating before training?

✅ When to eat after training and what foods to look for to aid recovery.

✅ The role carbs, fat and protein in the diet of runners.

✅ Hydration, how much should we be drinking, before, during and after runs.

✅ Advice for fuelling before and during a race.

🗣 Q+A

You should be able to watch it again once Run2PB set it up on Facebook.

Are you after more sessions.?

Over the last 2 weeks I have been doing a session on Tuesday and Thursday with Alice.

On Thursday 24th I scheduled a 3 km time trial in. I do this every few months to see how the training is going. Being somewhat quicker than Alice I decided to have a pacer each. I invited Sam and Tara to help out. I gave Alice 2 minutes head start with Tara pacing her. Sam had to help me chase them down. My aim was 5:30 – 5:40 min/km. I thought Alice would run 6:00 – 6:15.

The result – Alice hit her target and I was a tad slower than planned. Alice 18:38 mins, 6:11min/km and I ended up with 17:30 mins 5:48 min/km .

Here are my last few weeks with the Tuesday and Thursday sessions. I recently missed a Tuesday session. Saturday and Sunday are longer or social runs.

Interesting articles

How to improve your uphill running and speed
Shaving off time uphill does not just benefit the climbs, but also makes you more efficient so you have more energy on the flats and the downhills too. Check out these tips, which start with “hiking is not shameful”.

5 key yoga poses for the time poor runner
Yoga or stretching routines are extremely useful for runners of all abilities and ages. Runners Tribe has compiled a list (with photos) of 5 useful yoga poses for runners.

6 core-strengthening moves to ease lower back pain
Runners may experience lower back pain from weak hip and glutes that can cause the lower back to become strained during a run, and Runners World has 6 core strengthening, stretching, and aerobic exercises to help relieve lower back pain.

Apple and Cinnamon slice


  • 3 cups rolled oats
  • 1 Granny Smith apple, grated (excess water removed)
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup apple puree
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 eggs, whisked
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 2 tbsp butter, melted
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180°C and line a 15cm x 30 cm rectangular pan with baking paper
  2. Mix together the rolled oats, grated apple, baking powder and cinnamon in a large bowl until combined. In a medium jug, whisk together remaining wet ingredients
  3. Pour wet ingredients into the bowl and combine with the dry ingredients. Mix well
  4. Pour mixture into prepared pan and bake for 30 minutes or until firm to touch. Allow to cool before slicing into nine pieces

Until next time. Have a great running week or 2. Hopefully, soon we will be back to a running normal.

SRC E-News Sept 11

From the president’s desk

Lockdown 2.0

So, there is not much to report on. We are still in lockdown 2.0 and eager to resume training. When we are in a state to return to training, we will let our members know when where and any other restrictions we have. But for the meantime, it is great to see many members still out there with their feet on the ground, getting some km in. Coach Chris’ Tuesday interval sessions, as well as the bingo card, seems to provide some fun for members, and motivation to run.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

We will be presenting the AGM virtually this year due to COVID restrictions. This will be held on Thursday 15th October at 7pm. We are still working out the nuts and bolts to ensure that we can provide the best experience and can tick all the boxes to hold our AGM. There will be an event created on Facebook, as well as updates via our website to keep everyone up-to-date. We will also upload the nomination forms and position descriptions for anyone who wishes to put their hand-up for a role. 

We hope that everyone is staying safe and well during the pandemic. Keep sharing your running journeys/goals via social media as we enjoy reading all about them.


Mathieu Ryan

SRC Committee President

Runner Profile

Brady Threlfall, coach and founder of Run 2 PB.

32 years old.

5km: 14.09

10km: 29:34

HM: 66:16

Marathon: 2.19.53

At what point in your running career did you realise you could go from a recreation runner to an elite runner?

In Bendigo where I grew up we didn’t have a lot of running depth at the time so initially when I started I had goals of becoming one of the fastest in town and trying to make state teams. The depth in Australian isn’t huge so I get to be on most elite start lines but still I teach and coach for living so am far from the professional/elite runner out there. Standing on the elite start line at the Berlin Marathon in 2018 was pretty special to be a few metres back from Kipchoge. 

What are some of your favourite local and international events?

Gold Coast Marathon festival, Berlin Marathon and Echuca/Moama parkrun.

Do you have a go-to mantra that helps you stay on track with your training?

‘You’ve just gotta keep stringing them together’, this quote highlights the importance of consistency and not chasing the super session. 

Tell us what your favourite pizza is.

BBQ Chicken 

With Covid-19 shutting down so many events, which would you like to see happen first?

I think it’s a good opportunity to see some elite/sub elite road races. Given mass participation road races will be a long way off returning here in Victoria, it would be great to showcase some of our local elite/sub elite athletes and still give them the opportunity to compete. 

– Brady can be followed on strava, Instagram -@bradytrell or contacted for coaching at

Follow us on

Follow us on 

Do you need more running sessions? Here are a few.

No description available.

Remember to add in an easy week every 4 – 6 weeks so your body can absorb the harder training sessions. Here are a few that I have been doing and the first week circled in blue is my easy week.

Run Calendar and interesting articles.

If anyone is stuck in the Northern Territory I have some good news for you. Parkrun starts up on September 19.


In light of continued Victorian restrictions as well as ongoing health concerns and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we are saddened to share the 2020 Melbourne Marathon Festival scheduled for Sunday, October 4 has been cancelled.

We are sincerely disappointed, but unfortunately the circumstances and our ongoing commitment to the health and safety of our participants, staff, volunteers and the community has made it impossible for us to deliver this year’s event.

We are however pleased to share that the 2021 Melbourne Marathon Festival is confirmed to take place on Sunday, October 10. We are looking forward to returning in 2021 and thank all of our participants, Spartans, spectators and partners for their patience, support and understanding.

And although we can’t physically bring everyone together next month, we will be staging a Virtual Melbourne Marathon on December 5 – 13 to help our running community maintain their goals, stay inspired and keep fit.

Returning to Fun Runs in COVID-19
RegisterNow did a survey about returning to fun runs in Australia in July (results from that survey here); the are following up again in August with a similar survey here.

Are you fuelling your body enough?
Dietitian Georgie Buckely has written a guest post of the Run Rabbit Coaching Blog about the importance of food and running, especially for beginners. Read it here.

How to start your hydration plan
And on a similar theme, Training Peaks takes a look at how the key to a good hydration plan is to start off (and stay) hydrated. Read their article here.How does running with a mask impact your performance?
Runners World takes a look at how running with a mask impacts performance, whether it counts as hypoxic training, and how you can make running in a mask easier


R U OK?Day 2020 might be coming to an end but the conversations shouldn’t stop. Any day you’re concerned someone’s struggling, trust your gut and ask, “are you OK?” Because a conversation could change a life. If you or a loved one need immediate support contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 for a confidential chat any time of day or night. You can find other support services at These services are for everyone – whether you need a listening ear or are concerned about someone else.

SRC E-News Aug 28

From the president’s desk.

Mathieu Ryan

What a fortnight it has been. So many things that have happened.

To start with we have a new member, who is also the youngest. Justine and I welcomed Acacia Dorothy into the world on Thursday 13th August. Justine and I would like to thank the club for organising a very special gift from our sponsors at Intersport.

Acacia Dorothy

We also heard the passing of former committee member Helen Reynolds mother passing away. Our thoughts are with you and your family during this time. The club had organised flowers to the Reynolds family.

While we are still in Stage 3 restrictions, we will continue to post the Tuesday training sessions via our closed 2020 members group. If you are a 2020 member and are not part of this group, please let us know and we will add you straight away. We are also including a BINGO card for those who want a challenge during the latest stage 3 restrictions. Can you complete a row? or the entire set? We would like to see your updates via facebook. You can print off a copy, or save it to your phone and edit it. Good luck!

Last weekend was meant to be the weekend of the Shepparton Running Festival, however, it was cancelled in June. The committee wanted to acknowledge that we miss our event this year and all the runners that travel to Shepparton, as well as our sponsors and supporters. We are excited for 2021.

For those who do not know, Coach Chris Armstrong has joined the Run2PB family and is now offering professional training plans. One SRC member, Kirsten Arthur, had been coached by Chris and recently ran a half marathon personal best of 1hr 41mins, smashing 5 minutes of her old PB. “She believed she could so she did” Great work Kirsten. If you wish to reach out to Chris via Run2PB for a personalised weekly plan, he can be contacted at

Princess Park will see the addition of a dog park due to be completed in December. This is part of a long term master plan for investment and revitalisation of Princess Park of which the Club through the committee is actively providing feedback on.

Stay safe and keep running.

Mathieu Ryan

SRC Committee President

Runner Profile – Grant Hicks

No photo description available.

Age and your PBs.

I’m 42 years old.

5km PB: 17:30 at Parkrun Shepparton

10km PB: 37:48 at Bendigo Athletics Track

Half Mara: 1:22:34 at Challenge Shepparton

Mara: 3:06:29 at Shepparton Running Festival

Longest run: 56km at Two Bays Trail Run

How long have you had running as a big part of your life, and how did it come to be?

I have been running most of my life and have an athletics background that turned into longer and longer runs. Officially a trail runner now after a few years of road marathons and half marathons. It has been a huge part of my adult life. Particularly in the last 10-12 years where I’ve become quite goal driven in work, leisure and family pursuits. Running has been a wonderful constant that has helped me deal with some depression issues and allowed me to take time out to focus on my own physical and emotional wellbeing. I’ve also been able to make some amazing connections with people and achieved some things that I’m really proud of.

What are some of your favourite events and distances?

Surf Coast Century, Two Bays, Shepparton Running Festival and Challenge Shepparton are always pencilled in first on the calendar. Brilliantly run events that are well spaced apart throughout the year so that I can be constantly working toward the next event/goal. I also really enjoy the chance to get away to that beautiful Victorian coast with a group of friends and support each other in some tough terrain.

The Shepparton events are always great too. I get to sleep in my own bed and you can bank on having a huge amount of support from the locals.

Which events were you planning but missed this year due to Covid-19?

See above… When the uncertainty of Covid kicks in and events are being cancelled/postponed, the motivation certainly takes a huge hit. I’ve been so used to having that next goal to look forward to that when it’s not there I’m often at a loss as to reason to push myself in training. I love running no matter what, but purposeful always feel s better. I’m really missing our Parkrun too. I have still been down there every week and running the course, but the regular social interaction was (and will be again) so important to me and something that I looked forward to every week.

What other activities do you get up to?

I love music. I’m actually the worlds okayest guitar player! And I really enjoy having a sing song and listening to a variety of music, particularly live music and going to concerts. Obviously our current circumstances have put all of that on hold too. I have a keen interest in sports too. I follow football, basketball, cricket and netball fairly closely. And the ocean. The calming, soothing ocean. Any time I can get to the ocean I am revitalised.

What do you think of anchovies on pizza?

Those salty little fur sticks are a must I reckon! Love them.

What are your future goals with both events and possible PBs.

My main goal this year is to run further than I have ever run before. 100km seemed like far enough! Surf Coast Century has been postponed and is scheduled to be in early December. It’s one of my absolute favourite events/weekends away with friends. I have run the entire course in parts (50km twice and single legs 3 times) and am really excited about trying to do the whole thing in under the 12 hour mark and get that BIG stein of beer!


Why interval training

A common question in the running world. If you are looking to improve your running performance and efficiency then interval training is what is required!

This is supported by research for running. Even people looking to run a marathon should be implementing at least 1 interval session into their workload.

Why? Interval training specifically targets the energy systems you need for running whereas running continuously does not. It also offers a lot of variety which can keep it interesting for you.

If you are after more sessions here is what I have done in the last 2 weeks. Some of these are club sessions and some are what I have on my list.

Recently I watched a webinar by Coach Parry who is a top 10 place-getter at Comrades in South Africa.

My takeaways from the talk an=bout increasing pace after 50 y.o. were …….

The 5 pillars. 1. Recovery 2.Pacing 3.Schedual walk breaks 4 Strenght training 5 Consistency.

3 reasons why we get slower as we age. 1. Loss of strength 2. More time needed for recovery 3. Because of that you have an increased risk of injury

Why is recovery so important – Adaption to training comes during recovery. If you don’t give your body time to recover you don’t give your body a chance to adapt. Showing up fresh to training allows you to train better

Is the way you structure your training important? You shouldn’t be training the same way as you did when you were 30. Your training is not whats just in the plan. What you leave out is just as important. Recovery is not just important it is critical.

Why are walk breaks important? Walking reduces the eccentric stress. It allows your muscles to rest. It drops your heart rate and reduces perception of fatigue.

Why is strength training important? Strength training not only reduces the loss of strength it actually reverses it. Because of that it increases your capacity to do work.

The thread that ties this all together is consistency. It’s what we do day after day week after week and month after month that adds up to success. It’s the consistency that allows you to build layers on layers.

Image may contain: 1 person
Grant Hicks

There are plenty of speed/interval sessions around if you want to copy any of these. The following is what I have done on Tuesday and Thursday over the last 2 weeks. It also shows the weekend long runs. SR = Standing Recovery. JR = Jog Recovery

Copied from my results on Strava

And we will finish off with this workout.

Until next time, have a great running week, and stay connected and let us play Bingo.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

This is an anxious and uncertain time for everyone and support is vital and available. For more information about managing stress and support options, call the Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Services on 1800 512 348 or visit the DHHS website here.

Lifeline Australia 13 11 14 A crisis support service offering short term support at any time for people who are having difficulty coping or staying safe.

Beyond Blue 1800 512 348 Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service.

Headspace – Call 1800 650 890 or online at

SRC E-News Aug 14

From the president’s desk – Matt Ryan

A lot has changed in the space of one newsletter. We have re-entered back into stage 3 in regional Victoria, with the addition of this time having to wear/carry a face mask. Training has been placed back on hold, but that hasn’t stopped us from still going out and running. Coach Chris will be placing our Tuesday session activity on the 2020 closed members page. If you are a 2020 member and not already on the page, here is a link.
It has been great to see so many club members adapt to the ‘new norm’. It is a reminder of the strength within the running community of how well we can adapt. It is also important to stay in contact with one another during these times.

The committee are still in the process of working around improving security at the princess park club rooms. This year we have seen the addition of an improved roller door and new bars on the windows. If you see anything suspicious around the rooms, please call the Shepparton police.

Chris Nicholson and I were invited to an open discussion with Athletics Victoria where we discussed what Athletics Victoria offered to Recreational runners. Currently, as a member we have access to benefits including; personal accident insurance coverage through Athletics Victoria*, discounted entry to AV’s XCR’20 (winter cross country) series, discounted entry to various coaching and educational seminars. *Recreational Runner insurance is only related to incidents that occur in the course of training or competing in running events, or when traveling to or from either activity. In the past, we have had guest speakers travel to Shepparton to talk to the club which have been organised through Athletics Victoria. We are now looking for any ideas that athletics Victoria can offer to recreational runners. If you have something to share, please email us at

Please remember to stay safe and well during the stage three lockdowns and practise social distancing and #DFYM (don’t for get your Mask)


if you feel like you have any symptoms, please get tested.

Runner Profile

Chris Armstrong

Image may contain: one or more people, closeup and indoor

Age 37

Mile – 4:55

3k – 9:50

5k – 16:34

10 – 35:46

Half – 1:16:50

Mara – 2:48:50

What was it that got you into running in the first place? As a kid it was my mode of transportation as once my bike tyres went flat they didn’t really get fixed… had a break until my mid 20s when one of my good friends who I played football with in Finley committed suicide in 2010. We had always wanted to run a marathon together but sadly that never eventuated. So from then I decided to put my time and energy in learning how to be a better runner.

Has your role as coach taken away time for running, or contributed to it – I think it’s added to it. With anything I guess you make time for the things you love regardless of what else is going on. Coaching has allowed me to enjoy running on so many more levels. Some of my favourite memories have come from pacing others or watching them stack weeks and months together and then achieve a big PB at an event.

Is there a mantra or commitment you go back to during difficult times or during injury – There’s probably a few but they have similar concepts – “it’s about the journey, not the destination”, “don’t compare yourself to others”, “stack the weeks, then the months”

What running event is closest to your heart? – I love our winter trips to Gold Coast, otherwise I’m actually really fond of what we have created with the SRC handicaps. It’s nice to try and create that ‘event’ feel on a small scale for our members.

Tell us your favourite pizza – Hawaiian pizza – lots of pineapple!

Once our Covid-19 restrictions are fully lifted, what event are you looking forward to – a trip to Gold Coast would be great, otherwise I actually really want to get down to Melbourne and compete on the track over 3000m and 5000m in some Athletics Victoria and Vic Milers Club runs, maybe even a 1500m or Mile, I’d be running in E grade or something like that, I just miss competing – something to look forward to in the future. 

Somethings missing in my life, maybe it’s trail-running.

Tara and I visit Malaysia every year, we love the food, the cities, the beaches and mountains. This year we aimed for a couple of weeks in June, visit Melaka for the first time, and do some diving off Tioman Is. Also, we’d signed up for a trail run we wanted to complete for years, the Run Asia Kemensah trail run. But guess what? Covid-19 put a stop to all that. But, we got our medals and t-shirts in the mail. Our trail running is now restricted to the local parks in Tat.

Sam Daniel.

Are you looking to add another session during the week?

Here are a few I have got planned over the next few weeks.

6 X 2 min/on 30sec/off JR + 3min I’ve added the 3 mins as a 90 sec out and back. This is to help practice even pace running.

4 X 4 min/on, 1min/off SR Again the 4 mins can be done as an A B A Run out for 2 mins and then run back for 2 mins = 4 mins aiming to get back to the start at the 4 min mark. Then 1 min Standing Recovery between 4 min sets.

Remembering you can run with one other person under the Covid rules. Just remember to have your mask on hand for your walking.

Are you fuelling your body enough?
Dietitian Georgie Buckely has written a guest post of the Run Rabbit Coaching Blog about the importance of food and running, especially for beginners. Read it here.

How to start your hydration plan
And on a similar theme, Training Peaks takes a look at how the key to a good hydration plan is to start off (and stay) hydrated. Read their article here.

How does running with a mask impact your performance?
Runners World takes a look at how running with a mask impacts performance, whether it counts as hypoxic training, and how you can make running in a mask easier.

SRC E-news July 31

Tuesday’s training

As of Sunday 2 August at 11:59pm, a face covering will be mandatory whenever you leave home in Victoria. To keep in-line with the Department of Health and Human Services we will now be asking all our members who attend Tuesday night training to wear a mask to and from, and must be carried with them (worn if they chose to) during training. Anyone found not doing this will be asked to leave training immediately.And remember, if you are feeling unwell, get tested and isolate until you have your results.

It’s been fantastic to see how popular training has been over the last couple of months. As a club we know that it’s not always possible to make training as things come up, if you do register we ask that if you can’t make it, please let us know so we can offer your spot to somebody else, it’s not much fun when we have to let somebody know a group is full and they are unable to attend. #RespectForOthers

3 options again this week, great to see how popular the 5pm group is!

5pm with Sam Daniel at parkrun shelter
6pm with Norah Armstrong at north end of the lake
6pm with Chris Armstrong at athletics track

Normal Registration form is on SRC Facebook page via google doc.

I didn’t get my newsletter.

From time to time you may not receive the newsletter. There are 2 things you can do. The best thing is to whitelist the email address you receive the email from. The instructions to do this differ from account to account. Whitelisting emails will make sure that you receive emails from the required email IDs while preventing spam coming in from the others. It’s not hard to whitelist an email address you can Google the instructions here.

The second option and this is NOT A FIX. All newsletters are stored on the club website After having a look around the website click on the Blog tab and that’s where all the newsletters are stored. ENJOY

If one person doesn’t receive the newsletter, their is very little I can do about it. If several or all people do not receive the newsletter (link in Mailchimp) their maybe a technical problem which we will work on.

Steven Trevaskis

Runner Profile – Glenys Frizzell

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Age and PBS

Next birthday is an “0” birthday and I’ll be eligible for a senior’s card

5kms – 23.46

10kms – 51.56

1/2 – 1.54.52

Full – something only dreams are made of

How long have you been recreational running and what prompted the start?

I only started recreational running in my 50s. 

I was a plump “ unco” child who would come home after athletics days in tears, asking why I always came last. My brother’s solution was easy – just run faster!

Even my mother’s response to why I didn’t get to do ballet like my sisters was that  I  was too much of a heiferlump!

It wasn’t until my early 20s that I became addicted to fitness as a means to lose weight after ballooning from a chubby child to an obese adult,  thanks to the uni staples of pizza and alcohol. I became a regular at the gym and even became an aerobics and gym instructor ( and indirectly how I met hubby Peter, but that’s another story).In the process I managed to shed 20 kgs.

Still, running was never on my radar; an activity I loathed and one  I expected to  always to have an aversIon.

Ten years ago life and physical fitness pursuits took a dramatic turn when an out of control car hit the back of our stationery car at 120 kms/hr. The bones in my back that were broken and crushed had doctors predicting I had 5 years until I would be permanently confined to a wheelchair. Swimming, while not an exercise  of choice became the only exercise I could do initially. To keep myself motivated I signed up for the iconic Lorne Pier to Pub ocean swim, which became an annual pilgrimage, with Peter running the Mountain to Surf the day before. 

One year I decided to take part in the Mountain to Surf too – but as a walker. I got caught up in the atmosphere and ended up running most of it. Soon after I started joining Peter at Parkrun and became just as obsessed as he was.

Early last year Peter signed us both up for Runners Club to my protests. I had thought it was a club for elite runners – way out of our league. While the club certainly has its share of elite I discovered it’s also for those who just love running …. or want to love it. ( I hover between the two!)

COVID restrictions impacts

With retirement this year Peter and I had planned to complete Parkrun’s Cowell  Club (100 different locations) and  Alphabeeter Club – dreams now for the future ??

 Being confined to home we’ve been running and bike riding from home daily … probably to the point of ?excessivism?. The imminent birth of our granddaughter may give my body the rest and recovery it’s craving (but thoughts of that wheelchair … keep going while you can)


A food I rarely eat these days but if I’m going to indulge it’s worth the trip to Bank St Pizza, Avenel for any of their exceptional gourmet toppings on a base you simply can’t replicate ( and no I don’t have a vested interest ??) 

Home cooked pizza – my go to is caramelised onion, roast pumpkin, pine nuts and feta  – and forget pineapple.

Goals in Running

Not getting my hopes up to complete any running goals right now with pandemic life. 

I had been training for the Challenge Olympic distance triathlon which was scheduled for early April and has been postponed until October??? Perhaps in 2021.

 When Parkrun returns  Cowell and Alphabeeter are a must.


Image may contain: 2 people, including Peter Frizzell, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Garmin hit by ransomware

Garmin’s four-day service meltdown was caused by ransomware
As most of you are probably aware, Garmin Connect was down for several days but now appears to be back online. While this may be a #firstworldproblem, it did mean people had issues submitting their runs to many for the virtual runs currently happening around the world. Ars Technica looks at how it was a ransomware attack, which many people had suspected.


Lucy Bartholomew full-time ultra runner 26,000 followers on Facebook & 85,000 followers on Instagram. Podcast name – Run with love

19. Lucy Bartholomew, Ultra Trail Runner – Reconnecting with your why, being the best version of yourself, and the power of community

Ultra trail runner Lucy Bartholomew entered the ultra running scene when she was just 15 years old and running her first 100k. Today, 8 years later, she seems to have already gone through it all, becoming one of the veterans of the sport. She has a huge influence on social media with 85 000 followers on Instagram, a platform where she talks honestly and without filters about everything ultra running, strength training, delicious plant-based food and much much more

I think that you shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself to try and be perfect, to have this perfect journey, to be this perfect person for people to look up to. It’s not realistic. I think that what I learned is that the only thing I can be is me, and the thing that makes me me is being the best version of it, and that’s in all aspects. There’s fitness, yes, but there’s also health, being mindful, being social, being friendly, and being kind. And I think that — you know, they have this saying called strong not skinny. But I think there is also, like, fit and friendly.

A new podcast to share with you all! This time with “Run with love podcast”!

Hope you enjoy!

Link here or on your platform to listen!…/19-lucy-bartholomew-ultra-trail-r…

How to Rehabilitate Anterior Hip Pain in Runners

Pelvic and hip injuries are some of the lesser seen injuries in runners, with less than 10% of runners reporting pain at the hip and pelvis. Of which an even smaller percentage present with anterior hip pain. As it is an uncommon area to have pain or injury, it can be confusing for runners to get diagnosed and then effectively manage and rehabilitate. Here is a comprehensive guide to anterior hip pain in the runner. Click HERE>>> to read the article by Lewis Craig

SRC E-News July 17

Club update

So what’s been happening at The Shepparton Runners Club

  1. The SRC committee has wrapped up the cancellation of the 2020 Shepparton Running Festival and has contacted all those that had entered before registration were suspended.  Whilst registered participants were disappointed that the event would not proceed this year they expressed their gratitude for the way the Club handled the situation with 62% electing to roll their registrations over to next year.   The SRC Committee would also like to thank Steve Ayton, Liz Connick and Sean Greenhill for the power of work and professionalism shown during this unprecedented and stressful time.
  2. In June, the SRC applied for a grant through Community Sport Sector Short Term Survival Package, to assist with club operations during COVID-19, in which we were successful in being approved for $1,000.
  3. The clubrooms were broken into. This is disappointing as this is the second time in 12 months that the rooms have been targeted. While nothing of great value has gone missing, it is not something as a community group we don’t like to see. The committee are in the process of submitting a grant to improve the security of the rooms and our contents. If anyone notices anything suspicious around the clubrooms, please report this to the Shepparton Police on (03) 5820 5777 or crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.
  4. Training continues in line with the recommendations from Victoria State Government with no more than 20 participants. We have seen these to be popular with the training lists filling early. It is great to see regular faces, as well as some new faces attend training. Coach Chris has been doing amazing with the training plans, and Run Leaders Norah and Sam have been great with executing these and assuring we have a safe environment to run in.  With the constantly changing environment regarding Covid 19 the committee is keeping a close eye on restrictions and will notify members via our social media platforms should the situation change in regards to training.
  5. Princess Park Reserve has seen the competition of electrical upgrades as well as the installation of new lighting around the main oval.
  6. We are also very excited for Chris Armstrong to join the team at Run2PB in addition to being head coach at SRC. Through Run2PB, Chris will be here to guide you in every step of your journey to assist you in chasing your running goals as an online running coach. If you wish to reach out to Chris via Run2PB for a personalised weekly plan, he can be contacted at

Runner Profile

Tara Daniel

Image may contain: 1 person

PBs – I just realised that most of my PBs are unofficial and probably don’t count.

5km – 25.50 (1/1/2020)

10km – 57:12 (unofficial at the August Handicap in 2019)

21.1km – 2:10:39 (unofficial for RunRona in May 2020)

42.2km – 5:02:40 (unofficial in Nagoya after the Nagoya Women’s Marathon was cancelled halfway through tapering)

Why did I start running? I had flirted on and off with running since my housemate in the UK did the Great North Run and raved about how awesome running was. I tried a few times to get serious with it, but I did that thing that all new runners do which is run as hard and as fast as you can then die after maybe 2 minutes, so running was kept at arms-length until 2016 when Sam and I decided to go to Nepal to walk to Everest Base Camp. At this stage I was probably 5 kgs heavier than I am now and supremely unfit. I started walking and running so that the holiday to Nepal would be fun. That was the year I ran my first ever 10 km fun run at the Wagga Trail Marathon, that was one of the most EPIC runs of my life….I think it was even more emotional than the Nagoya Women’s Marathon this year! After getting back from Nepal, I ate like I climbed a mountain every day for a few months and got supremely unfit again. In early 2017, Sam cracked it and decided we needed to get fit again, so began the “love” of parkrun. For the first few months of going along to parkrun I hated it, it was awful…but as I started to get fitter I started to enjoy running more and more. I was maybe running 3 times per week but going flat out for 2 km then stopping. Sam then decided he wanted to join the runners club, I said no thanks, he said too bad, you are already a member and the rest is history.

Best thing I have learnt? Run easy! How good is it, you can go for a run and enjoy it, you aren’t dead at the end of it! I probably do too much easy running…but its great. I think I would have taken up running earlier had I known that you don’t have to run each run like you are being chased by a bear and your life depends on getting to the nearest safe spot as fast as possible.

Pineapple on pizza? Pineapple definitely belongs on pizza. It is an essential ingredient in my view.

Best achievements/ proudest moments in running? I have two that spring to mind immediately. The first is the “My Five Km Finish Line” program I did in 2019 which was aimed at getting people into running and getting people active. The concept was a couch to 5 km type thing but really it was just about teaching people the easy running thing so that you realise it doesn’t suck! The fact it tied into the running festival was great and the group of ladies (and Steven) were so good to train with. I really enjoyed it, and watching them finish the 5 km at the SRF was kind of emotional. Its also so good seeing Katherine, Alice, Taren, Jacqui (and Steven) really embrace running and smash some incredible goals. The second was finishing a marathon in 2020. I signed up to the Nagoya Womens Marathon in August 2019 and trained for it from 8 km as my first long run in August through to 33km as my longest long run in February 2020. The event was meant to be held on March 8 2020 and about 10 days out from the event, I got notification it had been cancelled due to COVID-19. At that point we had no idea the impact that this virus would have on us so I had to make a decision. I ended up still going to Japan and I was going to run the marathon to coincide with parkrun (which then was also cancelled) so I ended up running 42.2km with Sam for 30 km, around a 1.3 km park in Nagoya. I didn’t care about time or anything except getting the distance done which I did. I could have chosen to not do it, but getting it done made all the early morning get ups seem worth it. Although there was no event, I know I am a marathoner and I am super proud I finished it. I will re-enter Nagoya and do it properly one day. I really do want to be handed my Tiffany’s necklace by the Tuxedo Squad!

What’s next on the cards? I am actually really liking the COVID break. I’m really just enjoying running for running’s sake. There is no pressure and it’s just nice to go back to the basics of why I run. I think I might just see what comes up. But one thing I really do want to do is dress up as jazzercize barbie for the Afterglow Trail Run (if it goes ahead). I think Nat said she might do a marathon there!!! (HA KIDDING)

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Managing running with Covid-19 restrictions

Who has embraced Iso Running at SRC?

Covid-19 has produced many setbacks to our running calendars over the past few months. Week after week we have received news of events that have been cancelled. Events that many of us were really looking forward to, and that we had already invested much time preparing for. While this has been disappointing for some of us, many SRC members have embraced the isolation period and worked really hard on their running. Some have managed to make some great progress in their fitness and running goals and produced the fastest times they have ever run during this time. Below are a few of the personal bests that we have seen over the last few months…… a bit of a case of being “all dressed up and nowhere to go”….so let’s give them a shout out here to let them know we see how their hard work is paying off. 

Helen Reynolds Marathon 4:29:56

Taren Kirby Half Mara 2:28:04 (first half)

Tara Daniel Half Mara PB 2:10:30

Jacqui Noonan Half Mara 2:28:53

Anna Turnbull 10km 43:50

Laura Smithers-Shaw 10km 51:30

Catherine Heard 10km 59:44

Chelsea Nicholson 10km 60:21

Taren Kirby 10km 63:17

Anna Turnbull 5km 20:39

Kirsten Arthur 5km 21:44

Hannah D’Andrea 5km 22:20

Kate Flynn 5km 23:46

Catherine Heard 5km 27:37

Taren Kirby 5km 28:09

Cate Aitken 5km 28:12

Jacqui Noonan 5km 28:18

While this article is specifically about personal bests, it is also equally important that we recognise everyone that has kept up their running over the last few months as well. Our physical and mental health is important especially in these stressful times, and the benefits that running can have in our overall health and wellbeing are tremendous. Keep up the great work everyone!


Better with running

This is an awesome interview with Chris Armstrong. Most people would have iTunes or spotify where you can search for – better with running podcast-. or you can do what I do and ask my Google home mini so I do not need a link. Check this one out!

Chris talks about his early years of football and running to starting with the Shepparton Runners Club and how we have managed running this year with the outside group restrictions.

Chris tells us about training for his first marathon and about the connection between running and mental health. And by the way, Chris is not big on Social media. But you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I Sat down last week with Zacca Newman to talk all things running for the “Better With Running” podcast. Went over a stack of things including getting started, Shepparton Runners Club, exercise and mental health, Run2PB and coaching. Available where you get your podcasts.

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Congratulations coach Chris Armstrong on joining the Run2PB with Brady Trelfell

Coach, Chris Armstrong has a passion and dedication for distance running as strong as anyone in the country. Not only has Chris achieved some amazing times of the roads, he is also a fantastic contributor to the running community. 

Chris is actively involved in the Shepparton Running Community as a regular volunteer at Shepparton parkrun and has previously been the photographer, newsletter editor and run director. 

Chris is involved with organising the Shepparton Marathon Festival and is Head Coach at Shepparton Runners Club.

Chris has Personal Bests of: 5km: 16:34, 10km 35:46, Half Marathon 1:16:50, Marathon 2:48

He specialises in working with recreational athletes.  He has a dedicated and consistent attitude to distance running and has grinded away for years to achieve his goals. 

He understands the stress that many of us are under when trying to balance running training, work and family life. 

Chris has an exceptional track record with his coaching clients with many achieving personal bests in distances ranging from the mile to the marathon under his guidance as well as being a qualified level 1 recreational run leader.

He has been coaching for 8 years and has previously trained under Australian Marathoner, Pat Carroll and Run2PB’s Brady Threlfall. 

Melbourne Marathon

Like our passionate running community, we are hopeful that the 2020 Melbourne Marathon Festival will take place this October. Preparations are proceeding as planned, taking into account the health and safety of our participants, spectators, volunteers, partners and team members, as our top priority. 

We will continue to work closely with local, state, federal authorities and health officials as we monitor the COVID-19 (coronavirus) in order to deliver you a safe and rewarding event.

It is our intention to keep our community in the loop as much as possible. If we receive any updates we will be sure to let you know via email, our website and social channels, but for now we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone back for Australia’s Largest Marathon.

Name of EventDate of EventLocation of EventEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Make it Your Own
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Pop! Challenge
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Gold Coast Virtual MarathonWednesday, 1 July 2020 to Friday, 31 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Greatest Virtual Run
Friday, 3 July 2020 to Sunday, 5 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Weipa Running FestivalSunday, 12 July 2020 to Sunday, 26 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
You Yangs Trail Running Festival 18 - 19 July, 2020You Yangs Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Shepparton Running Festival - CANCELLEDCANCELLEDShepparton, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Wonderfalls Trail RunSaturday, 29 August, 2020Cumberland River Holiday Park,
Great Ocean Road, Vic
Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Dubbo Stampede Running Festival
Sunday, 30 August 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Sweat Vs Steam06 October, 2020Echuca, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Ned Kelly Chase Sunday, 25 October, 2020Wangaratta Event WebsiteFacebook Page

Elite Profile

Peter Bol (runner)


Bol was born on 22 February 1994 in Khartoum, Sudan. His family fled the civil war in Sudan when he was four. They lived in an Egyptian refugee camp for four years before immigrating to Australia. At the age of eight, he arrived in Toowoomba, Queensland. He grew up in Perth and attended St Norbert College. In 2017, he completed a construction degree at Curtin University.

Athletics career

Bol was a promising basketballer in Perth, Western Australia. When he was 16, a teacher at St Norbert College suggested he try 800 m running after a promising cross-country run.

In 2013, Bol stormed to victory in the junior men’s 800 m at the Australian Athletics Championships in a personal best time of 1:48.90. In December 2015, he moved from Perth to Melbourne to train with coach Justin Rinaldi, who also coached joint national record holder Alexander Rowe. In 2016, he ran two Olympic qualifying times (1:45.78 and 1:45.41) and was selected on the Australian team for the 2016 Rio Olympics.[5] At the Olympics, he finished sixth in his heat in 1:49.36 At the 2017 IAAF World Championships, he finished seventh in his heat in 1:49.65.

On 10 June 2018, at IAAF meet in Stockholm, Sweden he set a personal best of 1:44.56 in the 800 m defeating training partner Joseph Deng.

My 5k finish line.

It’s 12 months this week since Sam and Tara created the 5k finish line program. It’s great to see the enthusiasm and improvement of the 4 runners who continued on and joined up with the Shepparton Runners Club.

Well done Jacqui Noonan, Taren Kirby, Allice Allen, and katherine hallam.

I’ve overdone it now. Just another photo of Tara.

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SRC E-News July 3

It’s been a quiet fortnight for SRC. Training is continuing until further restrictions are eased. A massive thank you to Chris, Norah and Sam for their efforts running the training session. With the weather still getting cold, don’t forget to visit our sponsors and supporters, wether for warmer clothes, health and healing, new gadgets or just a snack. Remember to support those who support us. Happy running Mathieu

News on races

This Sunday would have seen the running of the Gold Coast marathon. This is the most attended race for SRC outside Victoria. I know some runners are running it as a virtual run this Sunday.

Sam and Tara are away this weekend on an adventure as only they can plan. In other words, I have no idea what they are doing. As I have trained for 16 weeks for the Golda Coast half marathon I have decided to run my race on July 12 due to my paces being away this weekend. I will have more on this and other virtual races that Sam, Tara, Jacqui, Taren and I have been involved in, in the next newsletter.

But as I head towards taper week (10 days) I plan the race inside my head. My aim is not to feel like you have to bank too much time early on. A trap that some runners get into is they believe they need to put in as much effort as possible initially to allow for slowing over the final 5k or so. I’ll rely more on my preparation and ability for this will allow me to maintain a constant/realistic pace all the way. I have 16 weeks of good training behind me. That’s what will get me across the line. Bring on July 12!

Sweat Vs Steam – The SvS Committee are still working hard to prepare Sweat vs Steam to be held on Sunday 20th September 2020, we will keep monitoring Victorian health advice and relevant restrictions leading up to our proposed date and provide updates via our Facebook page to keep you informed.

Melbourne Marathon Festival – It’s still on October 4, 2020

More detail in the Calendar below.

Runner Profile

Helen Reynolds 

I’m 44. I started running when I was 26 thanks to my little sister Bec. She came down to visit for a week and dragged me out. We started with 100 metre run/ walk intervals and by the end of the week she had me running a full km.  I remember being so thrilled that I could run that far. That’s where my love of running started. Soon after I bought myself a three year subscription to Runner’s World Magazine which was lucky because the next few years were full of pregnancies and babies so reading and learning about running was often all I could manage.  My first race was the first Run with the Kids in 2006 which was 14 kms at the time.  I remember the stinging chaffing and aching muscles at the end but the more than that the fun and sense of achievement.  I decided if I could manage to run 14 kms I could do the Great Ocean Road half marathon the next month.  The Great Ocean Road half is actually 23kms and is very hilly so it was pretty crazy to attempt but I loved it.  My sister Bec came down from Queensland to look after my 11 month old baby and 2 year old toddler while I ran, she even took them to the course to cheer me on in the pouring rain and gusting Antarctic winds.  When I look back at that time I’m pretty impressed with my effort, I did most of my training on the treadmill at the gym while the kids were in the creche or pushing them in the pram, it was always by myself when I could grab a moment.  After completing the Great Ocean Road Half I decided I would commit to completing one half marathon every year until I’m 70.  So far I’ve done that and a lot more.  I went through a few years of entering as many events as I could, Craig would ask when I picked a holiday destination “so what’s the race?”  I’ve settled down a bit since then but still enjoy doing events.  In the last couple of years I’ve done quite a few trail runs. The Convicts and Wenches Trail Run along Tasmania’s stunning north coast with a bunch of girlfriends and the Monster trail half marathon in a gorgeous national park in upstate New York with my husband Craig, stand out as two favorites.  My PBs are 23 minutes 39 seconds for the 5km and 1 hour 51 for the half marathon, they were way back in 2014 and 2015 though!  Do non-event PBs count?  I’m not sure, last month I ran my own marathon in 4 hours 29 minutes and 56 seconds which was a PB by 45 minutes.  It was fast enough (by 4 seconds!) to qualify me for the 56km Two Bays Trail Run which is on my bucket list, but I missed out on a spot when the event filled in 17 minutes just as I’d got to the payment page.  I have my fingers crossed there will be more spots open up before the race next January. One of my goals for last year was to get my Parkrun time back under 25 minutes, which I didn’t quite manage, so I still have that to tick off.  More than PB’s, what I’m proud of is that I’ve been a good role model for my kids and I’ve inspired non-running family and friends to give running a go, I’ve even got some of them hooked like me!  For the last 10 years or more I’ve had a wonderful bunch of friends to run with and it’s the chat and catch up that I enjoy as much as the exercise.  Garlic bread or garlic pizza? Neither give me a nice glass of red wine and a good curry thanks.

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The following is from Kathy Fuller

Hey SRC crew – Just a shout out here for Dani McLaren who may be known to a few of you. Dani did the 777 with Narelle and I back in 2016 .. and has continued to run the 777 every year! – Dani is now Shepparton based Primary School teacher – She is an amazing gal and super courageous. Dani is currently doing the 777 this week (Virtually) .. however she amped it up starting last Saturday and is running 9 marathons in 9 days finishing this Sunday! Due to the increased COVID restrictions she is now unfortunately unable to run her final legs in Melbourne with family and friends – So be awesome if any of you are out and about this Sunday morning – as Dani does her final league based on the Shepp mara course – starting around 7am – so if you see her please jump in and run a few laps with her – Its a super human effort particularly without the usual support crew, drinks stations etc – 💜💪🏃‍♀️9️⃣

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Race Calendar – Physically Distant, Virtually Together

Name of EventDate of EventLocation of EventEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Make it Your Own
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Pop! Challenge
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Gold Coast Virtual MarathonWednesday, 1 July 2020 to Friday, 31 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Greatest Virtual Run
Friday, 3 July 2020 to Sunday, 5 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Weipa Running FestivalSunday, 12 July 2020 to Sunday, 26 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
You Yangs Trail Running Festival 18 - 19 July, 2020You Yangs Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Shepparton Running Festival - CANCELLEDCANCELLEDShepparton, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Wonderfalls Trail RunSaturday, 29 August, 2020Cumberland River Holiday Park,
Great Ocean Road, Vic
Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Dubbo Stampede Running Festival
Sunday, 30 August 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Sweat Vs Steam06 October, 2020Echuca, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Ned Kelly Chase Sunday, 25 October, 2020Wangaratta Event WebsiteFacebook Page

SRC E-News June 19

Shepparton Running Festival update

The Shepparton Runners Club have been faced with one of the most difficult decisions in the history of our event. It is with deep sadness that due to COVID-19, we announce the cancellation of the Shepparton Running Festival, scheduled to be held on 22 & 23 August 2020.

We know that this news is an enormous disappointment, not only to our participants, but also to our stakeholders, partners and our volunteers. We know many of you have grown to know and love this event, because many of you return year after year and we thank you for your support.

The process we went through to make this decision meant that we looked at several scenarios. We examined the information from the Victorian State Government that we have now and together with Greater Shepparton City Council we tried to predict what Covid-19 restrictions would look like in late August and then there’s the scenario of a second wave and restrictions staying tight.

We considered control measures such as a reshaped start, finish line and course. Spreading races over two days and even what our aid stations would look like. What we do know is information and predictions will keep changing as there are still so many unknowns until we are clearly on the other side of this pandemic.

We had to consider our financial situation and that of our sponsors. The risk to our local community and if they are ready to receive visitors and the liability of a COVID-19 outbreak. We know we have a responsibility to reactivate our economy, however August was approaching fast.

We would like to thank all those who messaged us and got in touch to tell us how keen you were for our event to go ahead. We know this news is disappointing. We now look towards 2021 when we will have a new AIMS certified course and we make sure there is enough room for everyone.

Your sincerely,

Mathieu Ryan
Committee President
Shepparton Runners Club

Runner Profile

Kate Dainton

Kate Dainton, 40 years old.

5km- 20:56 secs

10: 46:14

Half: 1:41:44

Marathon: 3:42 

What initially got you into running?

I got into running to get out of the house! It was a challenging time in my life a few 

years ago, and I shuffled out of my driveway for 1km. I had never run before I even got laughs when I told my friends. I then got up the courage to try park run after a cocktail commitment with a friend and worked hard for weeks to get a 30min PB. 

What other sporty activities do you participate in?

I do yoga & some strength work at home. I’ve been bouncing on ‘bluey ‘the big gym ball while working from home. His kind of turned into Wilson from castaway during iso. We do lots of family rides and I feel mum taxi is an activity right? I seem to be quite invested and it’s consistent! 

What good running and training tips have you discovered that may help others?

Turn your watch on clock mode and just run on feel. Numbers, time, pace are not 

always reflective of where you are at. More stress then probably a higher heart rate! Tune into the WHY of your running do it easy and happy. Also, I have been practicing mindfulness running where I run on my own and nothing in the ears. I think this helps with sitting with discomfort of the body and mind and builds confidence 

When your backyard pizza oven is up and running, what will be your mainstay pizza?

Tough question! These are on my list for this week’s long run reward *Roast pumpkin, pine nuts, buffalo cheese, rocket, and parmesan 

* Pork and Fennel sausage, spinach, chilli, caramelised onion, and mozzarella cheese 

Tatura it’s a great place to live for Dainton pizza and Strava segments! 

Which events are you most looking forward to restarting?

I did my first trail run in January and loved it. It makes you feel like a kid at heart as you leap & dodge with no pace to catch. The vibe is different to road running. Look up Lucy Bartholomew she is a legend. I’m looking forward to hitting the trails that is out of my comfort zone whilst trying to not face plant. 

Come join me! 

Kate Dainton

Interval training builds speed and endurance

Interval training has been used by athletes for years to build fitness. Interval training combines short, high-intensity bursts of speed, with slow, recovery phases, repeated during one exercise session. An early form of interval training, fartlek (a Swedish term meaning “speed play”) was casual and unstructured. A runner would simply increase and decrease pace at will.

Today, athletes use more structured interval training workouts and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to build speed and endurance. This variation of interval training and speed work can be a simple or sophisticated routine, but the basics are still the same as the original fartlek training.

Here are some sessions I have been doing outside Tuesday’s club sessions.

4 x 4 mins 1 min Standing recovery (SR)

6 x 500 mtrs 1 min SR

4 X 1KM 1:30 SR

2 km x 2 with ample recovery. ( Last Thursday Taren and I did this one. We allowed 1 min recovery. Afterwards we agreed that 2 mins recovery would have been better.

Every 3 weeks or so during my training plan I will add in the following session.

50 mins with the last 10 mins solid pace. Ideally you will start your last 10 mins from the same spot each time. Hopefully over time you will finish further down the path clocking a bigger distance.

Confessions of a podiatrist with heel pain and her tips for runners with heel pain
Running Mums Australia has a three part post where a podiatrist talks about heel pain and how to deal with it; read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Race Calendar

Name of EventDate of EventLocation of EventEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Make it Your Own
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Pop! Challenge
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Gold Coast Virtual MarathonWednesday, 1 July 2020 to Friday, 31 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Greatest Virtual Run
Friday, 3 July 2020 to Sunday, 5 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Weipa Running FestivalSunday, 12 July 2020 to Sunday, 26 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
You Yangs Trail Running Festival 18 - 19 July, 2020You Yangs Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Shepparton Running Festival - CANCELLEDCANCELLEDShepparton, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Wonderfalls Trail RunSaturday, 29 August, 2020Cumberland River Holiday Park,
Great Ocean Road, Vic
Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Dubbo Stampede Running Festival
Sunday, 30 August 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Sweat Vs Steam06 October, 2020Echuca, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Ned Kelly Chase Sunday, 25 October, 2020Wangaratta Event WebsiteFacebook Page

SRC E-News June 5

Uniforms have been restocked and are ready to keep you warm on your winter runs. If you’d like to purchase something from the highly fashionable SRC Purple and Gold collection send Melanie McAuliffe or the SRC message and we’ll arrange collection. 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🏃🏽‍♂️ 🥶 ❄️

Parklands Albury Wodonga’s annual Riverina Trail series event will be held virtually this year.
Event Development Ranger Sean Greenhill said during the coronavirus pandemic it was important that the June to October annual fundraiser be held in some form to keep “momentum”, the five trail event series raises money for local land management works.
Mr Greenhill said the “virtual” element of the event meant those who took part can race solo and forward results to event organisers. This year’s trail runs include Albury Ranges, Mahers Hill, Huon Hill, Federation Hill and Mt Baranduda.
Trail runners Luke and Lauren Preston have participated in the event for the last few years and are looking forward to running it virtually this year.

The Role Hips and Quads Play in Proper Run Form

Running requires many parts of the body to be working in unison, from our feet to our core to the way our arms and legs swing. Mastering the optimal run form for performance and injury prevention is a never-ending endeavor. This article will break down what should happen at the hips, and discuss the importance of producing forward momentum from the glutes, achieving hip extension, and optimizing posture. 

More info here

Runner Profile

Katherine Hallam

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and outdoor
Katherine Hallam

Age 34.

5km pb 39:23 a long time ago before SRC but currently 45.47. 

What is it that drew you to running and joining the SRC? Matt and Justine started me on Parkrun when Will was a baby and I just did parkrun for a while. I was scared of the SRC as I’m not a natural runner. Then last year Sam was volunteering in my classroom and mentioned the My 5k Finish Line. So I bit the bullet and joined that group and loved hanging out with Sam, Tara, Steve, Taren, Jacqui and Alice. The encouragement I got from everyone to try helped a lot so after the Shepparton Running Festival I joined up! 

What events have you participated in, and are there any you would like to repeat? Shepparton Running Festival 5km, Four Vines 5km, Wangaratta 5km, Mother’s Day Classic 8km and RunRona 5km. I would like to do Four Vines again and hopefully it’s not so humid! 

How has the lockdown affected your running? My planned events of the 5km at Gold Coast Marathon Festival and the O’Keefe trail have been cancelled 😟 but I have kept training! When I was teaching remotely running a few times a week kept me sane! 

Tell us your favourite pizza toppings. I love the Baa Baa at Fryers Food Store but do enjoy a capricosa and good old Hawaiian! Pineapple goes on certain pizzas!

What are your future plans or hopes with running? I would like to get back under 40 minutes for 5km by the end of the year and ultimately run a 10km. 

Run Calendar

It seams like a lot of races are going virtual. Some are your well know races. Others are new ones, like the Covid-19 Battle last weekend. It was a half marathon starting from Lake Victoria in our case. The results were Sam 1:48:57, Tara 2:10:30 PB, Jacqui, Taren, and Steven 2:28:30. This was a PB for Jacqui and Taren’s longest distance.

With social distancing rules being eased and travel restrictions also being eased we are looking at traveling to local trails between Rushworth and Warby Rangers. If you want to come along have a chat to one of us (maybe Sam) and we can let you know what is being organised.

Melbourne Marathon still going ahead.

The 2020 Melbourne Marathon Festival is being held on Sunday the 4th of October. More than 35,000 competitors will participate in this awesome event, finishing with a lap of the MCG’s hallowed turf after passing many of Melbourne’s famous landmarks en-route.

The festival features distances for all ages and abilities making it a great family friendly event. Events include the Melbourne Marathon (42.195km), Half Marathon (21.1km), 10km Run, 5km Run and 3km Walk.

Even Gold Coast has gone virtual

Register now:

It’s free for runners, wheelies and walkers of all ages and abilities to join and there are six distances on offer to complete from 1-31 July:

Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Virtual Marathon
ASICS Virtual Half Marathon
Southern Cross University Virtual 10km Run
Gold Coast Airport Virtual 5km Fun Run
4km and 2km Junior Dash

Name of EventDate of EventLocation of EventEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Make it Your Own
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Pop! Challenge
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Gold Coast Virtual MarathonWednesday, 1 July 2020 to Friday, 31 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Greatest Virtual Run
Friday, 3 July 2020 to Sunday, 5 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Weipa Running FestivalSunday, 12 July 2020 to Sunday, 26 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
You Yangs Trail Running Festival 18 - 19 July, 2020You Yangs Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Shepparton Running Festival - CANCELLEDCANCELLEDShepparton, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Wonderfalls Trail RunSaturday, 29 August, 2020Cumberland River Holiday Park,
Great Ocean Road, Vic
Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Dubbo Stampede Running Festival
Sunday, 30 August 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Sweat Vs Steam06 October, 2020Echuca, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Ned Kelly Chase Sunday, 25 October, 2020Wangaratta Event WebsiteFacebook Page

SRC E-News May 22, 2020

SRC Update

Hi SRC members,

It has been a while since we have given an update regarding the clubs plans and training. The safety of our members has, and will always be our first priority. The committee have been discussing what is our road back to training with COVID restrictions now beginning to ease.

With Victoria beginning to ease coronavirus restrictions, the SRC Committee advises that all organised training sessions will remain suspended for the time being.

The Victorian State Government has stated that under the changes, it means that there will be five reasons to leave your home:

• shopping for food and supplies that you need • care and caregiving • exercise and outdoor recreation (groups of 10) • work and education – if you can’t do it from home • visiting friends and family – if you really need to

While there is no official club training, members can still train together in small groups of no more than ten, and there will be obviously physical distancing and hygiene arrangements as well as common sense. If you can, download the COVID-SAFE app, and remember who you run with.

Be safe, cautious, appropriate and stay home unless you need to leave as per one of the approved 5 reasons to leave your home.

The SRC Committee will reassess the situation as changes arise and make announcements as required.

Thank you,

Mathieu Ryan



Our SRC uniforms have arrived. If you have pre-purchased an item and wish to collect it, or wish to purchase a new items, please send us a message via Facebook, or email us and we work out a collection point.

Runner Profile

Taren Kirby

Image may contain: Taren Kirby, smiling, standing

Taren Kirby

Age 38 

5km PB- 29mins

10km PB – 1hr 2mins

21km- yet to complete doing a virtual in a couple of weeks 

42km- this will never happen, unless u count the 42kmin42hours then I’ll take that. 

I’d been running on and off for a while nothing too serious though mainly on the treadmill.  Last June I stumbled across Tara’s 5km Finish Line program and decided to sign up. AMAZING!! Is all I can say… We trained with Tara and Sam for 6 weeks then completed the 5km at last year’s Shepparton Running Festival. At the end of the program Tara and Sam talked us into joining the Runners Club and since doing that it has completely changed my life! Running has quickly become my most favourite thing and I also love the friendships I have made. I’m so grateful for Tara’s program (I think it should become a yearly thing for runners starting out). 

From then on I signed up for a couple of events. I trained with Jacqui and Steve to do 10km at the Four Vines event. Come event day it was humid and sticky and the worst I’ve ever felt running. I hated every second of it!! Haha! Steve yelled (literally) words of encouragement to get me across the finish line! Thank God he and Jacqui were there otherwise I would’ve given up. Finally finished to achieve the 10km and felt proud because I’d never thought I’d ever run that far. So bring that event on next year!! 

My favourite spot to run is anywhere really as long as there’s no hills! Bloody hate hills. I’m pretty flexible when deciding where we run. And as long as I #beatsteve I’m happy haha!! 

I think dessert pizza is legit! Dessert and pizza of course they go together!!  

Coming up I’m just planning a couple of virtual events. I’m bummed that my first 21k will probably be achieved doing a virtual. I was planning on doing it at Shep Running Festival so excited to see if that still goes ahead. 

Image may contain: 2 people, including Steven Trevaskis, outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport, shorts, sky, outdoor and nature

SRC Fartlek competition

Create your own Fartlek session – Best 3 as voted by you will be done at SRC Training

Ever thought…. Not this session again, I could make a better session than this!

Well now is your chance!

You get to decide the name, reps, time or distance on or off, plus you get to run it. Post your new session to strava once you’ve run it, and share to the SRC social page. Members will vote on their top 3 and we will do these at training once we get back. The session with the most votes will win a voucher from one of our valued sponsors.


Open from Saturday May 23rd, entries close Sunday May 31st at 6pm

You must run and post your session to strava and share on the SRC Social Facebook Page

Try and be original, we all know what Mona Fartlek looks like, so don’t just add an extra 15 second rep and call it something else…

Try and make it something we can all do on a Tuesday night

You can enter as many times as you like, just remember you must have run the session yourself on strava

SRC Trivia night

SRC Trivia Night

– by Sharleen 

On the 8th of May at 7pm SRC Members had the opportunity to test themselves with our very first virtual trivia event. 

This saw Tara, Sam, Mel, Norah, Laura, Stuart, Matt, Justine, The Reynolds family, Steve, Sue. Kylee & Katherine compete for the coveted prize of SRC Bath Salts (may or may not improve performance) and the title of Trivia Champion.

The competition was fierce with tensions high in a battle of wits and brains but after 9 brutal rounds of multiple choice questions with some bonus rounds thrown in Sam Daniel came out on top (with much protest from some not so graceful non podium finishers). 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend, to Debbie and Chris for helping me out so much with the organisation and running of the night, I couldn’t have done it without you both.  

In a time where we are facing such uncertainty and change it is reassuring to know that the spirit of family, support and togetherness that makes our club so unique and such an amazing thing to be a part of and to contribute to still remains so strong. 

Gold Coast Marathon 2020

Statement from Events Management Queensland

20 May 2020

The 2020 Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon has been cancelled.

Today we confirm that the most difficult decision in the 41-year-history of the annual Gold Coast Marathon has been made.  

When we issued a notification of suspended planning almost two months ago, we held genuine hopes that the opportunity to deliver an event as scheduled in July would present itself. 

The Queensland Government’s strong approach to addressing the COVID-19 threat which includes restricted gatherings, reduced travel opportunities and a declaration that the Queensland Public Health Emergency has been extended to 17 August 2020 makes it impossible to deliver this year’s Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon on the weekend of July 4 and 5. 

The team at Events Management Queensland are custodians of an event which has a global following. We are passionate about delivering a world class marathon event, just as you are passionate about experiencing a world class marathon event. We share the disappointment that there will be no Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon this year. 

Our focus is now to the future. We have started the work already with our valued government and strategic partners, sponsors, and stakeholders to make sure the 2021 edition scheduled for 3 and 4 July will be a very special and memorable event. 

Work has also been undertaken in developing an exciting free virtual running event this July and we will release details very soon. 

To those runners who have already registered for the 2020 Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon, we will contact you directly regarding the processing of registration fee refunds. 

Feature run of the week


Race Calendar

I’ve just updated the running calendar, I’ve only done until the 30th of August purely for the fact that everything is still so up in the air and even though some events later than that are saying they are still running, even some in June and July are making no mention of changes I just feel that it would be irresponsible to encourage our members to be travelling to other towns for events when we just don’t know what is going to be happening next week, let alone next month. So the one’s I’ve included are still all virtual events, and more of the one’s that I feel our members would want to support or get a challenge from, or the bling is cool.

And as always please check the official race website before traveling

  • Sharleen Batchelor
Name of EventDate of EventLocation of EventEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Make it Your Own
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Pop! Challenge
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Gold Coast Virtual MarathonWednesday, 1 July 2020 to Friday, 31 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Greatest Virtual Run
Friday, 3 July 2020 to Sunday, 5 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Weipa Running FestivalSunday, 12 July 2020 to Sunday, 26 July 2020AnywhereEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
You Yangs Trail Running Festival 18 - 19 July, 2020You Yangs Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Shepparton Running Festival - CANCELLEDCANCELLEDShepparton, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Wonderfalls Trail RunSaturday, 29 August, 2020Cumberland River Holiday Park,
Great Ocean Road, Vic
Event WebsiteFacebook Page
Dubbo Stampede Running Festival
Sunday, 30 August 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Sweat Vs Steam06 October, 2020Echuca, VicEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Ned Kelly Chase Sunday, 25 October, 2020Wangaratta Event WebsiteFacebook Page

Until next week

Keep safe, healthy, and happy. Don’t forget to breathe.