Shepparton Runners Club E-newsletter , Feb 23

Wangaratta Marathon & Fun runs

Shepparton Runners Club team


Kathy Fuller, Narrelle Pell, Trevor Dainton

Half – marathon

Chris Nicholson, Steven Trevaskis, Mathieu Ryan, Kate Dainton, Louise Secomb, Jarrod Minogue, Grant Hicks,

10 km

Tara Callingham, Sam Daniel, Chelsea Nicholson, Cadel Nicholson, Natalie Hicks, Lydia Monk, Steve Monk

5 km

Justine Ryan

This is marathon No 2 of 12 for Kathy and Narell. Remeber you can support them this weekend and follow them on Facebook Also Trevor is doing his first marathon this weekend. My advice for Trevor is just to finish it. Don’t worry about the time. But last year Trevor ran Melbourne Half marathon in 1:28:46. Using an online race predictor which you shouldn’t take any notice of, I came up with a predicted finish time of 3:05:00

Similar advice for the first time half marathoners is aim to finish and enjoy the event. Don’t worry about your time.

The following advice is from our sponsor FIX muscle performance. The Shepparton Runners club thanks Cher for her advice and offer.

Address116-124 Corio St, Shepparton VIC 3630


Ph: 03 5831 5400

Hi All,

Just a little Fix Tip. Stretching we all do it but why?

When you stretch, the muscle fiber is pulled out to its full-length sarcomere by sarcomere, and then the connective tissue takes up the remaining slack. When this occurs, it helps to realign any disorganized fibers in the direction of the tension.

I am a big Fan of Stretching very gently and in a form of Range Of Motion rather than holding a stretch for 15 seconds. Range of motion so stretching your quads do it gently move into a stretch position for 3 seconds and move out of it then go again and hold for 5 seconds and do it 8 to 10 times holding for longer each time. Benefits of stretching this way is that you will not aggrevate your nervous system which if you do it reacts by making muscles shorten to protect the region that has been aggravated.


Also Love Yoga after comps its a great way to stretch out your entire body. To all Shepp Runners Club Members Fix will shout you a free Yoga class this Tuesday morning at 6.15am. Class will go for an hour and all you have to do is call the clinic on 58315400 and book in. 10 Spots available so first in !!!!


All the best to everyone competing !!!!


Cheers Cher

Thursday’s training

For those that were at training, last Thursday Chris put us through some strength training. He mentioned that we could do them at home. If you want to look at a bigger range of strength training you can get more information from Expressions of Pye blog. Sarah Pye is a former SRC member now based in 1QLD continuing on with her triathlons. You can subscribe to her blog here Expressions of Pye.

Racing last weekend

City2City in Albury. Danny Selva clocked 40:00 for 10 km . Congrats on a PB..


Parkrun PBs

A cooler morning and 192 people enjoyed the views around the lake as they smashed out 5kms. It must have been a good morning for it with 39 PB’s recorded and lots of smiling faces. Thanks to all our Vollies this week for without you parkrun would not be what it is. Special thanks to Cadel Nicholson who volunteered at the last minute to be today’s fabulous photographer.

Great work  Chelsea NicholsonLouise SecombKate Dainton and Lydia Monk on a well deserved Parkrun PBs Feb 17.

  • Kate Dainton 22:49
  • Louise Secomb 24:57
  • Lydia Monk 25:35
  • Chelsea Nicholson 29:53

Woohoo…. this has been a goal for a while and have been working hard to get to this point…. snuck in under 30mins and am stoked. Thanks to all that have helped on this journey, those that encouraged me, those that ran with me, and those that yell at me for walking 3 steps when I wanted to stop……..I’m actually enjoying it. (Scary I know) – Chelsea

Yippety do dah!!! Sub 23- Park Run PB – Kate Dainton

Runner Profile

(I thought I’d give it a go)

Name – Steven Trevaskis

Age – 2 score & 14

Current Pbs

Marathon 4:50:00 Half 2:09:00 10km 56:00 5km 26:00

What inspired you to start running 

In about 1983 a former work colleague and I did Melbourne Marathon (Frankston to Melb art centre) 3:38:00 Yep I was fitter back then. I did take a few years break possibly to get over the marath0on, but then came back to running and the SRC in about 1990. I find running an easy sport for someone with not the greatest eye-hand coordination. I could do it at a level and I enjoyed it.

How many years have you been running?

35 years with a few years off.

What is a typical training week look like for you?

Depends on what I am training for and the time of year due to work commitments.  My heavy training is in the 3 months leading up to Melbourne marathon in October. I am for a long run on Sunday up to 30 km. Saturday is Parkrun plus 5 km During the week I like 1 morning session of 10 – 15 km and 2 speed sessions similar to what our Tuesday sessions are like.

What are your running goals for the next 6 months?

Wangaratta Half, Albury marathon (and that’s going to hurt). I would like to add Gold Coast and Melbourne marathon is locked in. I will also click over 200th Parkrun in March.

What is your biggest challenge and what do you do to manage it. 

My biggest challenge is getting out of bed at 5:30 am to go for a run. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold. I find running by myself harder in the morning. What do I do to manage this?  I focus on motivation words and podcast that I have heard in the past.

Where is your most enjoyable place to run?

Parkrun helping others get Pbs. Running onto the MCG after Melbourne Marathon.

Who inspires you (to run)? 

It’s more of a type of person that inspires me rather than an individual person so here are 4 inspirational athletes as an example.

1.Sue Olley, she has won her age group at the Canberra Marathon. She won the Mansfield to Buller 50 km untra marathon (women). As someone now on the other side of 60 she smashes out Parkrun times that 20 y.o. are envious of. She can also keep up with the pack in a 21 km training run. Also 2.Trevor Dainton with his I don’t care if it hurts attitude I’m still running. I can relate to that. It would be hard to find someone more mentally tougher than Trevor.

Anyone that comes back from a major trauma to compete again inspires me. Albury based triathlete and friend, 3.Ange Ednie was knocked off her bike by a kangaroo. She was airlifted to The Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Kew where she spent 2 months to have spinal surgery along with facial surgery. She also needed to learn to walk again after not being able to move her arms or legs for the first week. . Given 9 months for a full recovery, it is now four months on and still with a long way to go Ange is back home cycling and swimming. Also on a famous level, you have 4.Turia Pitt who was caught in a fire while running a marathon. She received 65% burns to her body. Years later and scores of operations later Turia is competing in triathlons and road races while helping others through her business (SOC) School Of Champions. I know neither Ange or Turia needed their tragedy to be as motivated as they are.Their natural motivation is what got them through their own trauma.

SRC would like to welcome Sportsman’s Warehouse (SW) as a sponsor of the club. SW has always donated prizes for the handicaps, but this year they are offering SRC members 10% off full-priced clothing and footwear. For us to make this happen, we are asking 2018 members to email their full name, email, phone number, postcode and if you are already a SW member to so we can add you to the SW database.
If you’re not already a member, you can still sign up. Download and return the form on the SRC website.

YOGA & Wellness Festival- Albury/Wodonga

Saturday, April 7 at 9 AM – 1:30 PM

Albury/Wodonga’s first Yoga and Wellness festival is here.
It is our very own version of Wanderlust with ALL proceeds going to the Cancer Council.
Sarah Rogers is taking part in the 2018 Stars of the Border, as part of her fundraising efforts she dreamt to bring this great event to life, and with the support of our amazing community that dream has become possible.
We are very excited to invite you to a day filled with yoga, meditation, wellness events, hands on workshops, and local musicians to entertain us. The speakers and events we have lined up are incredible.

Buy tickets here  – Yoga and Wellness festival.


Murray Marathon Running Festival

March 25


The word Podophobia originates from Greek ‘Podos’ meaning feet. People with Podophobia tend to get upset at the sight of feet. Different people experience Podophobiadifferently: some do not like it when others look at their feet or touch them. Still others are anxious or afraid of their own feet.

Do you know someone afraid of feet?

Luckily our Podiatrists aren’t!


Shepparton Runners Club E-news Feb 16

Kathy Fuller and Allan Connelly.

Two of Shepparton’s Queens batonbearers.

Runner Profile – Louise Secomb

Name louise

Age 29 + 7

Current PBs

5km – 25:25

10km – ?

21km – 2:01:24

42.2km – 4:55min

What inspired you to start running?

I really like to eat so with running I could eat without too much guilt!! …..

I had a work colleague complete the GC marathon and was talking about at work drinks when she said to me “you wouldn’t be able to do it”…..challenge accepted!!

How many years have you been running?

I started training for the GC marathon shortly after and that was at the end of 2011….prior to that I had only ever ran when being chased

What does a typical training week look like for you?

I really enjoy at Sunday long run…first thing in the morning…I love Parkrun in Saturday and am starting to enjoy interval training on Tuesdays…otherwise I just fit it in as I can!

What are your running goals for the next 6 months?

I would really love to do the half in under 2hours….

GC marathon is on my list

Queenstown marathon is on the wish list

What is your biggest challenge and what do you do to manage that challenge?

Finding time is always challenging….I just do the best I can

Have you had a breakthrough in your running, if so, what was it?

At the Echuca race against the paddle steamer a couple of years ago I discovered I could maintain a sub 6min pace! I was stoked!! Up until then I didn’t think I could do that!

Where is your most enjoyable place to run?

I really enjoy checking out new places to run

If you could run in any event in the world, which event would it be?

Most definitely the New York marathon…come on ballot pick me!!! 🤞

Who inspires you to run?

People who run because they are supporting others and my mum ❤

What was the best advice you were ever given?

Just get out there and do your best…some days will be fantastic and some not but you are still out there giving it a go


Sam and Tara in Singapore for Parkrun.

On a quick trip to Singapore, Tara and I followed in the footsteps of Allan and Kerry, and ran the West Coast Park Parkrun. Blessed with a relative cool 24 degrees, the humidity still took its toll. Out of around 60 parkrunners, about 10 we’re international visitors. They were welcoming and friendly, as most parkruns are, and it was great to mark off our first international Parkrun.

Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Runs

When entering make sure you enter under the team name of Shepparton Runners Club.

February 25

Website here 

Sunday, March 11.

32 km – King Island Imperial 20 – Coast to Coast Footrace

Over the second weekend in March, on an island midway between Victoria and mainland Tasmania, you will find one of the most unique running events in the country, the King Island Imperial 20. The event is now in its 25th year. The King Island Imperial 20 has an event for everyone. The main feature is a challenging 32 kilometre footrace which is the only coast to coast race in Australia. Support events include a 32 kilometre walking race as well as team walking and running races.

This is not just another run… be prepared to indulge in the truly unique King Island lifestyle, generous hospitality and incredible food.

Numurkah Fun Run

Entries are now open for the Numurkah Fun Run to held on Sunday 18th March. As part of this event there is a 5 km teams event which consists of 4 or more runners. It had been discussed that the Shepparton Runners Club should enter a 5 km team given the numbers that attended last year, so who’s keen?

Entry forms can be found at the attached link.…/2018%20Fun%20Run%20…

Need a running destination in 2018? Albury Wodonga could be the place.

We’re happy to endorse Parklands Albury Wodonga’s portfolio of runs in Albury Wodonga this year- road, trail, flat, hilly, social, serious, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a list of what’s on the Albury Wodonga running scene in 2018:

March 2 (Friday): Lightning Trail Run
March 25: Murray Running Festival
May 28: Huon Hill Trail Run (part of the Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series)
June 24: McFarlane’s Hill Trail Run (part of the Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series)
July 29: Albury Range Trail Run (part of the Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series)
September 2: Fed Hill Challenge (part of the Riverina Endurance Trail Running Series)
September 16: Border Barkfest

Sri Chinmoy Yarra Trail Run, Sunday 25 Feb

Three race distances — half marathon, 14km & 7km

Our first run for the year, the Yarra Trail Run with distances of half marathon, 14km and 7km is coming up soon on Sunday 25 February. The race starts and finishes at Loys Paddock, Burnley on the Main Yarra Trail and follows the north and south sides of the river to create an amazing circuit of the river.

The full circuit is 7km and could be described as “flat to undulating” with some short inclines and pontoon ramps that follow the contours of the riverbanks as they rise and fall.

There are three race distances this year — 7km for runners and walkers, 14km and an added half marathon. There is a time cut-off to allow Parks Victoria access to the pontoon bridge at the Burnley Depot — runners must start their last lap by 10:00am. All three races start together at 8:00am.

Access to the venue is via the Gibdon Street extension over the freeway bridge onto the Main Yarra Trail. Please do not attempt to drive into the venue — you will end up on the freeway! Parking is available a short walk away in the surrounding streets of Burnley and the venue is also accessible by train (Burnley Station), trams along Swan Street and by bicycle along the trail. Plenty of bike parking is available in the venue.

Online entry closes 4:00pm Friday 23 February. Full details and earlybird online entry are available at this link. On the day entry is also available from 7:00am to 7:50am.

Sri Chinmoy Williamstown Foreshore Run, Monday 2 April

The Williamstown Foreshore 5km, 10km and 15km run will be staged again in Newport Park adjacent to the athletics track . . . this year on Easter Monday 2 April. Williamstown is a wonderful part of Melbourne that is almost hidden away behind the West Gate Bridge.

The views across the bay to the city skyline are just amazing — the run is staged on a 5km circuit in the linear park that follows the shoreline and The Strand. The race venue is located in Newport Park adjacent to the athletics track right at the mouth of the Yarra River.

Races will have split starts, starting at 8:00am and there is plenty of parking in the designated parking bays adjacent to the athletics track and at the northern end of the Strand. Newport train station is about a 10-minute walk if you are using public transport.

Full details and earlybird online entry are available here.

We hope to see you soon at one of our up-coming races . . .


Shepparton Runners Club E-news, Feb 9

Two SRC members will be involved in the Queen’s Baton Relay. They are Allan Connerly and Kathy Fuller. Not to forget intermittent member Dhami Singh.

Share the Dream of the Queen’s Baton as it travels throughout Australia!

Come and share in the Queen’s Baton Relay, a Games tradition that celebrates the Commonwealth’s diversity, inspires community pride and excites people about the world-class festival of sports and culture to come!

By Allan Connelly – My leg of carrying the baton is from approx 112 Knight st to approx 91 Corio st. Hope to see everyone there. It will be fun as well as an honour.

By Kathy Fuller  – The time has come Shepparton. The Queens Baton is about to roll into town next week – and thanks to my beautiful friend Kate Pendergast who instigated this nomination and has provided me with this amazing once in a life time honour. The baton not only represents the spirit of the Commonwealth games but for each baton bearer the special journey that led them here – For me it represents my family, friends and our wonderful community that get behind and support our passion and causes and get the reason why we do this – and of course my good buddy Narelle Pell who is a big part of this journey. It would be awesome to see some familiar faces along the way – You will catch me between Noble Monks and the Aussie Hotel (Maude Street) on Wednesday 14 February around 2.30pm . You should notice me .. I’ll be wearing this little number… See you at the finish line – (200m) 🙂
#Protectkids #voice4kids #cancersucks #thinkpink #lovemytown

Please be aware of these roads that will be CLOSED for approximately 30 minutes between 1:45pm and 3:15pm on Wednesday 14th February 2018 for the Queen’s Baton Relay.

Runner Profile by Kate Dainton.

Kate Dainton

Age 37

PB’s 5km: 23:22 10km: 52:13 21km: 1:56:12  42km: forgot official time it wasn’t on Strava but it took along time!

I started running as we had several close friends die within a 2 month period. I needed to get out of the house for some headspace so ran out the driveway and pretty much got hooked! I realised running made me more mindful, relaxed and energised.

I started running about 2 years ago

I run Tuesdays at SRC which I love, Thursday’s if I’m training, Sat park run and long runs Sunday if it fits into busy family life

I’m hoping for half marathon in Wang, Gold Coast marathon, Bright fun run and open for suggestions! Maybe a beach trail!

My goal is to get a better time! Sub 23 would give me a happy dance. I’ll be waiting for the kudos guys- lol. No seriously I just want to enjoy the journey and I’m loving how the family are getting involved at the club. It’s great seeing their massive smiles on their faces or seeing them overcome the mental game of running.

The biggest obstacle was when all my equipment went missing before the marathon but it all worked out. I figured you just need to run!! You don’t need any gadgets, just your feet and positivity.

I’ve had 2 break throughs.. Coach Chris paced me at park run and I took 1 minute off my pb. Shepparton running festival I took 8 minutes off 21km. Both were unexpected. I was shocked, stunned and I definitely did a happy dance.

The runners who win at the SRC handicap, my 65 year old Mum who had a crack at her park run pb, the kids and the runners who are so patient recovering when injured.

My fav place to run are trails. I’m happy to get lost in nature.

Smart Recovery and training is my wisdom of advice ( I’m learning) I remind myself that no run is a bad run. It’s just a run and make sure you are balancing everything else in your life.

I think the 70+ who ran the GC marathon just in his satin underwear and long white hair was different… especially when he disclosed what his intimate bedroom ritual was with his wife before a marathon. We decided to pick up pace after he said that- lol

…..and then I received this from Kate

Hi Steve,

Jeez I’m annoying!! But the more I thought about I realised… in the part most enjoyable run would be; run melbourne half marathon. I raised $3,500 with my brother to help find a cure for my step mums incurable cancer. Everyone was crying at the finish line.

February 1600 mtrs handicap results at the Athletics track.

Congratulations to Mason, Zac and Steve on their awesome performances this morning in the February Handicap event. Thanks also to the Sportsmans Warehouse Shepparton for supporting the event.

The Shepparton Runners Club also use the day to assist Kathy Fuller and Narell Pell in their quest to raise funds and awareness for child sexual abuse survivors.

Congratulations to 47 runners who came along and ran in the February 1600m handicap. Massive thanks to Sportsmans Warehouse for donating the prizes as well as Chris and Norah Armstrong for running the event and working everyone’s handicaps.
FULL results can be found on the link below.

Great to have SunRunners – Yarrawonga Mulwala members come over and participate today in our February 1600m handicap. We hope you enjoyed the experience and would love to have you back anytime

“Just” by Lucy Bartholomew

Lucy Bartholomew is an incredible athlete and a genuine, down to earth person. I’d recommend to everyone to follow her on Facebook, Strava, or Snapchat.

Lucy wrote the following thought-provoking words on Facebook late last week.

The word ‘Just’.

I love that in this world you can surround yourself with people from different walks of life, who have traveled so many different paths in their own shoes and then you can find all these people standing together on a start line, taking on the same journey and sharing one passion together at a race.
BUT I have a problem with one word I hear way, way to often. “just’ .

A few weeks ago I ran at the Two Bays Trail Run Page running event which hosts a 56km and a 28km option. My Dad and I took on the ultra in training for longer races and my brother the 28km. It was super cool to share this day with them both but when I had crossed the finish line and I was admittedly lying pretty dead on the pavement I heard my brother having a conversation with another runner. He asked if he ran the 56km, and my brother replied “no, I just ran the 28km”. There is no Just about it, it was a huge effort, I coached him into this effort and by simply using this word it undermines exactly what he achieved out there. Had I been able to stand up at that point I would have said something.

Since that moment I have made a conscious effort to not use the word ‘just’ before saying what I did in the day or what I ran or what I aim to do. It is what I want, it is the best I can do and for me it is enough. I think its sad that we have to make it sound like you are making a short cut, taking the easier line or the weaker option.

In 1 weeks I will run in the 62km of the Tarawera Ultramarathon. There is a 100 mile event, a 100km race, 80km and the 62km. I cant wait to play on this section of the course, to watch the other races result and to have my own challenge out there because no matter what distance you go out for, no matter what journey you chose to go on- there will be ups and there will be downs and to share this from 62km to 160km is a special thing without everyone needing to take all the same steps.

The Ultra-Trail Australia is Australia’s version of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – UTMB, there is the Pace Athletic 22km, 50km and the headlined 100km event. 2 years ago I ran the 22km after many, many ultra races and it still remains today as one the hardest runs I have done and the most painful I have pulled up. Last year I won and a set a new CR in the 100km but it wasn’t nearly as bad. My brother ran the 22km last year and will step to the 50km this year for his first ultra. I will be by his side making sure that he credits what he has achieved in such a small amount of time. I am so proud of what everyone dares to achieve out on the trails, there is no ‘just’ about it.

Please don’t sell yourself short. Stand on that start line, stand on the finish line no matter how far you travelled, no matter the journey you took; the fact that you tried and you gave YOUR best. That should be enough for you and for anyone who is worthy to be in your company.

This week’s podcast by Brady is bloody good. Put an hour aside and have a listen. Sarah’s mantra is, don’t judge people. She explains why in this excellent podcast. 

Tell me your tails podcast by Brady Threfall.

This week I share a conversation I had with Sarah Walker. Sarah shares her story as someone who has recovered from anorexia 20 years ago. She nearly died as a 22 year old and while this is a life time ago the sharing of her personal experience is still very powerful and offers us, as listeners so much insight and learning. Cheers to Sarah for coming on. I hope you enjoy this one.…/podcast/tell-me-yo…/id1116511977…

Wangaratta Marathon February 25

Please read the general information page here.

When you enter please enter under Shepparton Runners Club team. If you have any problems please contact the organisers. Here!  

Remeber SRC members Kathy Fuller & Narell Pell will be running their 2nd marathon out of 12 here this year. Please support them and their cause GVCASA. Follow them on Facebook Imagin, Believe, Achieve

The following is copied from the Wang Facebook page.

Not to be outdone by the Ferals, the Shepparton Runners Club are also once again looking to amass a big team for the 2018 Wangaratta Marathon & Fun Run (and walk!). The Shepparton Club has been 3rd, 4th and 5th in this competition in previous years and with growth in membership and a renewed vigor, they could get big numbers this year.

For details of all the great things that the Shepperton Runners Club are involved in, check out their website at or their Facebook page, which is

Murray Marathon – Albury

Riverside running

March 25

The Albury-Wodonga area is rich in running locations and in 2018 The Athlete’s Foot Albury Murray Running Festival launches and includes:

all on traffic free riverside sealed pathways.

Info and entry here

Mothers Day Classic – Shepparton

If you want to be a pacer see Kathy Fuller. The Shepparton Runners Club provided pacers last year. Kathy has informed us that she would appreciate it again this year.

Registrations for Mother’s Day Classic 2018 are now open!

Register today to help us raise funds for life saving research:

1 in 8 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

1 in 8 is more than a statistic – it’s a life.
#MDC2018 #walkalloverbreastcancer


Greater Shepparton City Council

Numurkah Road Sports City entrace reopens today at 5pm.
Local residents using Sports City will now have access into the area from Numurkah Road but will not be able to turn right when exiting Sports City onto Numurkah Road. Council advises drivers to use the Packham Street exit if they wish to travel south.


A New Year, A New Goal and away we go!
Let’s do it!

2018 Kathy Fuller & Narelle Pell have set the goal to complete 12 marathons in 12 months. In the quest to raise awareness and help prevent child sexual abuse.

Together with community support from GV Health, GV Health Foundation and GV CASA, working together in partnership to reduce the statistics of 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys sexually abused by the age of 18 years.

Our 2018 journey starts now 👣👣
Running the first marathon in Hobart on Sunday🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

We would love your support. All fundraising money will be going to GVCASA (centre against sexual assault).
You can donate to the account below:
BSB : 663 000
Account No : 143 139 863
Reference: Marathon18

Shepparton Runners Club E-news Feb 2, 2018

To all SRC Members,

All members are invited to attend our General Meeting to be held on 15th February 2018 at the clubrooms at Princess Park, commencing 7pm, (following our long run and BBQ a sausage in bread!)

The aim of the meeting is to let all members know where the club is standing at the moment and also a chance for the committee to get feedback from members.

We look forward to seeing as many members there as possible.


Rosalie Smith

(on behalf of the committee)

SRC Feb Handicap

The SRC February Handicap will be for 1600m Sunday February 4th and will feature multiple races at the Shepparton Athletics Track with the first race at 9:15am. 10-12 participants per race, and participants will be seeded by the handicapper. Everyone welcome, $30 Sportsmans Warehouse voucher for the winner of each race. $5 race entry for Non-Members, Members $0

Also, we are asking that all runners make a donation ($5.00) on the day to GVCASA. As you know SRC member Kathy Fuller and Narelle Pell are running 12 marathons in 12 months to raise funds for GVCASA. 

Two Shepparton mums are planning to run 12 marathons in 12 months to support childhood victims of sexual abuse.

Kathy Fuller and Narelle Pell aim to raise 100,000 dollars for G-V Health’s Centre Against Sexual Assault.

Please give your donation to Kathy Fuller or Steven Trevaskis

SRC at the Athletic Track

An inspirational athlete or 2.

More than a runner
19 year old Meriem Daoui from Hobart could be one of Australia’s rising athletics stars in the next 5 years. She is a Muslim of Moroccan heritage, competes in full length clothes and a hijab, and is a type 1 diabetic. Neither her religion, her diabetes, or her running define Meriem Daoui. Her drive to make a positive impact on her community and her refusal to let anything stand in her way speak volumes about her. Find out more in this article at Tempo Journal.

When running is more than a sport
Taylor Little has cerebral palsy and needed someone else’s legs to get her through a marathon. 60 year old Peter Kline was looking for a challenge and pushed her in a large jogging stroller at the 2012 Las Vegas Marathon. Kline never returned to traditional racing and founded Marathons With Meaning, an organization that pairs runners and people with disabilities. Find out more in this article at the New York Times.

Australia Day award



Citizen of the Year – Sue Trevaskis (SRC MEMBER)

Sue has devoted most of her adult life to helping others and volunteering her time to multiple groups, including the SYC Hockey and Cricket Club, Sherbourne TOWN Club, Wilmot Road Primary School, Shepparton Agricultural Society, St John’s Ambulance Brigade, Cool Cat Rockers, the CWA and the Shepparton Show. She has devoted many years to these groups, and always finds time to help out when called upon. Sue is inspirational, nurturing and guides the students and juniors she comes in contact with, encouraging them to be the best they can be. Her kindness, dedication and commitment have benefited her community and family.

Community Event of the Year – Shepparton Parkrun

The Shepparton Parkrun commenced in 2014 and has held over 200 events weekly over its four years of operation. In that time, 2,500 different people have taken part and over 330 volunteers have donated their time to run the event. Parkrun is open to all members of the community, regardless of age, ability, or whether a walker or runner. The event allows participants to increase their health and fitness, as well as providing opportunities for social interaction and creating friendships.

Mooroopna – Sports Award – Nadine Edwards (SRC MEMBER)

Nadine is an outstanding citizen and is highly involved in the equestrian and running fields. She has been involved in the Kyabram Pony Club as a riding member, instructor and parent for over 35 years. Nadine has competed across Victoria and interstate, with her specialty in eventing. She is also a very keen runner, placing first in various categories at the Mitchelton Running Festival, and taking places in the Tatura Hospital Fun Run, Australian Corporate Games and Wangaratta Marathon. Nadine also volunteers at the Shepparton Parkrun, where she encourages all participating runners. Nadine is a great contributor, role model and is highly valued within her community.

Cobram Parkrun

I had the privilege of being on stage to collect it, but this one is yours, Cobram parkrunners, you make this event what it is. Inclusive, fun, safe for all. Thankyou. Lyn ED

 Albury – Wodonga Parkrun

Thank you to everyone who nominated us in the Australia Day Albury Awards for Community Group of the Year and Volunteer of the Year. Whilst we missed out on the top honour to some well deserved recipients we are truly honoured to receive these nominations. Like everyone, we don’t do it for the awards, we do it because we love it. Launching parkrun almost four years ago has been one of the most rewarding things we have done and thank everyone for their support, week in and week out! A huge congratulations to all the parkruns around Australia that were nominated and won in these awards (far too many to mention), but in particular to our friends at Wangaratta parkrun Cobram parkrun and Shepparton parkrun its great to see the community recognising your contribution!

Chris Nicholson

Runner Profile

Name Chris Nicholson

Age 42ish

Current PBs

I’m not big on remembering my own PBs, but here goes,


5Km 20:50

10 Km  44 ish (it was some time ago)

21.1 Km 1:38:00 (or there about)

42.2 Km 4:09:00 (battled hamstring cramps for the last 10kms so one I would rather forget)


What inspired you to start running?

I was never much of a runner in my youth. Field events were more my forte at school particularly anything that involved throwing something, discuss/javelin/shotput, I also played tennis/indoor cricket/mixed netball so I had my cardio covered.  After Chel & I started a family time was a little short so I gave these things away.  About 7 years ago I decided that I needed to get fit and try and prevent the “middle age spread” so I joined a gym and along with a fellow middle aged gym member took up running.


What does a typical training week look like for you?

Depends what I am training for, but a typical training week may consists of 2 speed/Interval sessions, 1-2 recovery runs, parkrun partnering Cadel, and a Sunday long run.


What are your running goals for the next 6 months?

To get over a hip/groin injury that I current have and regain the level of fitness that I had prior to it.


What is your biggest challenge and what do you do to manage that challenge?

3 years ago I ruptured two of my discs in my lower back to the degree that an orthopaedic surgeon told me I had the lower back equivalent to that of an 80 year old and he was very surprised that I could actually walk let alone still run.  He gave me the option of going under the knife or stop running for 6 months  and see how I went.  Surprisingly I did what a lot of other runners would not do and hung up the running shoes for 6 months and with the guidance of an excellent sports physio went about slowly building up my core and lower back strength.  This injury, which will never fully repair itself, still hampers me from time to time.


Have you had a breakthrough in your running, if so, what was it?

I’m a big believer in running below a certain heart rate on my recovery and long runs, a concept Chris Armstrong introduced to me last year.  Prior to that I ran too many of my training runs at Race Pace, particularly my long runs.  Not only has it improved my cardio fitness but it has made those long runs so much more enjoyable, thanks Chris!


Where is your most enjoyable place to run?

I enjoy parkrun whether it’s at Shepparton or elsewhere. There is something special about the atmosphere surrounding parkrun that you don’t get at other runs, the spirit of comradery and inclusion is unique.  I have had the added bonus of being able to run with Cadel for the last three years which by doing so constantly reminds me to “keep running fun”.


Who inspires you to run?

Anyone who is out there “having a go”  regardless of their size, pace or age.  I love pacing people at parkrun and training for this reason as I get to encourage people to push themselves to a level that perhaps they didn’t think they could get to.  Also my son Cadel inspires me to try harder.  There is nothing like the constant threat of your 9 year old child getting faster than you to inspire you to run harder.

Photo of the week – Tara out enjoying a run






Shepparton Runners Club E-news Jan 26

Becoming an SRC member has never been so much fun

Our membership for 2018 is now open. You can join us by clicking on the link below, or come down to the Athletics Track for our Tuesday Session. We will have forms available on the night.

2018 Membership Form


Last Tuesday, January 23 we had 48 runners at training at the first session at athletics track. We will be there again next Tuesday 30th. Remember to bring a gold coin to cover the cost of hiring the track.

Also, the council does not own the toilet block on the track. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we can not use these toilets. Please use the toilets at the Basketball centre.

It is great seeing all the positive posts on Facebook after our Tuesday sessions and after Parkrun.

Australia Day 2018 – Shepparton Celebrations

Good luck to all the nominees at the Australia day awards

Shepparton Parkrun

Here is all the news you need to know from this weeks event number 206 of Shepparton parkrun.

News, results and suggestions…it’s all there.

4 kids fun run

Hi Team,

As discussed at last night’s meeting, a charity event is being held in Cobram on 4 March.

I have included links / attachments herewith for reference.

If you are not able to make the event, an option to simply donate is also available via the below link.

4 Kids Fun Run Letter

Any queries, please let me know

Cheers – Steve Ayton

Runner Profile – Chelsea Nicholson


Cadel’s Mum (aka Chelsea)

Age 42….ish

Current PBs   5km: 30.11 …….

What inspired you to start running? 

I’ve tried a few times over the years to enjoy distance running but haven’t been able to get my head around it. When Cadel and Chris started getting so involved I decided that if I was ever going to like it, now was the time, since I was getting dragged along to events anyway. I know that my days are numbered in my preferred sport of netball, so I had hoped that this is an equally rewarding sport to get into. Joining parkrun and Runners Club also helped get me pumped about it…. what a lovely bunch of people.

How many years have you been running? 

For the last 5 or 6 years I’ve tried really hard to enjoy running and get my head around it but have struggled significantly. A little over 12 months ago I managed to string together a whole 5kms without walking, and this caused a change in my thinking… the last 6 months I have really found that I have started to enjoy it, and have taken it much more seriously.

What does a typical training week look like for you?

Haha!!! Probably not real good compared to most!  Tuesday night SRC training (love it!!) and parkrun on Saturdays are my staples with an occasional crack at Thursday nights. During the winter I typically would have 2 sessions of netball training and an A grade match as well as social netball as well.

What are your running goals for the next 6 months?

I want to increase the kilometres I run each week and work on reducing my 5km PB over the next 12 months. Focused on sub 30 for now, but want to get it as low as I can in the next 12 months.  Maybe I will consider a 10km event at some stage?

What is your biggest challenge and what do you do to manage that challenge?

Motivation….. still working on that…. joining runners club was a good start 😉  Being asthmatic, I have for a very long time used it as an excuse to not run distance. In the last few years I have gotten better at managing it, and am beginning to realise that I shouldn’t let it hold me back.

Have you had a breakthrough in your running, if so, what was it? 

Running that first full 5kms (no walking)  12 months ago was pretty big 🙂 The other one is really accepting how much this running thing is a mind game. Sam and Tara have really shown me that in the last few weeks. I admire their determination.

Where is your most enjoyable place to run?  

Its a bit hard to tell, I have only been “enjoying” running for a little while, before that I hated it everywhere. I do enjoy the various parkruns we have done, mostly because the parkrun attitude seems to be universal and everyone is so welcoming, wherever you go.

If you could run in any event in the world, which event would it be? 

I wouldn’t mind doing the original parkrun, but other than that I haven’t really considered it much.

Who inspires you to run? 

Cadel is probably my biggest inspiration. He loves it so much. Tara and Sam also inspire me through their determination to just set a goal and smash it. Chris Armstrong has also made me feel comfortable about where I am at, and made me feel that I am capable of achieving my goals.  And Hubby Chris, who without him, none of us would be running.

What was the best advice you were ever given? 

“Let it go”……. it was said to me by a netty coach who knows me very well, and knows that I beat myself up about stuff.

Is there anything else you’d like to share like a funny moment, or something inspirational? 

Nothing much inspirational or funny, but more of a thanks to the people that we have met through Runners club as they have been a critical part of our journey. The energy and vibe that is present at trainings and events is fantastic and in itself is inspiring and a real credit to those that are responsible. The friendships we have formed and connections we have made through this group we hold in high regard, and value very much.

Blog by – Jessica Trengove

an Australian athletics competitor

A setback or a tool to set you forward

The word injury sparks a sense of familiarity and some level of anxiety in too many sportspeople. Whilst the associated challenges can be hard to stomach, I do believe they can teach us some of the greatest lessons. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about ‘touching wood’ as I uploaded this but if anyone can take away a piece of information that helps them through their own injury, then it was worth sharing.

Read more here 

Why we should forget losing weight and focus on healthy habits

When people followed healthy habits for enjoyment and wellbeing rather than weight loss, they were more likely to stick to the lifestyle changes, staving off weight gain later, Professor Wittert said.

“If you switch the debate and say, ‘stay the same weight if necessary, but there are four or five things you can do to improve your health’ — then the pressure and distress is relieved.

“People do lose some weight but you also prevent further weight gain across the population.”

More here 

Shepparton Runners Club E-news January 19

Shepparton Parkrun News

Here is this weeks news on our big 4th anniversary celebrations.
We look at the year of 2017, results, stats and milestones and everything that happened in Event #205

Shepparton Runners Club training sessions

Tuesday, January 23 & 30

Training will be held at the Athletics track from 6 pm for an hour. A gold coin admittance fee by every runner is required to cover the cost. 

February handicap Sunday 4th 

The handicap will be held at the Athletics track starting at 9 am 

Fee TBA, with Chris working out the handicap over 1200 mtrs or 1600 mtrs

March 4

The Shepparton Runners Club will have an event at the athletics track as part of COGS precinct promotion. More information to come

Two bays

Provisional results 56k…

Majell 4:15:56
Ash Bennett 4:30
Kay Bretz 4:36

Lucy Bartholomew 4:33:58 (new record by 9 minutes)
Tash 4:49
Griffo 5:10

Lucy Bartholomew was 3rd overall across the line. I have only just found her on Facebook. If you want to follow someone who is a trail running champion and very positive and inspirational, check out Lucy on Facebook and also Instagram.

Report by Grant Hicks – My Two Bays 56km journey started right after completing my 3rd Two Bays 28km last year. I actually started to believe that I might be able to run over and back! Before that, I really hadn’t considered the 56km a possibility for me and was in absolute awe of those brave boys and girls who did. Completing nearly 52km at Surfcoast Century further solidified that belief, and I started visualising myself doing the long run. Skip the boring bit about the hours of training and fast forward to race morning. I was quite confident I’d be under the 6 hours, but knew it would be a struggle after 45km. I had a good race plan, mainly just to be conservative over the first 28km and walk all of the steep side of Arthurs Seat, and stuck to it well. Taking a bit of extra time on the first leg obviously ment i would have something left in the tank for later on and also gave me a chance to soak up the magnificent trails/views and enjoy the comradery of the other runners. Running down the hill into Droman, about 2km with that stunning ocean right there, and ringing the bell at the turn was a real highlight. My body held up pretty well and I managed to fight off some niggly cramps in my left hammy. After finishing I felt great for about 10 minutes and then fell in a bit of a heap. We got down to the ocean and freshened up a bit. Nat was 10 minutes faster than last year and has pulled up well. Trev smashed it and is already asking about sign ups for next year. A bloody good/tough day of running!

Two Bays report by Natalie Hicks

Two Bays Take 2 for me at the 28km distance. I had a crack at this one for the first time last year and loved the run but was a bit disappointed with my time which was about 3 hours 32 even though I’d never run hills like that before. So when deciding to enter again for the 2018 Two Bays I tackled the training a bit differently. I stuck to the same training program and had interval sessions, pace ones, tempo runs, hill sessions and a long run each week. But this year my long training runs included between 10-15km of hills in it. Surely I was going to be better prepared for those hills. I was feeling really strong and ready 2 weeks before the run when I’d started to taper but had been feeling ill in the week leading up and was really worried about being able to start the run let alone complete it. I just didnt want to let that training go to waste so Grant gave me a kick up the butt and told to at least try and I could pull the pin if needed.

10 km in and a lot of the hard hills and climb up Arthurs Seat had been done and I was feeling strong. By 11km I was struggling mentally thinking of the next 17km and it was too much. I wanted to quit.

I resorted back to my training at the tip and my 1km hill loops. I usually do 5 laps before changing up my route so I broke the run down that way. I imagined myself doing the 1km loops and just got 5 done. Did it again and by then I really only had a 5km “cool down” lap to go. The training saved me!

Big chugg of water from my pack and headed off for last 6km of Two Bays. Seeing the ocean spurred me on. Some terrible stairs in there as a nice surprise with 4km to go. There was a sign at the start of the stairs naming them the ‘Stairs of Spontaneous Poetry’. After a short giggle of understanding I started to add my own poetry of expletives to everyone elses. Those stairs are just nasty.

I FINISHED.  Such a wonderful feeling of relief and with a better time than last year about 9 minutes quicker.

A few deep breaths when I finished and a bit emotional. Caught up with Trevor Dainton and got to hear about his wonderful run while we waited for Grant to finish the 56km. What a champion.

Q & A with Justin Scholz on Two Bays.

I approached two bays this year with a bit of nervousness as I’m far from recovered from C2K (2nd week in December) and from glute / hammy / ITB injuries which have plagued me through most of 2017.  I only intended to run gently to try and keep the pain and suffering to a minimum.  At 56km I regard two bays as a “sprint” ultra, and I don’t mean to be flippant, but when you’ve completed events of 100km or longer on 30 occasions, 56km really does seem short for a race.  My PB from five times at two bays is something around 4:50 and I knew that in my current state a “full” effort would reap rewards no better than somewhere in the 5:10 – 5:20 range.  But pushing to that level would undoubtedly lead to a level of suffering during the event and in recover that I wasn’t mentally prepared to bear.  So why do it at all?  Well, my sister lives on Cape Schanck Rd about 2.5km from the start, so it’s a really good way for us to catch up with family for a few days each year.  And I like the medal.  😊  Anyway, I trotted out at a very sedentary pace and hit the Dromana turn point at 5:58 pace average.  I felt OK and decided to see if I could keep the pace under 6:00 average for the event.  This blew out early in the second half with the big climb up Arthurs Seat and so I pushed a bit harder from there to try and bring it back.  I managed that too effectively and saw 5:59 average with more than 10km to go.  I’d also been consistently passing people and that always feels nice, so I kept a fair bit of the pace on and actually enjoyed the higher cardio effort and tempo as I haven’t had any of that even in training in recent months.

What was your over all time. ?


What was your time first half and second half.?

2:48:05 first 28km, 2:42:05 second 28km

What was your pace min/km?

5:53 per km average.

How many have you done?

6 entries, with two bays in 2008 being my first ever ultra attempt.  I pulled out at 28km with a sore knee in a time of 3:16.  This was back when it started and finished at Dromana and I think there were less than 30 starters.  Since then I’ve completed the 56km journey each time I’ve started with varying levels of commitment and success.

What’s your fastest time?

4:50:40 (12th) in 2015.  Just 2 minutes off a negative split that year too.

On average how many km have you training per week in the last month?

Only about 30km or 40km as I did the 240km Coast to Kosciuszko at the start of that period and hence have been in recovery mode.  In 2017 I averaged 120km per week by foot – i.e. running and racewalking.  I always like to get to 100km minimum if it makes sense to do so.

Hobart Cadbury marathon – Kathy Fuller & Narelle Pell

What a great way to start 2018, with the Cadbury Marathon in Hobart.  This was our kick off marathon for Narelle and my “12in12 Challenge” to continue to raise awareness to prevent sexual assault on children.

We meet at 5:00am to catch the bus to transport us out to the start line at the Cadbury Factory –  approx. 20 min drive away from the heart of Hobart. The early morning queue for the bus was congested with many excited and nervous runners.

We had perfect weather conditions for the run with a fresh 10 degrees at the start with slight breeze and clear skies.  It was a small field with only 283 marathon runners lining up for the 6.00am start.

The course was scenic but lumpy with a nasty steep incline on the last km back up to the Cadbury Factory.   Not sure Narelle has forgiven me after telling her it was generally flat except the end and the climb onto the Bowen Bridge which we had to do twice – oops!

We didn’t have a lot of preparation time leading into this marathon as we had only locked in our 12in 12 challenge in late November.  Narelle went in with a calf strain that became problematic for her during the run but as always she dug deep and finished strong.  However, her calf did blow up the next morning and the bruising is now starting to come out.   We have six weeks to the next run in Wangaratta so will need this time to rest and get ourselves ready to go again for #2.

We are looking forward to the Wangaratta Marathon as we will no doubt have a few local faces participating as well – we are just keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is kind and stays cool!

See the bottom of the page to for the tane of marathons for Kathy and Narelle

Runner Profile – I have been caught out by Lisa Cathrina from Wangartta Runners. The questions for the runner profile last Friday and this Friday were copied from them. 🙁 They do get changed from time to time. But not this week. Well spotted Lisa and thanks for reading.

So here it is again Runner Profile – Sam Daniel

Name: Sam Daniel


Age: 43


Current PB’s: 5km 22.11 10km 48:30 21km TBD


What inspired you to start running? Getting fit.


What does a typical training week look like for you? SRC Intervals on Tuesday’s and SRC slow run on Thursday’s. An hour on the bike on Wednesday’s. Park run Saturday and attempting to fit long runs in on a Sunday.


What are your running goals for the next 6 months? To finish a road and a trail half. Also to do more trails

What is your biggest challenge and what do you do to manage that challenge?Preventing and dealing with a knee injury.

Have you had a breakthrough in your running, if so, what was it? Understanding the long slow runs and the importance of a rest day.

Where is your most enjoyable place to run? The lake.

If you could run in any event in the world, which event would it be? The Great Wall Marathon.

Do you have any recommended resources to share? Chris Armstrong.

Who inspires you to run? Chris Nicholson, Steven Trevaskis and Chris Armstrong. 

What was the best advice you were ever given? Run the flats walk the hills (Grant Hicks)

Is there anything else you’d like to share? Trail running is awesome!


Please check details before travelling.

January 7 – SRC Handicap Princess Park

February 4 – SRC  Handicap, Princess Park

February 25 – Wangaratta Marathon Website

March 3 – Mad Cow Mud Run Website

March 4 –  Session at the Athletics track (more info to come)

March 19 – Numurkah Fun Run Links

March 25 –  NEW Murray River Running Festival Albury Website

May  6 – Bright Fun Run

August 26 – Shepparton Running Festival (more info to come)

Bright Parkrun Launch.

We can not wait to bring parkrun to Bright! Launching January 27th 2018. FREE, Weekly, Timed 5km run or walk, everyone is welcome. Here is a sneak peek of our course and beautiful location.

You may need to download Relive to see this video

Following Kathy and Narells progress here


You can follow our journey over the 12 marathons on our FB Page – Imagine, Believe Achieve

DateMarathonKathy Fuller's time Narelle Pell's time
January 14
February 25Wangaratta
March 25Albury
April 22Okeefe trail Bendigo to Heathcote
May 27Adelaide
June 4Trarlgon
July 1Hold Coast
August 26Shepparton
September 16Sydney
October 16Melbourne
November 18Queenstown NZ
December TBC

Jess Trengove tells The Australian‘s Nicole Jeffery what will spur her on during the Gold Coast 2018 marathon.

When times get tough during a marathon, Jess Trengove summons the spirit of the last woman to win a Commonwealth Games marathon gold medal on Australian soil, Kerryn McCann.


Expressions of Pye – blog by Sarah Pye, QLD triathlete and former SRC member.


Shepparton Runners Club E-news, January 12

 25 runners turned up to the January 5 km handicap. The results are as follows.

NameFinish timeActual time
Sao Tyler0:31:150:28:15
Rosalie Smith0:32:450:31:45
Louise Secombe0:32:490:26:49
Cadel Nicholson0:32:590:22:59
Kate Dainton0:33:310:24:01
Mairead McDougall0:33:360:29:36
Norah Armstrong0:33:450:27:45
Sarah Clack0:33:450:26:45
Mathieu Ryan0:34:120:22:12
Chris Armstrong0:34:14-
Chelsea Nicholson0:34:220:32:22
Tara Callingham0:34:220:28:22
Jason Hunter0:34:270:23:57
Lee-Anne Krischner0:34:340:25:34
Allan Connolly0:34:410:21:11
Robert Ryan0:34:470:23:47
Melanie McAuliffe0:34:490:27:19
Sue Olley0:34:500:24:20
Tom Avram0:34:590:19:59
Steve Hicks0:35:070:28:07
Kaitlyn Scoble0:35:260:35:26
Kasey Scoble0:35:260:35:26
Lesley Ryan0:35:260:35:26
Steve Travaskis0:38:080:32:08
Dylan Scoble0:39:370:26:07

Congratulations to the winners of our raffle on Sunday.
1st prize of a 2018 family membership was won by Rosalie Smith
2nd prize of entry to the 2018 SRF was Mathieu Ryan
3rd prize mystery box was Louise Secomb.

40 years of the Shepparton Runners Club

In 2019 the Shepparton Runners Club will be celebrating its 40 year anniversary.In preparation for this event, we are looking at documenting the history of the club and its members.


We are after volunteers for the following:

  • Interviewing past/founding members
  • Scanning, researching and sorting photos, newspaper clippings and other printed past memorabilia
  • Helping update the website with the approved history etc
  • Workshopping ideas on how to celebrate (Presentation night?? Book?? 40 year merchandise??? – all just ideas)
  • Feedback – Have you done this sort of thig before and can offer feedback on timelines, what to do and not to do??
  • Do you have any contacts or recommendations in the media, print, merchandise etc etc field that we may not have utilised before??


If you are able help in anyway please email Melanie at with your name, email and phone number and we will be in touch in the coming weeks.

Kind regards

Melanie McAuliffe

Wangaratta Marathon

When entering the Wangaratta Marathon and funruns please enter under the team name – Shepparton Runners Club. You do not have to be a member of SRC to be on our team. 

Tell Me Your Tales

By Brady Threlfall on Tim Oberg & Parkrun Australia

The man who started parkrun in Australia in April 2011. Then the second in Brisbane in September 2011. Australia now has 264 events and 5000,000 registrations.

Saturday January 13, 2018, Shepparton celabrates 4 years of parkrun thanks to Allan Connelly.

The latest ep of TMYT is now out with the CEO of parkrun Australia, Tim Oberg. Tim was super easy to talk to and I really enjoyed this one.…/podcast/tell-me-yo…/id1116511977…

Allow 1 hr 11 mins to listen to Brady’s podcast.

Shepparton Parkrun turns 4 y.o.

Come join in the celebrations of 4 years of Shepparton parkrun.
Our theme for the day is dress up as your favourite character or superhero .
If you know of someone that has been to parkrun in the past but hasn’t been for a while invite them along. If you haven’t been to parkrun for a while come along and help celebrate. Bring along your family and friends. If they are not registered and print out your barcode.
Let’s get 300 parkrunners and make it a BIG day. Don’ forget your barcode.

Mirinda Carfrae Running Technique:

Learn How to Run Faster

5 Mistakes runners make.

As runners, I think it’s pretty much a testament when we say, we can get carried away. We try everything possible in order to hit that personal best, because it feels good. But, we may be making mistakes that we would have to pay the price for later on. Here are 5 common training mistakes runners make.

#1 Running Only At A Feel Good Pace

If you’re running the same distance at the same pace every day, there will come a time where your performance will plateau. You need to push yourself once in awhile in order to see improvement. Diversify your workout – include tempo runs, hill repeats, fartlek workouts and speed intervals.

#2 Too Much Too Soon


More does not necessarily mean better. We can get a tad bit overexcited and increase our mileage too much, too soon. However, we need to remind ourselves that this increases the risk of injury. Our muscles may not be strong enough to sustain that kind of mileage just yet. The golden rule is to always increase your mileage by not more than 10 percent every week. Take it slow and increase your mileage gradually.

#3 Neglect Tapering

You shouldn’t be doing too much in the final week of your race. Instead you should allow your muscles some rest and time to recover and become stronger. This is highly effective. If you’re still doing hard workouts during the week of your race, you risk exhausting yourself and not running a good race.

#4 No Warm Up


Warming up is often neglected. The warmup is very important. It prepares our muscles for the hard workout ahead. Although it is very tempting to save time and skip the warmup, but in actual fact, you are putting yourself at risk of injury. You may easily pull something if you aren’t warmed up and you’ll be out for months. It’s going to be a whole lot of time wasted instead of saving time!

#5 No Cross Training

We should always do some form of cross training to strengthen other muscles of our body. Constantly running puts a lot of stress on our knees! Do some strength training for instance – planks, squats, burpees and lunges. Or some aqua-running or even cycling! It is a good way to maintain cardiovascular fitness.

Tara Callingham

One year ago I got dragged to park run. I shuffled my way around the 5km course plotting the downfall of those that forced me there….today I reflect on this and am so proud of my journey! In the 12 months I’ve made friends, joined our local running club. Lost 8ish kg, had 10 pbs, dropped my time by over 6 minutes, fallen in love with trail running, I enjoy going to training (especially intervals… They are the best!!!) and have a number of awesome 2018 running goals including my first half, and most importantly, changed my life so much for the better! So…in short… Parkrun is awesome!

Runner Profile

Name: Tara Callingham 

Age: 36

Current PB’s 5km 27:19 10km 63:00 


What inspired you to start running? I wasn’t being very active and feeling it. I was also in a high stress period of life finishing off a Master’s degree, running seemed a good alternative to chocolate and wine.


What does a typical training week look like for you? Tuesday’s and Thursday’s SRC, Wednesday’s group personal/cross training. Saturday is parkrun day and Sundays something…for the next few months this will be a slow and longish run. 

What are your running goals for the next 6 months? To do a half marathon and manage a sub 60 -10km. I also want to do a lot more trails.

What is your biggest challenge and what do you do to manage that challenge? Getting out of bed for park run. Sam is an early riser and not very subtle about it, so I don’t really get a choice!!!

Have you had a breakthrough in your running, if so, what was it? I worked out that going flat out for the first 2km isn’t very helpful or enjoyable. Also joining the SRC made running a whole lot more enjoyable. I also discovered the whole runners high thing!

Where is your most enjoyable place to run? I love any trails. You can run the same trail every day for weeks and every time you do, it will be different!

If you could run in any event in the world, which event would it be? I have a little bit of a fascination with the Barkley Marathon (it just seems so unique and I like the quirkiness of it!)…or the Northern Traverse which is the coast to coast trail in northern England. I’ve always wanted to hike it but why hike it when you can run it?


Do you have any recommended resources to share? When in doubt ask Chris! Or google…

Who inspires you to run? Anyone who I see that has gotten up off the couch and gone out and is having a go.

What was the best advice you were ever given? I think it was an old Gymnastics Coach said to me Smile. It will make the hard things easier”


Is there anything else you’d like to share: Twelve months ago I struggled to run 5km. Who knew I would end up catching the running bug!  

Kathy Fuller & Narelle Pell

A New Year, A New Goal and away we go!
Let’s do it!

2018 Kathy Fuller & Narelle Pell have set the goal to complete 12 marathons in 12 months. In the quest to raise awareness and help prevent child sexual abuse.

Together with community support from GV Health, GV Health Foundation and GV CASA, working together in partnership to reduce the statistics of 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys sexually abused by the age of 18 years.

Our 2018 journey starts now 👣👣
Running the first marathon in Hobart on Sunday🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

We would love your support. All fundraising money will be going to GVCASA (centre against sexual assault).
You can donate to the account below:
BSB : 663 000
Account No : 143 139 863
Reference: Marathon18


Australian 10,000m record holder Ben St Lawrence, who represented Australia in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, will compete in the 12km race at the Murray Running Festival in March, event director Sean Greenhill announced today.
“Ben is one of Australia’s all time great athletes and it’s an honour for him to come to Albury Wodonga to compete,” said Mr Greenhill, the Event Development Ranger at Parklands Albury Wodonga, the organisation for which the Festival is raising funds. “As this is an inaugural event, we greatly appreciate him coming to run.”

The Murray Running Festival will be held on March 25, connecting both Albury and Wodonga in a series of races, from a full 42km marathon to a 6km fun run and 2km children’s race.
Parklands Albury Wodonga has been organising the Riverina Trails series of bush running races for some years, but the Festival will be a larger event using only sealed, traffic free paths along the Murray River. Parklands maintains hundreds of kilometres of nature trails in the Riverina and performs extensive bushcare work, for which the Murray Running Festival has been set up to help fund.

Ben, 36, manages an athletics coaching business, Run Crew, and has represented Australia at two Olympic Games, two World Championships and two Commonwealth Games. No Australian has run ten kilometres faster than his time of 27 minutes and 24 seconds. Sponsored by The North Face, he ran his debut marathon in 2017.

If you want to run with Ben- or try any of the other races on offer on March 25- you can read up on and enter using the website, or email Sean Greenhill at

Shepparton Runner Club E-news January 7,2018

SRC January Handicap.

When – Sunday, January 7

Where – Princess Park

How Far – 5 km

Cost – Free to SRC members

Prizes – $50 gift voucher from Sportsmans Warehouse.

SRC proposed athletic track events.

January 23 & 30 track training

February 4th and March 4th Track handicaps

Please note that these are proposed dates as the SRC committee are looking into it to see if these dates are available. If we do get any training session the club will charge a small fee to cover costs.

Tips for running in the heat

  • Stay hydrated the day before your run
  • Carry water with you, or plan your run with water fountains
  • Try to dring something with electrolytes in it
  • Wear light coloured clothing
  • Always wear sunscreen
  • Keep an eye on your heart rate, and don’t expect to maintain your average.


Former SRC member, triathlete, personal trainer,  awesome athlete, and now Queenslander Sarah Pye has started a blog.

It’s all about food, training and I expect gratuitous dog photos. Make sure you subscribe.

Check it out

Shepparton Parkrun

Shepparton parkrun started on 11th January 2014. Since then 2,620 participants have completed 22,668 parkruns covering a total distance of 113,340 km, including 4,277 new Personal Bests.

Check out all the news from this weeks Event 203 parkrun.

Welcome to the final edition of parkrun weekly news for 2017. last saturday was a lovely morning for the 193 runners including visitors from 13 other clubs. The UK visitors appreciated the warmer weather! 
Two parkrunners joined the 50 Club and two more the 150 parkrun milestone.
Our 4th year anniversary is 13th January and we are expecting a record number of runners.
Bring on 2018 and may all be happy, healthy and safe! 

Shepparton Parkrun 4th birthday January  14, 2018

This event will be a superhero theme. Come dressed up in your favourite superhero costume

From Parkrun Australia

Final numbers are now in for New Year’s Day and the technical term for the attendance is ‘mahoosive’!

109,478 results were recorded by 80,000 participants ably assisted by more than 7,000 volunteers.

Let’s put that another way… more people took part in parkrun on NYD than in the first 6½ years of parkrun.

Did you parkrun on New Year’s Day? Did you “do the double”?

Bright Parkrun Launch.

We can not wait to bring parkrun to Bright! Launching January 27th 2018. FREE, Weekly, Timed 5km run or walk, everyone is welcome. Here is a sneak peek of our course and beautiful location.

You may need to download Relive to see this video


Melanie McAuliffe & Parkrun tourism 






“Just keep going… Everybody gets better if they keep at it.” – Ted Williams
Tuesday Speed Sessions are here to help you get better at running. Come down to Victoria Lake and train with us. We meet at the BBQ area near the old petrol station at 5:45pm

Keep the soul happy. Enjoy some chill time while running and save your energy for race day.
Every Thursday we have a casual run, meeting at the Club Rooms at Princess park at 5:45 and just running and talking with fellow runners.


Please check details before travelling. 

January 7 – SRC Handicap Princess Park

February 4 – SRC  Handicap, Princess Park

February 25 – Wangaratta Marathon Website

March 3 – Mad Cow Mud Run Website

March 4 –  Session at the Athletics track (more info to come)

March 19 – Numurkah Fun Run Links

March 25 –  NEW Murray River Running Festival Albury Website

May  6 – Bright Fun Run

August 26 – Shepparton Running Festival (more info to come)

Feature event

Bright Parkrun Launch 

Come and join us for the launch of parkrun in Bright. Parkrun is an all-inclusive weekly FREE timed 5km run or walk that welcomes people of all ages and abilities.


Tell me your tails Podcast by Brady Trelfall

Pretty inspiring to hear Meriem Daoui’s tales on the podcast for this week’s show. Some amazing views on the world, running and life.…/podcast/tell-me-yo…/id1116511977…

Grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy another edition of the Shepparton Runners Club Newsletter.

SRC E-news Dec 29


Cobram parkrun is looking for pacer roles for 1st January at 7.50am for 8am start.
They are hoping to fill 20, 23, 25, 27.5, 30, 35,40, 45
If you are interested please let Lynette Anne know!
Remember, there is a great feeling of accomplishment when you help someone achieve a PB.

Check out all the news from this weeks parkrun.

Welcome to the Christmas edition of parkrun weekly news. Yet again it was a day of celebrations, many family and friends from near and far coming to join in the fun and even a few glimpses of the ever elusive Santa and Mrs Claus.


New Years Day double

We have great pleasure in announcing that Ballarat parkrun is working with Castlemaine parkrun to provide the opportunity to complete a New Years Day double.

Ballarat will start at 7.30am to allow our athletes to travel to Castlemaine where the parkrun will be starting at 9.30am.
Our mates from Bendigo are planning to meet us there too so look out Castlemaine 🙂

It was a fun event in 2017 and we would love you to join us too but Don’t forget your barcode.

New Years Day double (take 2)

The awesome New Year Double parkrun is back for 2018. Run or walk Bendigo parkrun at 8am, hop in the car and make your way to Castlemaine parkrun for an extra special only day of the year second parkrun starting at a special time of 9.30am. Our friends in the other lesser known Goldfields town of Ballarat will also be meeting us in Castlemaine after a 7.30am start for them.

Hang about in the lovely Botanical Gardens of Castlemaine where a coffee truck will be awaiting and catch up with your parkrun mates. Topics of conversation may include who has the best Goldfields town or which Goldfields parkrun has the best parkrun dogs but hopefully not who left their barcode at home #DFYB #loveparkrun

Feature Race

The O’Keefe Challenge

Formerly known as The O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon, the O’Keefe Challenge is more than just a race – it celebrates fitness, nature and the community spirit of the Heathcote region

No matter what your age or ability, running or walking, there’s a challenge waiting for you:

  • 42.2km Mandalay Resources Marathon (Bendigo to Heathcote)
    Very Early Bird Entry Fee: $89.00
  • 42.2km Ekiden Relay (7 team members) (Bendigo to Heathcote)
    No Early Bird Entry Fee, but only $175.00 per team; $145 per school team.
  • 21.1km Half Marathon (Knowsley to Heathcote)
    Very Early Bird Entry Fee: $59.00
  • Athlete’s Foot 10km (Heathcote)
    Very Early Bird Entry Fee: $34.00
  • 5km (Heathcote)
    Very Early Bird Entry Fee: $10.00
  • Heathcote Lion’s Club Mile (Heathcote)
    Very Early Bird Entry Fee: $5.00
  • School Kids’ Mile (Heathcote)
    Very Early Bird Entry Fee: $5.00
  • Kids’ 500m Dash (Heathcote)
    Very Early Bird Entry Fee: $5.00

Axedale Historic Walk (Axedale)
No Early Bird Entry Fee, but only $10.00 per individual, $20.00 per team.



Please check details before travelling. 

January 7 – SRC Handicap Princess Park

February 4 – SRC  Handicap, Princess Park

February 25 – Wangaratta Marathon Website

March 3 – Mad Cow Mud Run Website

March 4 –  Session at the Athletics track (more info to come)

March 19 – Numurkah Fun Run Links

March 25 –  NEW Murray River Running Festival Albury Website

May  6 – Bright Fun Run

August 26 – Shepparton Running Festival (more info to come)



SRC E-news Dec 22

The Shepparton  Runners Club would like to wish all its members, families and sponsors a happy Christmas and a safe new year.

 Healthy communities

On Sunday, March 4 the Shepparton Runners Club will be involved in the Stadium Showcase event. Our club will get the opportunity to run on the Shepparton synthetic athletic track. The following is a copy of an email the club received from the healthy community officer at Aquamoves.

Great news that the club wants to get involved in the Stadium Showcase event.

The event will showcase the Stadium and the facilities it has on offer.

The community will be invited to come along and try their hand at basketball, badminton, table tennis, netball, group fitness sessions for older adults and now the running sessions.

The showcase will run from 11am – 1pm and you will be able to run your running session from the track during this time.

We will send through more information close to the time.



This week is our special ” Last one before Christmas” parkrun.

Come along dressed in your best christmas attire…Christmas clothes. hat and more importantly, tinsel

Maybe even Santa and his helpers might be at parkrun this week.

Check out all the news from this weeks parkrun.

Check out all the news from Shepparton’s 201st parkrun.
Come along this Saturday wearing your festive wear to get into the mood for Christmas.
Just a reminder that on the 13th of January we will be celebrating the 4th year anniversary of parkrun with a superheroes dress up themed parkrun.

Photos of our retro run More on the SRC facebook page and website.


Gold rush trail run

On Saturday, Sam and I tackled the gold rush trail run (along with 250 odd other people), starting in Daylesford and climbing up past the stunning sailors falls along the goldfields track, finishing at the Sailors Falls Estate. It was an amazing amount of fun, with an extra 2ish km chucked onto the end (total 13km ish) for free due to a parks Victoria issue. The course was stunning, with some single track, logs to climb and puddles to avoid. Not a single snake was seen and the exceptional weather made for a great day.  As with all these things you learn a number of lessons, the key lessons learnt this time was make sure your pants are on the right way and embrace the hills (especially when the whole course is hills!!!)

Feature race

Summer Twilight Series – Shepparton Tri Club will be holding the second of our twilight mini sprint races on the evening of Friday 29th December. The race will be set up outside the Shepparton Triathlon Club Shed. Tom Collins Drive will be closed to traffic from around 4pm. We will have a marshall at the road closure from 5pm to allow competitors to drive through and park closer to the event.

More information on the Tri-club Facebook event page. Click on the link below.


January 7 – SRC Handicap Princess Park

February 4 – SRC  Handicap, Princess Park

February 25 – Wangaratta Maraton Website 

March 3 – Mad Cow Mud Run Website

March 4 –  Session at the Athletics track (more info to come)

March 19 – Numurkah Fun Run Links 

March 25 –  NEW Murray River Running Festival Albury Website

August 26 – Shepparton Running Festival (more info to come)

Inspiration person – Turia Pitt

If you are looking for an inspirational read you may be interested in Turia Pitt’s blog.

Like all blogs you will need to subscribe.

In 2011, I was caught in a grassfire and suffered burns to 65% of my body. Surviving against overwhelming odds, I’ve rebuilt my life and defied every expectation placed on me.  I’m living proof that, with the right mindset, we truly can achieve anything. Through my books, online programs and events, I provide the tools to help you step outside of your comfort zones, kick big goals and transform your life.