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Gala Dinner

Want to have dinner with Steve Moneghetti?? Well you can!!!!! We have a few spots available at Mona’s table for the Gala Dinner. Just tell me (via PM) in 25 words or less why you would like to dine with this Running Legend and we will announce the winner in early July. So buy your ticket today and send us a message.

Watch this space..We will be announcing the Silent Auction Items soon. And best of all, you’ll be helping raise money for GVCASA.

Tickets are selling fast and we have had a last minute rush. Click on the link and buy your ticket before ticket sales close in one week.


SRC 40th Anniversary Gala Ball Saturday July 13th @ Shepparton Golf Club featuring special guest speaker Steve Moneghetti

Tickets are on sale –…/shepparton-runners-club-…

Event Details – The dinner will start at 6:00pm for arrival with meals being served at 7:30pm.

Semi-formal dress wear

Includes 3 course meal, entertainment, Silent Auction & gift bag. Drinks at bar prices.

Tickets are $70pp for SRC Members, $80pp for Non SRC Member and $600 table of 8.

If you’re keen to come along, please jump on and get your tickets. We know some people won’t be able to come along due to other commitments, but if you could share this post to help get the awareness out there, that would be lovely!


Link to ticket sales here

Silent Auction

We will also have on the night a Silent Auction organised by Kathy and Narelle will all profits going to GVCASA. There will be a range of items and experiences from local businesses. Keep an eye on our facebook page as we will be revealing these items very soon.

Events and Races

July 13 SRC 40th Gala Dinner Tickets

July 28 Run Melbourne Facebook page

August 25 Shepparton Running Festival Facebook page

Team Up

Now’s the time to….TEAM UP!
We offer Marathon Team entries.
Click here for details:

My 5 km finish line with Tara

SRF is about all-ages and all-abilities, so much so, we have teamed up with Tara and Sam from My 5K Finish Line. This new initiative starts 15 July. Successful applicants will receive qualified coaching (twice a week), a 6 week training program, a 5km race entry, t-shirt, all for just $70. No running experience required, just commitment and a goal. EOI’s close soon, only 15 participants accepted, so don’t miss out. Go on, you know you want to….. click here to apply:

5 Tips for injury-free running.

Pro athlete and coach, Caine Warburton shares his top tips for injury free running. With over a decade of serious running under his belt, 45 podium finishes from 54 career races and current high profile sponsorships, Caine’s advice is invaluable.


  1. Beware “Forest Gump syndrome” – We all love running but sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Going from the couch to a marathon the next day is a recipe for injury. As a guide you should look to gradually increase your running volume by approximately 10-20% at a time and only adding more once you feel comfortable with your current load.
  2. Strong runners are long runners – If you want to run long, fast or for many years then it would be a mistake to forsake strength training. Strength training is a key component to injury-proofing your body by increasing muscle density and strength. A strength session 1-2 times a week is all that is needed with a focus on heavyweight and compound exercises. For example 3-4 sets of 4-5 reps Back Squat, Deadlift etc.
  3. Eat like a professional – Good nutrition is vital to preventing injury by giving the body the building blocks (nutrition) it needs to repair muscle and adapt to training stress. A major component to nutrition is the post-run meal in which you should look to consume a 3:1 carbohydrate: protein mix (or better) within 30min of finishing training. This is the ideal timeframe where the muscles are most receptive to taking on nutrients.
  4. Stretch and roll away from the (injury) hole – Stretching, both dynamic (moving) and static (still) are great ways to lengthen tight muscles and help ensure balance and flexibility throughout key joints (hips, knees, ankles). The use of a roller post run is also a great way to work out tight spots and flush toxins from the muscles.
  5. Trust your inner self – Being in tune with your body and listening to the feedback it gives you is perhaps the most important component to injury prevention. All chronic/overuse injury’s don’t just suddenly happen, they show up weeks earlier as tight spots, unusual pains, tiredness etc, and if caught early they can be avoided by listening to your body and reacting to how you feel. My general rule is if I am still not feeling it or still have a niggle after the first 10min of any run I stop and head home for some rest. Tomorrow is always another day.


Melanie McAuliffe: 25 volunteer club: She has volunteered as barcode scanning (3), finish token support (2), finish tokens (1), marshal (2), pacer (4), photographer (4), run director (1), tail walker (5), token sorting (2).

Steven Trevaskis: 25 volunteer club: He has volunteered as barcode scanning (1), finish tokens (1), marshal (2), pacer (3), photographer (3), pre-event setup (1), run director (5), tail walker (6), timekeeper (2), token sorting (1).

Kate Montgomery: 100 Club: 95 runs at Shepparton parkrun, and one each at Echuca Moama parkrun, Wimmera River parkrun, Castlemaine parkrun, Portarlington parkrun, Merimbula parkrun. Since her first parkrun she has improved her time by 5:50, has had 12 personal bests and has volunteered 9 times. 

Gerard Montgomery: 100 Club: 94 runs at Shepparton parkrun, and one each at Echuca Moama parkrun, Wimmera River parkrun, Castlemaine parkrun, Lalor parkrun, Portarlington parkrun, Merimbula parkrun. Since his first park run he has improved his time by 3:17, has had 7 personal bests and has volunteered 18 times. 



Link to SRC 40th Gala dinner here

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