SRC Membership and coaching

SRC is currently sitting at 128 paid members.

Training numbers continue to be strong. Chris thinking ahead regarding training location options if numbers get to 56-60 so it’s safe as lake pathways becoming congested. SRC clubrooms and Princess Park an option. Ideas welcome to ensure we provide quality.

Athletics Track an option if we can get a toilet key from Little Athletics (maybe provide a bond?).

SRC 40th Gala Ball

SRC 40th Anniversary Gala Ball Saturday July 13th @ Shepparton Golf Club featuring special guest speaker Steve Moneghetti

Tickets are on sale here –…/shepparton-runners-club-…

Event Details – The dinner will start at 6:00pm for arrival with meals being served at 7:30pm.

Semi-formal dress wear

Includes 3 course meal, entertainment, Silent Auction & gift bag. Drinks at bar prices.

Tickets are $70pp for SRC Members, $80pp for Non SRC Member and $600 table of 8.

If you’re keen to come along, please jump on and get your tickets, Melanie McAuliffe has worked tirelessly for months now to put this together on behalf of SRC and it will be an amazing night. We know some people won’t be able to come along due to other commitments, but if you could share this post to help get the awareness out there, that would be lovely!


Princess Park June 2nd

Let’s get those entries in ahead of this weekends cross country, Steven Trevaskis is keen to cook up a feast for everyone afterwards!

Free entry here –…/1FAIpQLScwn0TSke3kNRsyF…/viewform…

SRC Facebook page !

Strong abs and glutes help you move better every day.

Wide push-up on knees

  1. Start on your knees, bring your hands out slightly wider than shoulder width.
  2. Lower yourself to the floor, keeping your spine straight with your abs pulling in.
  3. If your lower back is dipping, or your butt is in the air as you are doing the push-up, this means you aren’t engaging your abs correctly. Suck your belly in to your spine and if you can only go down halfway keeping this good form then do this until you build up the strength to go further.

Wide push-up on toes

  1. Bring your hands out slightly wider than the shoulders and into a plank position.
  2. Lower yourself to the floor, making sure you are pushing your elbows out to the side rather than down along your body.
  3. Keep your spine straight, which means no dropping the abdomen or poking your chin out to try and get there faster. If you can’t complete the reps with perfect form, drop to your knees instead.

Lying W swims

  1. Lie on your belly on your mat.
  2. Bring your hands up to either side of your chest so they are slightly wider than your mat. Your arms should be in a ‘W’ shape with your body.
  3. Pull your bellybutton in to your spine and lift your entire upper body up off the ground. Keep your hands in line with your body (so your hands will be lifting too).
  4. If you feel comfortable here swing your hands back straight behind you and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then bring your hands back to the start position and lower your upper body down again. That’s 1 rep.

Hip extension with ankle bridge

  1. Lie on your back with both your knees bent – your feet should be on the floor an arm’s length away from you.
  2. Lift your right leg and place your right ankle on top of your left This will help to support your pelvis and lower back.
  3. Pull your bellybutton in tight and begin to lift your hips off the floor. Squeeze your butt at the top of the lift before rolling back down to the ground. That’s 1 rep.
  4. Once you have completed all the reps on one side you should change to the other

Hip extension with straight leg

  1. Lie on your back with both your knees bent – your feet should be on the floor an arm’s length away from you.
  2. Lift your right leg up straight above you.
  3. Pull your bellybutton in tight, lift your left toe up off the floor before you push your hips into the air. Squeeze your butt and pause at the top, before lowering slowly down.
  4. The trick here is to keep pulling your bellybutton in towards your spine. If you feel pressure in your lower back you can bend your top knee or regress back to the ankle bridge version.

Alternate/double leg lowering

  1. Lie on your back, squeeze your legs together and lift them straight up to the ceiling. If you feel pain in your lower back, bend your knees.
  2. If you are alternating then lower one leg to the floor, contract the abs and lift the leg back up, then change sides.
  3. If you are doing both legs together make sure your shoulders and neck are relaxed. If your lower back arches up off the floor, change back to the Level 1 version (one leg at a time).



SRC E-News May 24

Shepparton Runners Club 40th

This year the Shepparton Runners Club celebrates 40 years of running as a club.
Saturday, July 13 the Shepparton Runners Club will be hosting a Gala dinner with Steve Monagetti as the guest speaker.
More information can be found on the Facebook page by searching for Shepparton Runners Club 40th Anniversary

Tickets can be purchased here


Hills training at the Botanical Gardens (Old Tip) at 5pm on Wednesdays. Meet at gate at 5pm for a social run with the main focus on hills.

For more information see Sue Olley or Nadine Edwards.


Runner Profile

Name: LeeAnne Kirschner

Age: 46

Occupation:  Aged Care


Recent pbs: None of late

5K: parkrun pb of 23.28

10k: 56.37 (my aim is to reduce this one hopefully this year)

Half: 2.11.54 (done only one in race conditions)

Marathon: Nil attempt


What inspired?  – When I attempted my first parkrun and saw all the runners with 50 and 100 Shirts and moving to Shepparton away from the dreary weather of Melbourne

Years running?  –   6 ½ years

Typical training week?    –  1 tempo run(parkrun) 1 interval run( SRC training usually), 1x 30-40 min easy run (SRC Thursdays ), 1 long run 10ks or over, 1 run of choice for 30-60mins of either trail, cross country, hills or road running and 1 x 30-45 mins walk and 1 rest day

What training apart from running?   –  Core training, Strength with home weights, Rolling and stretches

Running goals?   –  Reduce my 10k time and be more consistent running the longer distances.

Biggest challenge in running?   –  Finding the time while working full time  and running at times when your body and mind are not in sync

Biggest breakthrough?   –  Was in my 4th year of running when i was injury free and improving all the time with both the short and longer distances

Most enjoyable run?   –  When I was race ready for my first half marathon at the Ned Kelly Chase in Wangaratta

Run in any event?   –  Walt Disney World Marathon

Who inspires me?  –   Everyone at parkrun and Shepparton Runners Club participants

Best advice would of been:   –   For longevity: Running is a journey, don’t rush the process and always run your own race and do it with a smile

Funny and notable moments:   –   It’s not really funny at the time but I have been known to go into the bushes for numerous toilet needs on numerous runs, luckily I haven’t been caught yet.

It’s a boy

A huge congratulations from everyone at the Shepparton Runners Club goes to Jarrod & Meg Minogue on the birth of Jack Peter Minogue.

A small group of runners communicate via a Facebook messenger. Topics are not restricted to running. Actually, running topics are few and far between. The following is one such topic that is on topic. The posters name is listed first.

Q & A

Chris Nicholson

Ok serious running question (I know how dare I post a question about running on a chat group that has Runners in the title!). The long run and nutrition is it worth taking a gel on runs 25 kms and over? I know ideally i should get up earlier and eat something but 5:30 am is hard enough on a Sunday without getting up earlier still. On my run today I started to see my Heart rate climb just slightly after 25 kms and I had to back off a little bit to keep it around 140. I put this down to burning up what ever glycogen I had in store by then. Thoughts?


I would have thought the gel would assist in the overall training regardless. As an overall training routine that is.
@Steven? Coach Armstrong?


There is no harm in starting with a gel. Take one on time, not distance. E.g. every 45 mins.

Kate Dainton

Uncanny I was just getting on here to ask a nutrition question too.. let’s fix this one first though. I just had a black coffee and some sultanas (coach Chris suggested this it’s a goodie) on 22km I don’t think I would want to go any further without fuel. Meg wood would say your recovery will be harder if you don’t get in fuel on your runs. Would have to agree especially if your like me and can’t eat after for a while. My memory I would take 1 gel out with me and have that on my 25km..sometimes a protein ball or lollies depending on how I feel. the long long runs i used fuel like race days. Teaches the tummy to handle the sugary gels too in theory.

Chris A

I suppose I’m just conscious of not training myself to look for “sugar hits” but at the same time there comes a point where I need something.


I don’t know if heartrate is affected by nutrition though…?

Coach Chris 

It’s up to you @Christopher I tend to keep gels for race specific long runs so you can see how the body reacts to them at that intensity. Unless it’s hot I don’t tend to take gels or drinks on the long run to try and teach the body to become better at burning fat and becoming less reliant on glycogen as the glycogen tank typically lasts 80 minutes at threshold effort.

Ways to mitigate it: long story condensed

Saturday is carbs day – eat healthy carbs and decent amounts of them, drink plenty of water to make sure you’re hydrated to recover from the Saturday session but to also prepare for the Sunday long run.

Sunday morning – a handful of sultanas and some water before you go out, or maybe some toast with honey and banana before you go out can be handy – would want a good hour for the toast to begin to digest, otherwise sultanas can be taken literally as you walk out the door if you want.

Once you finish you need to start recovery – you have about 20 minutes maximum to get food in to speed up recovery, once you go over this the body starts to shut down to preserve what’s there, get the food in and the body will use that to start actively repairing.

Your heart rate will climb once you’ve exhausted the glycogen, it’s the first stages of your body wanting to shut down.

In summary

Gels for long runs – personal choice… but it’s a no for me, race specific effort long runs = yes
If no nutrition on long runs, you need to be smart about how you fuel the day before, and recovery immediately after


Given that the hearts role is to move glucose/glycogen and oxygen to cells for cellular respiration (energy production) I would assume that if either of these things were in low levels in the blood stream then the heart would be stimulated to pump faster to meet the demands of cells in your muscles….. even though your breathing rate is regulated by carbon dioxide levels in the blood and not oxygen

And then Kate took the topic off track to a new feature that is tracked by Garmin. LOL. 

This is a must-read.

In the cyberspace world with trolls and keyboard warriors, it is easy to criticise people and let them know what you think of them.  What is difficult is to say nice things about people.

Chris Armstrong wanted to create some content to pay respect to people he looks up to. Originally posted on his blog and then shared to Norah’s Facebook page Chris shares his thoughts on 5 people in his life. In this well-written piece, Chris grabs a thought/mantra from the 5 influential people in his life.

I am not sure how Chris stopped at 5 people but he somehow did. The person most of us will know best in this list is Kate Dainton. Kate is one of the most thoughtful, caring, considerate, & generous people I know. Thanks for sharing Chris.

Fighting against the trolls – by Chris Armstrong.

Click on the link here to read it.

SRC E-News May 17

Shepparton Runners Club 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Click on the link for tickets –

Lee-Anne’s 250 parkruns

Lee-Anne Kirschner consistently smashes out a respectable time.




Shepparton Runners Club 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Click on the link for tickets –

Inside Running Podcast

Hers is what I do. I ask my Google home mini to go to the latest episode of inside running podcast and it does it all for you. If you have to come back to it another day your spot will be saved.

As always the podcast starts with the 3 guys talking about running. On this podcast, they were talking about tips for runners 30 mins prior to a marathon. Most of the advice was good and I have done most of them. They mentioned about laying your clothes out ready the night before. They couldn’t understand people putting on race bibs as they were lining up. They also mentioned about public urination. It is frowned upon at a lot of races but the method these guys mentioned/recommended was worthy of a footy trip and something I have never seen.

Ep 80 sponsored by Zeroda Sports Wash is now out everywhere. It features Moose’s full-length Lucy Bartholomew interview ahead of her UTA 50km this weekend. Check it out wherever you get your podcasts.

The second half of the podcast they interviewed Lucy. I was blown away at her social media stats. Added to her Instagram account is 200 followers per day. I know she has about 4000 plus followers on Facebook. I am never surprised at how critics hate for the sake of it. Lucy mentioned that she received criticism about starting ultras too young. Her advice from her dad was to smile, and that she does. She classifies herself as being on a plant-based diet and not as a vegan. 1. She has been criticised for wearing wool. 2. She doesn’t want to be associated with vegan activists.

I listen to Inside Running Podcast every few weeks. This is one of the better ones.



Still on Lucy

Something that might be useful in preparation to reaching your goals! I made this video to show what I do with a big mandatory gear list for a race like Ultra-Trail Australia!

Here is the youtube video.

Shepparton Runners Club 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Click on the link for tickets –

SRC E-News May 10

Shepparton Runners Club 40th.

This year the Shepparton Runners Club celebrates 40 years of running as a club.
Saturday, July 13 the Shepparton Runners Club will be hosting a Gala dinner with Steve Monagetti as the guest speaker.
More information can be found on the Facebook page by searching for Shepparton Runners Club 40th Anniversary

Tickets can be purchased here


Mothers Day Classic – Shepparton

One of the most special parts of our Shepparton event is hearing the personal stories from someone in our community that has been affected by BC. Whether it’s their story or one shared from a family member or a friend. Can’t wait for you to hear from this beautiful gal… Jayne Walters is inspirational, puts resilience to a whole new level and is always smiling, regardless of what is going on in her life. Jayne has the most incredible story to share with you – as well as a very poignant reminder for us all. 💗

Online registrations are now closed BUT don’t worry you can still register on the day! Rego tent will be open from 8am. We will have rego forms and an eftpos machine on hand. Our gorgeous volunteers Jill Maude and Jodie Wilson will be there ready and waiting to assist you 💖.

This Sunday 8am – Victoria park lake.

Runner Profile – Nathan Stoate

Name : Nathan Stoate
Age: 19
Occupation: Apprentice Baker

Recent PBs
5k: 15:20
10k: 34:53
Half: 1 hr 18 mins
Marathon: 2 hr 49 mins (training run on my own)

What inspired you to start running?
Parkurn back in 2016 ever since I have loved running again
How many years have you been running?
Last 4-5 years
Typical training week
Running 10km every night
What training to you do apart from running
Training with Shepparton Runners Club doing sessions and training on my own in Cobram doing easy runs some night and quick other nights
What are your running goals
Running sub 15 for 5km and run the Melbourne marathon by the end of the year
Biggest challenge in running
Running the Albury nail can hill run
Biggest breakthrough in running.
Running a marathon on my own
Most enjoyable run would
Be the Albury to Wodonga City to city race
If you could run in any event where would it be
London Marathon
Who inspires you
Jack Rayner, Brady Threlfall
Best advice would have been
To run twice a day one in the morning and at night (Steve Monghetti)
Any funny or notable moments –
Been called Monners as my nickname (Steve Monghetti)

Laura Smithers-Shaw you are an Ironman.

I have always got to stop and try to comprehend what an Ironman is. It’s a 3.8 km swim, 180 k bike ride, then a marathon 42.2 km run.

And this is how Lara did each leg

Swim 1 hour 3 minutes Ride 6 hours 29 minutes Run 4 hours 23 minutes

After many weeks of training, a very nervous build up and torrential rain the day before the race, the main event was about to begin. A busy swim start unfolded with a punch to the head and a careful watch so as not to swim into one of the many boats on the course! Once on the bike it was time to try to reduce the heart rate,; no easy feat when it’s 15kms of hills! Shocking road surfaces, hills and strong winds could not detract from the beauty of Port Macquarie’s stunning scenery. Once the 180kms was conquered (plus a quick reattaching of the bike chain!) it was time for the real race to commence. 4 laps of the run course was broken down into: 1: settle into a rhythm 2. Warm up lap 3. The real deal: usually the toughest lap 4: let adrenaline bring you home! The finish chute was simply the most incredible feeling; one that I’ll never forget. Hearing those words, ‘You are an Ironman ,’ fills me with overwhelming emotion.

While we try and avoid singling people out because everyone is out there trying their best, sometimes an effort comes along that just demands recognition.

A huge well done to Laura Smithers-Shaw who completed the Port Macquarie Ironman yesterday in 12 hours 7 minutes including a 4:23 marathon after knocking over a 3.8km swim and 180km bike leg. A fantastic result from one of the best people you’ll meet, we hope you’re recovering well! – Norah Armstrong. 


Club News

May Handicap

Next Sunday May 5th, we will have our second cross country handicap for the season at Princess Park. First runner will leave at 8am. There will be a BBQ on afterwards, $30 vouchers for our top 2 male and female runners from Intersport Shepparton and lots of fun – please register here to assist with catering for the BBQ and handicapping:…/1FAIpQLSdmKRdzoEEbqCFp1T…/viewform

40th Gala Dinner

We are super excited to announce that tickets for the 40th Gala Dinner are now available for purchase.

Tickets MUST be pre purchased and ticket sales will close on the 30th of June 2019 (for catering purposes).

If you would like to sit with certain people or have dietary requirements please enter them in the Comments section when purchasing.

So get in quick and grab your ticket or table as it will be a great night out for one and all.

ALSO if you would like to help promote the event by placing a poster in your work window please see or message Mel. THANKS J

Mothers Day Classic.

We’d like you to meet the amazing and inspirational Kylie Jones 💖 A couple of weeks after last year’s MDC this already two times BC survivor was diagnosed for the third time! Kylie had also already signed up to do an Ironman Event in Busselton in the December… this “event” involves swimming nearly 4km, jumping on her bike and riding 180km and then running a full marathon 42.2km!! Nothing stops this chick, she has an inner strength that is unstoppable. So she kept training whilst she got the BC “sorted” and we are super happy to say Kylie was cleared for the third time and went on and completed and smashed out the Ironman (Woman) just 7 months later! Kylie is a reminder on why the MDC event is so special .. we honour, we support, we celebrate. So let’s keep going till we smash out BC for good.
#pinkpeaks #inspirational
Please share Kylie’s story and join us on Sunday 12 May at Victoria Park Lake #cancersucks 💓

O’Keefe Challenge in Bendigo

By Tara Daniel

This year we had a group of 7 (including me) awesome ladies taking on the Ekiden relay at the O’Keefe Challenge in Bendigo. Ekiden relays (for anyone who cares) is actually a Japanese term which involves taking on a long distance event in multistages and its based on how the Japanese used to convey messages hundreds of years ago. The O’Keefe is also only one of two Ekiden relays in Australia. In our case 31 teams of seven people conveyed a sash from the start line at Junortoun to the finish line at Heathcote where we got to cross the line as a team of Seven! (thanks to Debbie for pretending to be Chelsea!)

We had an early start, leaving home at 5:45 am to make it to the start line in time for Chelsea to nervous wee and line up with the marathoners for the start, unfortunately this was delayed by 45 minutes due to unforeseen bus issues! But we eventually got underway and with much car shuffling and driving between legs team Sheppresent completed the event in a respectable time of 4:11:48. The legs and team members in order were

  • Chelsea Nicholson – 7.4 km – 48:49;
  • Natalie Hicks – 8.9 km – 45:57;
  • Regan Flanagan (not a runner, but she will be) – 9.5 km – about 48 minutes, she’s not on strava so it didn’t happen;
  • Justine Ryan – 3.4 – 25:13;
  • Tara Daniel – 4.3 km – 23:48;
  • Julz Mulcahy – 2.9 km – 23:25;
  • Melanie McAullife -6.1 km – 36:33.

Although it was a long day, it was an absolute blast and I loved (cheating) running a marathon with such an awesome bunch of chicks. I hope we can do it all again next year, uninjured and in full health!!

Having now (cheated) completed three team marathons, I have to comment on how much fun they are. I enjoy the camaraderie and support you get by running as a group. If you have never done a team’s event, I urge you to give it a try…don’t forget the Shepparton Running Festival has one!!!!

And the half by Sam Daniel

Chris Nick and I headed straight to to the start line on Sunday morning for the O’Keefe half marathon starting in Knowsley. We got there a little early, so the ports-potties were clean and fresh. After a quick warm up, we set off in the opposite direction of the finish line for 2 kms to the turn around. That gave us a clear 19 km run straight to Heathcote along the rail trail. There was a bit of elevation in this run, and I certainly felt it at times. At the finish line, it was great to chat and compare runs with all the other runners. SRC is a great club, I love the support we give each other.


Shepparton parkrun stats

As we come into winter here are some interesting stats on Shepparton parkrun

The O’keefe con’t

A record 800 runners and riders have raced their way to Heathcote over this weekend in the biggest – and fastest – O’Keefe Challenge yet.

From as short as 500 metres through to the 42.195 kilometre marathon, the eight different races on offer provide challenges for people of all ages. It’s proving to be increasingly popular, too, with participant numbers higher than ever.

“Who would have thought this event could grow to the heights it has in just four years?” Chair of the O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon, Sandra Slatter said.

“Thanks to all our sponsors who have supported the event since its inception and a big thank you and congratulations to Event Director, Nigel Preston, and his team for their continued dedication and commitment, their outstanding efforts are to be commended!”

Four Record Breaking Performances at this year’s O’Keefe Challenge:

Women’s Marathon

Australian Commonwealth Games representative, Virginia McCormack, ran a stellar race to smash previous Women’s Marathon time by 15 MINUTES. Virginia also receives a $750 cash bonus as the first woman to break 3 hours.

Men’s Marathon

Two past race winners were locked in a titanic struggle until the last kilometre when Jamie Cooke outsprinted Leon Griffin to win by just 10 seconds. Jamie shaved 30 seconds off his own course record which he set in the inaugural event in 2016.

Men’s Half Marathon

Half Marathon winner, Brady Threlfell, broke the previous Half Marathon record by 6 minutes (1:15:31). He was chased by a pack of four who were all underneath the previous record, too.

Men’s Ekiden Relay:

The Run Bendigo relay team (consisting of Ben Stolz, Stephen Van Rees, Andy Buchanan, Kye Jenkin, Matthew Schepisi, Luke Millard and Nathan Meade) eclipsed the previous Ekiden Relay course record time by 45 minutes (2:21:25)

Save the dates.

SRC 40th –  Facebook page – Saturday July 13 – ticket sales will close on the 30th of June 2019
SRF – Facebook page – Sunday August 25 – Website