Virtually not stopping

Hello SRC Members and Supporters,

It has been a week since the committee suspended training and future events until it is deemed safe to return to social gatherings. It was a sad decision to make, but that being said, I must say that I am proud of what the club has achieved during the first week.

We have seen the creation of the SRC 2020 Members group on facebook, which has Coach Chris give training plans and encouraging members to remain active and social. The group is available to paid 2020 members as a way of continuing Chris’s coaching. If you need help finding this group, please let us know.

On Saturday, the club was meant to have the ‘meet and greet’ at the terminus, but due to social restrictions, the club went to a virtual gathering where everyone ate, while supporting local businesses, and had a Q&A session with Chris. The night was a success, we had several members join and Chris answered all of the questions submitted by members… except for the running bra which was handballed to Norah.

Training, in the traditional sense, is still ceased until a time when it is deemed safe to return to social gatherings, but for noe, keep going out and getting a run done. It has been wonderful to see the clubs camaraderie during these times through Strava and facebook. Although we are unable to train in our normal group, that has not stopped our running spirit and encouragement for others.

Stay Safe and Keep Running,

Mathieu Ryan

Thoughts on virtual races and the calendar

Personally I have a bit of trouble getting my head around virtual runs. Are they real or not? Do they serve a purpose in these times? But these are unprecedented times. So I guess I am going along with it. And at the end of the day in my opinion these race cancelations are just a first world problem and we have got to do what is best for everyone. So count me in.

As a lot of races in the near future are being cancelled or entry suspended, and they are transforming into virtual runs. Sharleen has been hard at work creating a calendar of the virtual races. Thanks you Sharleen. See below at the bottom of this newsletter.

Cupid Undie Run

SRC members may not have been able to lace up and strip down for a great cause this Sunday, but that didn’t stop us from contributing. Today the SRC donated $800 to the Cupid’s Undie Run – Shepparton 2020, which will go towards Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Organiser, Kerry Connolly said ”I was blown away with the donation. We were sad to not be having our run, but this has lifted our spirits”.

Statement from Events Management Queensland 

In considering the uncertainty of our ability to deliver an event in July, the Board of Events Management Queensland yesterday decided to suspend planning and entry registrations for the 2020 Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon, effective immediately. This suspension will be reviewed no later than 19 May 2020, or when a revised public health order provides us with certainty of the future of this year’s event.   

The Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon is not immune to the impacts, and the regulations applied by governments to slow the spread of the COVID–19 pandemic. 

Shepparton Running Festival


Hi everyone,
We are now all living in new a world and we all have a new normal which seems to change every few days.  There is so much uncertainty at the moment so we thought it was time for us to implement our COVID-19 plan so together we can move forward. 
We are now in STAGE ONE of a three stage plan.  As of Monday 16 March we have PAUSED our ENTRIES until 15 June, 2020.

This means we will not take any new entries until such time as we are confident we can deliver an event or an alternative.
Over the next few months we will conduct regular health checks on our event and update you on 15 June

Interesting articles

How to run safely amid Coronavirus concerns
This article is now a week old, but still looks to offer good advice for how to continue to run outside safely during the pandemic.

Strength and conditioning at home
And to round of this week, Outdoor Fitness has some strength and conditioning exercises you can do at home for swimming, cycling and running.

Virtual Q & A

Last Saturday about 25 SRC members logged into Zoom from the safety of their own home for a Q & A with coach Chris. The Q & A went for over 2 1/2 hours with 60 question answered by Chris. The questions were submitted to Chris via Google Doc giving Chris a change to think of the best answer. A large variety of questions were asked an answered, including diet, training, & injury. I think half the audience were shocked at the price of a sports bra. Special comments from sports teacher Amanda and Nurse Jacqui.

Thanks you to Chris and Norah and everyone who submitted a question.


Chris Nicholson recently received the following information via email from his work GBCA.

At work we just received a warning to avoid Gemmill Swamp. Might have to be careful, more than normal, when running near there and always run in pairs.

An individual is currently living in a permanent camp in Gemmill Swamp Wildlife Reserve near Shepparton. This person is well known to police and has exhibited extremely violent and aggressive behaviour. Intelligence recommends that staff DO NOT ENTER THE WILDLIFE RESERVE WITHOUT VICPOL PRESENT.

The following is from the CFA via Sharleen.

Pretty much we were told if we crossed the causeway to call the police to attend with us we have since been sent an email that had this picture attached and told that any calls to Gemmills Swamp are to be accompanied by Police and under no circumstances are we to access the swamp area unless accompanied by members of Victoria Police due to a Police matter involving an individual with firearms involvement.

Runner Profile

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, outdoor and nature, possible text that says 'pafkrun shepparton'
Catherine Heard

Catherine Heard

Age 54 

PB 5km 28.45

  10km 1hr 2 mins

Half or full marathon no desire to ever do one.

Married with two adult children, Mathew 28 and Amanda 25. Work part time at Goulb Valley Grammar School Tuckshop and at ACT Curious a counselling business doing admin,

Where did Amanda get her ability?  Not from me!! I am not a runner was always my reply.  I was that kid at school who got picked last and rode horses so I wouldn’t have to exert myself.  I started running in Sept last year, previously I had tried to run but would quickly give up. I would complain that I couldn’t even run 1km without stopping and it was Amanda who said I would benefit from running more and I should join SRC.  I thought I would be too slow to join a running club but the inclusion and the encouragement of SRC members has helped me to face the challenge of doing something that all my life I thought I couldn’t do.  I am proud of my achievements and I have never finished a run feeling worse mentally than when I started, physically yes but not mentally. 

Things I have learnt in my short time of running ;

 Everyone hurts not just me although I wonder if I smile all the time like Tara will it hurt less.  I will only get faster if I train. Amanda can tell on Strava when I take a walk in my run. 

My first every fun run was at Wangaratta – I learnt to check you have the right bib on, take food with me and allow more time to get to the toilet.

My goals for 2020  -get under 1 hour for my 10km and get 100 park runs in Shepparton (29 to go).  COVID19  may have stopped that.  Get mentally tougher.

Best pizza in the world is wood fired roasted veggies with feta washed down with pear cider.


Our beloved calendar looks a little different these days, if your event has been cancelled it has been deleted, any other changes have been noted in the dates such as entires or the event being postponed, but don’t loose motivation to train because there are ample virtual runs for you to challenge yourself with. We got this fam!

Name of EventDate of EventLocation of EventEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Make it Your Own
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Pop! Challenge
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
I Survived 2020 5km Virtual RunThursday, 1 October 2020 to Sunday, 31 January 2021AnywhereEvent Website Facebook Page
Legacy Remembrance Walk6th November to 11th November AnywhereEvent Website

Wash your hands regular, practice social distancing, stay home if and when you can, and have a good weekend.

SRC E-news March 13

Club news

Hey Fam, with the influx of brand new members and the re commitment of our previous members for the new calendar year we wanted to take the opportunity to create an event for us to all come together to get to know each other better while Coach Chris provides us with answers to the running questions we have always wanted to ask but never had the time or were too embarrassed to ask.

So come along to:
the Terminus Hotel in Shepparton
on the: 21st March 2020 at: 6.00pm
For a meet and greet dinner, with meals and drinks available to purchase through the bistro and bar, and the chance to have Coach Chris answer all of our burning running questions.

Just fill out the google docs form below to submit your question before the night so they can all be answered thoroughly, remember the only stupid question is the one you never asked…

RSVP: Monday 16th March

Click here for the link

My 5 km PB at the athletics track

Very good morning on the track
5km in 14 mins 51 secs 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
First sub 15! Huge PB
Thanks Shepparton Runners Club for the event

Image may contain: Nathan Stoate, outdoor

Nathans splits 2:30, 2:39, 2:43, 2:45, 2:46 Average pace 2:41 mins/km

SRC members results and PBs are on Facebook.

The road to Nagoya

By Tara Daniel

I’m moving ok. Body is a bit sore and moving too quick is hard…don’t mention the stairs!!! They are the devil!

At the 10 km Mark I was ok. I had just collected Sam so was chattering at him about stuff. Body was feeling good and I was surprised at how quickly it had passed.

Parkrun was unfortunately cancelled due to another event in the park. But we went and ran the course anyway, there were heaps of runners around which was good, I found the people watching was interesting.

The weather was perfect! Still, cool and clear. It was cold to start with but once the sun was up it was spectacular. By comparison on Sunday (which was meant to be race day) it was icy heavy rain and it was horrible. The perfect weather made the run much more enjoyable and mentally easier.

No pizza in my pillow fort. I had spicy Japanese fried chicken! Which was yum! Then out for celebratory Sake.

Sam joined me at 9 km and stayed with me until almost 40 km. He kept me moving. When things were tough I just tucked in behind him and tried to keep up.

The whole run felt better and easier than some of my long runs. Don’t get me wrong there were moments that were horrible but in general…it was not that bad!

Yes I will do another on


Congratulations Tara you’re a marathoner! Taras stats for the marathon for every 10 km were as follow 1:11, 2:21, 3:34, & 4:48 finishing in 5:02.

Runner Profile

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Name: Chris Banning

Age: 29

PBs: Mile – 4:59, 5k – 16:49, 10k – 39:25, Half – 1:31:15, Marathon – 4:23:02

How long have you been running, and what got you into it?  

I’ve been running on and off for a little over 10 years; sometimes more consistently than at other times. Right now I’m in a particularly good spot with regards to kms/week and a lack of injuries, but it hasn’t always been so. I was born in the UK and have always enjoyed sports in general, including running. I’m naturally competitive and I found that I was a reasonable cross-country runner at my school in the UK. In my experience, cross-country is very different in the UK to Australia. There’s a lot more mud, it’s a lot colder and wetter and generally it was hated by everyone as we traipsed out on a cold winter morning. I have to say that there were plenty of mornings that I wasn’t too keen on doing it either, but I could relate to something about running on a deep down level and it stuck with me when I came to Australia.

When I emigrated in 2005 I settled down in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Shortly after I joined the Ringwood Athletics Club, focusing primarily on triple jump and the 800 m. It was a great time to be a part of an athletics club. Melbourne was due to host the Commonwealth Games the following year and we had some great athletes that were hoping to qualify. It was so inspiring to see these men and women at the pinnacle of their respective sports. Meanwhile, I was slowly improving and was hoping to compete at the state championships for my school in the U15 category; however, unfortunately my athletics coach had a stroke while on an overseas tour of Canada and the US. It took a long time for him to even make it back to Australia, by which point most of his athletes were at a loose end, myself included. For a couple of years I drifted in and out of various sports; indoor soccer, cricket, mixed netball and futsal all got look ins. During this time I was still running occasionally, but I had no serious targets. 

I think that my relationship with running truly changed on Christmas Day 2009. We were having a family Christmas dinner at my uncle’s in Eltham with family and some close family friends. My uncle had emigrated to Australia in the mid-90s and had embraced triathlons. They’d become a fundamental part of his life, including Ironman events. For those of you not familiar, the Ironman triathlon is comprised of a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride and then finishes with a marathon. After one too many drinks, he convinced a number of us to sign up to the team event in Busselton, WA, where each leg was completed by a different athlete. So one year later I found myself completing the run leg as I finished my first marathon shortly before my 20th birthday. I was underdone and really should have trained more, but I ticked off a marathon without stopping or walking. The bug had stuck. Since then I’ve explored Tough Mudder, a few half-marathons, a couple of other events and I’ve been at parkrun since August 2015. 

Where is better for running, England or Australia?  

As strange at it may seem for someone who lives in Shepparton, I love running the hills and wooded trails. For me there is nothing better than running around Bright or in the Dandenongs or in the Peak District in the UK. For me it’s not so much one country or another, it’s being able to escape into nature and let my thoughts wander. I love seeing the natural beauty as I explore an area. Give me a ferny trail along a mountain stream that finishes at an outcrop over the surrounding countryside any day of the week.

Got any bucket list runs from around the world?  

I would love to run in the London Marathon. London is a really special city and I grew up looking at that as something that I’d love to do at some point in time. I also studied Spanish at uni, so I could definitely be talked into Barcelona. It’s a gorgeous city and like no other place I’ve been.

Best post-run recovery food?  

This is one thing that I really struggle with. My biggest difficulty at the moment, aside from finding time to train around the kids, is fuelling my body after a long-run. I find that the rest of the day I’m lethargic and constantly going hypo. If you’ve got any suggestions I’m all ears!

What do you think of fresh rocket on pizza?

Sounds great with a bit of lamb and feta!

Best/worst piece of running advice you’ve received?

I remember one of my early athletics sessions in Ringwood focusing on how my arms drove through as I ran. We spent the entire session focusing on maintaining a 90° angle at the elbow and bringing through a loose fist to be level to your shoulder. Whilst those specifics were important when sprinting before a triple jump, the concept of controlling your arms when running has never left me. As strange as it sounds you can drive that extra speed from your arms into your legs!

One last piece of advice…

If I could share one last piece of advice, it would be to never be afraid of change, even if it’s something that you consider fundamental to your running. I ran in ASICS for the best part of 15 years. I increasingly broke down with injuries and spent a lot of money with podiatrists, myotherapists and physios to fix my issues. Ultimately I was recommended by my uncle to try a pair of HOKA One One and I’ve never been happier. New PBs, more running than ever before and no injuries! I’m so glad I tried them!

Race Calendar

Name of EventDate of EventLocation of EventEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Make it Your Own
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Pop! Challenge
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
I Survived 2020 5km Virtual RunThursday, 1 October 2020 to Sunday, 31 January 2021AnywhereEvent Website Facebook Page
Legacy Remembrance Walk6th November to 11th November AnywhereEvent Website


Homemade Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Time 10 mins for up to 6 bars


  • 1/2 cup peanut butter, or allergy-friendly substitute (110g)
  • 1/4 cup protein powder (I use Vanilla Nutribiotic) (20g)
  • 3/4 tsp baking soda (trust me)
  • 1/4 cup Sucanat or brown sugar (40g)
  • 2 tbsp applesauce (30g)
  • tiny pinch salt if desired (I use 1/16 tsp, and my pb also has salt)


If your peanut butter is from the fridge, gently warm it until it is a stir-able consistency. In a mixing bowl, stir the peanut butter and applesauce until they form a smooth paste. In a separate bowl, combine all remaining ingredients and mix well. Pour the dry ingredients over the pb mixture, and stir until evenly incorporated. It will be a little crumbly, so transfer the crumbly dough to a gallon-sized plastic bag. From inside the bag, form one big ball. Still in the bag, roll out with a rolling pin. Cut bars (or portion bars into individual bags and shape them) and put in the freezer to firm. (Alternatively, you can bake these or make protein peanut butter cookies if you’d prefer.) I store mine in the freezer, but you can fridge them if you want softer bars. Makes 4-6 homemade protein bars, depending on how thinly you roll/shape the bars.

ALSO these

😍 Raspberry Muffins…/nut-free-honey-raspberry-mu…/
😍 Choc Chip banana bread…/
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😍 Caramel Cheesecake Bliss Balls…/healthy-caramel-cheesecake-…/

👉 Spread the word…tag your Fun Run mates!!
💪 The Numurkah FUN RUN 2020 starts at St Joseph’s Primary School – Tocumwal Road Numurkah
🏃‍♀️ Registrations & Bib Collection open from 8am – please don’t leave it to the last minute.
🦶 5km & 10km FUN RUN STARTS AT 9am!!
🏃‍♂️ Late Registrations can be done on the day for $45
💪 2km Fun Run will start at 10.15am
🏃‍♀️ 1km Fun Run will start at 10.25am
👍 Singlets can be collected on the day!
🥪 Egg & Bacon sandwiches available.
☕️ Coffee by Emma

See you at parkrun and/or in Numurkah and have a good weekend. Will Nathan break the course record in Numurkah?

Remember the newsletter is now fortnightly