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The Shepparton Runners Club presents

The Shepparton Running Festival

August 26, 2018

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Entries are up by over 15% with scores of new entrants. If you don’t have a job yet and want to help out please contact Nadine Edwards. Shepparton Running Festival 2018, now is the time to run.

Shepparton Running Festival website

22 questions with Chris Armstrong.

  • By Brady Threlfall

This weekend the Shepparton Running Festival will take place and we caught up with Chris Armstrong to ask him our 22 questions to find out more about him as a runner.

Chris has been coached by Brady over the past 2 years and has achieved some impressive PBs. He is also one of the main people creating a resurgence of distance running in the Shepparton area.
Brady describe him as, “the kind of guy who would do anything for you”.
“He is the guy holding the stopwatch for the Shepparton Runners during their training sessions on cold, wet and dark nights at 6pm after he’s spent the early hours of the morning getting his own training done after a big day at work. He always puts others first”.
When you check the backlog of tweets on Chris’ twitter account it’s easy to see how passionate he is about distance running here in Australia (and the occasional cat video).

In a day and age when ‘Insta Runners’, take up our attention online, finding someone with Chris’ knowledge around the sport is rare outside of the big capital cities.
Chris plays a pivotal role in Shepparton parkrun. He has previously written their weekly newsletter and often acts as a volunteer or pace maker.
And, given Shepparton parkrun averages 118 runners each week and have held 236 events, there is a lot of evidence to show that running is growing in the area. Much of that can be contributed to Chris’ passion in promoting distance running.


Chris won’t like reading all this praise because he is a very humble man.
He enjoys helping people in the running world because it’s the right thing to do.
You won’t see him on Facebook or Instagram pumping up his own tyres, because he literally doesn’t have accounts.
Instead, you’ll see Chris setting up courses, helping his athletes with splits and pacing, marshalling courses and if you’re in Shepparton this weekend for their Running Festival, he’ll be the one handing out the bibs.
Not only is he a gun runner with PBs that people would dream of, he is helping out behind the scenes to make the sport better for all – always with his trademark massive smile on his face.
Learn more about Chris below.
22 questions with Chris Armstrong
1.   What are you PBs? 5k – 16:34
10k – 35:45 15k – 54:52 21.1k – 1:16:50
42.2k – 2:48:54
2.  What is your motivation? – I want to get out and be the best version of myself I can be, I don’t want to look back at any stage and wonder what might have been with my running.
3.  Most memorable race? – probably 2017 Melbourne Marathon, best conditions I’ve ever raced in and felt like I really got to race the marathon properly as opposed to just trying to simply survive to the finish. Running a PB and catching up with great mates made it that extra bit special as well.
4. Number of marathons you have run? 11 – 7 at Melbourne and 4 at Gold Coast.
5.  Where was your first marathon? – 2010 Melbourne Marathon in 3:08.
6.  Ever DNF? – Never from injury, I’ve been in races as part of training and dropped out at certain points as per training plan.
7.  The only running shoes for me are? Anything as long as they’re comfy, currently a fan of Nike Zoom Fly and Nike Zoom Vomero 13s.
8.  Ever been injured? Yes, mostly just niggles, but have had a layoff for the first part of this year with high hamstring tendonitis.
9.  Hot or cold weather runner? Prefer the cold for racing, training I don’t mind.
10. Morning or evening runs? Morning, there’s not much better than being outside when it’s peaceful and seeing the sunrise while you run.
11. Favourite post race nosh? After a race in Melbourne – pizza in Lygon Street, Gold Coast has to be teppinyaki followed up with gelato.

12. DeCastella or Monaghetti? – Honestly can’t split them. Both are icons of the sport and have amazing legacy’s. I probably enjoy Mona Fartlek more than Deek’s Quarters though.
13. Flat Course or Hills? – if i’m racing – flat. I love the hills and trails at Two Bays and Anglesea for easy long runs.
14. Road, Cross Country, Trails or Track? – Road is my favourite but want to give track and cross country more of a go in 2019.
15. Run alone or with a group? – Train alone, but enjoy the opportunity to run with others.
16. Ever won your age group? – Yes.
17. Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of)? – I like to get a good sleep the night before the night before if that makes sense. Otherwise for an “A” race I like to have a new pair of Steigen socks on.
18.  What is your typical night before the big race meal? – Crispy skin salmon, mashed potato, asparagus with cherry tomatoes.
19.  What’s the farthest you’ve ever run at one time? – 50km as part of a 100km relay at Surf Coast Century, with one of my good mates.
20. Best part of running? The great people I’ve met, and it makes me happy.
21. If I didn’t run I’d? Spend more time coaching, I love seeing others do well and progressing on their running journey.
22.  I run, therefore I…. Understand I can achieve anything I give 100% to.

Sam and Tara in Wagga last weekend.

Last weekend

Wagga trail run by Sam and Tara

Tara decided last Wednesday that a trail run a week before the Shepp Running Fest would fit perfectly in our running plan, and she was correct. We’ve run the Wagga Trail Fest a couple of years back, a fairly flat trot along the Murrumbidgee levee bank. But that levee bank is now getting upgraded, and the run has relocated, to the hills. The elevation gain is now 157 metres, over  a mix of fire trail and single track. A three hour drive there, and a three hour drive home made it a big day, but a great run with new bling and race tee shirts. Bring on Sunday for the Shepp Running Fest!

Sam and Tara met someone who ran at Willow park parkrun before heading to Wagga. That’s dedication in heavy rain.

Willow Park parkrun Wodonga by Steven Trevaskis

After driving through heavy rain for 2 hours and an unscheduled loo stop, I got to Wodonga 2 minutes late. I pulled up and saw the runners heading off. So I ran to the start area, handed in my jumper and started to chase everyone down.

I didn’t really have a time in mind, but chasing down and catching my Albury based friend (Ange) would be a bonus as this was her first official run since being knocked off her bike by a kangaroo 10 months ago. The course was 2km out then back 2km with a 1 km loop to finish off.

The great man Brendan Peel was at the launch and ran in a time of 25:08. My Strava time was 31:28 with my parkrun time of 35:03 showing a late start of about 4 minutes. Ange came in with an impressive time of 33:43.

In the Border mail newspaper on Saturday.

After Ange’s horrific accident Ange conquered mountains on the bike and now she’s got her eyes on a mountain half marathon at the Tassie Trail Running Festival

Read more here




SRC E-news Aug 17

Shepparton Running Festival

Fast flat track, certified accurate course

Enter here 

Race day is nearly here! For all the up to date event information and everything you need to know to ensure your race day runs smoothly, please read and/or download our Athlete Guide (revised version).

Click here It includes our new maps, program times, race rules, presentation times, event venue layout and more…… See you in Shepp!

Club news

Good luck to Sam and Tara who will be running in the Wagga trail run this weekend.

Upcoming races and events

August 18 Willow parkrun Wodonga (Launch)

August 25 Wimmera parkrun (Launch)

August 26 Shepparton Running Festival

September  16 Sydney Running Festival

These and more can be found on the Shepparton Runners Club Facebook event page

Four Vines Running Festival

Presenting the Four Vines Running Festival is Tour de Senses.
Tour de Senses arranges private & exclusive bespoke experiences for up to 10 people in the Goulburn River Valley, showcasing the region to both locals and visitors. From skydiving to wine tasting there is something for everyone in the heart of Victoria.

Willow parkrun Wodonga LAUNCH

Medibank is bringing parkrun to Willow as part of the Free + Active program, which aims to tackle inactivity and support community connection through free, social, community-based activities. parkrun is a free, weekly, timed 5km run or walk that takes place at hundreds of locations across Australia. No matter your age or fitness level, parkrun is for everyone.

This is the 38th of 40 new parkruns to launch by August 2018, thanks to Medibank Free + Active. So get your runners ready and come on down!

Inside Running Podcast

Brady Threlfall interviews Lee Troop


A few weeks ago Kate Dainton and I did a Kinetic Link Training (KLT) Class at FIX. Half of the session was done with resistance bands. With the resistant bands and the dumbbells, we learnt about Time Under Tention. (TUT) The running physio explains it here.

From the Running Physio on Facebook.

From Aug 12,

Strength training for distance runners isn’t always just about heavy loads. One way to progress and further strength is through the concept of ‘time under tension’ (TUT)
👉🏻TUT refers to how long a muscle is under strain with a given repetition of an exercise)🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
📎Research has shown that greater time under tension can increase muscle protein synthesis*
_�Here’s Blake slowing down his Bulgarian split squats (2-3s down, 2-3s up i.e. 4-6s per rep). Exercises can be performed as slowly as 6s concentric phase and 6s eccentric phase (i.e. total 12s per rep-this is very hard!)💪🏻👟

📌TAKE HOME: if you have reached a cap in how heavy of resistance you can push try slowing down your repetitions to seek more strength gains, or incorporate TUT principles into your training while you are building up to being able to perform 3-4 sets of 8reps (ideal for strength training for runners)

September 16 – SRC Bunnings BBQ

The Shepparton Runners Club has a booking for a Bunnings BBQ on Sept 16 from 8 am to 5 pm. This is a fundraiser for the SRC 40th celebration in 2019. SRC members will be required to help out for approximately 2 hours. Please let Melanie McAuliffe when you can assist.

Below, Tara doing some research and development. How she took this selfie  I’ll never know.

Runner Gets Gushing Nosebleed, Takes Wrong Turn— and Still Wins Marathon

Find out what can cause your nose to spurt mid-race, and how you can stanch the flow fast.

Anything can happen on race day, which the winner of the European Championship women’s marathon learned quite well through her course filled with blood, sweat, and a wrong turn.

Volha Mazuronak, a 29-year-old runner from Belarus, was 30 minutes into the Berlin-based race when a nosebleed broke out, according to The Guardian. Blood covered her face, hands, and torso.

Full story here

Steakhouse Steak

Juicy Butter Basted Steakhouse Steak right at home! Whether your preference is a melt-in-your-mouth soft Rib-Eye steak, juicy, flavourful New York Strip, Sirloin or Rump, produce mouth-watering steakhouse steak in your very own kitchen! Tips to get buttery steak on your table in less than 20 minutes — from start to finish. VIDEO at the bottom…

The post Steakhouse Steak appeared first on Cafe Delites.




August 10km handicap (results)

Brought to you by the SRC and sponsored by Intersport.

Great conditions (or close enough with the wind) saw 42 amazing runners come down to Victoria Lake for the 10km Race. The full results have been processed and can be found at…
Thank you to everyone who helped put this on, sacrificed their time and cheered.
We would also like to welcome and thank you Intersport Shepparton as our new race sponsor and donating the prizes for today. I am sure all our winners are excited.

Upcoming races and events

August 18 Willow parkrun Wodonga (Launch)

August 25 Wimmera parkrun (Launch)

August 26 Shepparton Running Festival

September  16 Sydney Running Festival

These and more can be found on the Shepparton Runners Club Facebook event page .

Shepparton Running Festival news. (2 weeks to go)

Race Bibs are in the mail!
Everyone who paid for race bib postage can expect their bib to arrive by the end of this week or early next week. If your race bib has not arrived by 17 August please email:

Save the date, Save the date, Save the date, Save the date.

September 16 – SRC Bunnings BBQ

The Shepparton Runners Club has a booking for a Bunnings BBQ on Sept 16 from 8 am to 5 pm. This is a fundraiser for the SRC 40th celebration in 2019. SRC members will be required to help out for approximately 2 hours. Please let Melanie McAuliffe when you can assist.

Save the date, Save the date, Save the date, Save the date.

SRC Athletics track event,  Saturday, December 8th from 4pm to 8pm.

More info to come.

Shepparton parkrun

Find all our parkrun news here!
This week 107 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 2 were first timers. Representatives of 3 different clubs took part. We also had two milestones of 50! Great work Julie Murrell and Rob Pryde.
There were 25 recorded new Personal Bests.

From the Running Physio on Facebook.

👉🏻When rehabilitating an injured runner it is paramount that the therapist acknowledges the importance that running plays in the the injured runner’s life 🎖🎽
⚠️failure to do so will likely lessen the patient /therapist bond as the runner may feel like their therapist ‘doesn’t get it’ 😒
📎alternately the therapist who does acknowledge the role that running plays in their patient’s life is off to a great start on the rehab journey in returning the runner back to full running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️👍🏻
📌TAKE HOME: I ask my injured runners a question along the lines of ‘why is it important to you that you get back to full running & training? (It elicits a good connection and frequently 😢 (which I totally get!). I sometimes ask the question twice for the true meaning to come to the surface 👌👟

My experience, I totally agree with this so long as the timeline from injury to recovery to running is realistic. Every visit to my physio she asks me do I understand what she is saying. She will ask me to tell her what I understand about the rehab. She also discusses the timeline from now to Melbourne marathon. I know it has made me feel comfortable about follow up visits.

In the kitchen

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites Ingredients

Easy? You want easy? How about just five ingredients and no baking easy? Well, alright, here you go then! As I mentioned, these delicious No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites only need five ingredients, are vegan, gluten free, and taste absolutely amazing!

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 cup dates, chopped
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1/3 cup cocoa/cacao powder

Mental training for marathons

Today we welcome the insights of Sydney-based coach, Tim Locke who discuss mental training for ultras. This gives you just a taster of the type of content that Insider Patreons of Ultra168 can access ahead of general release. 

Our modern lives are set up to make day-to-day living easy, relatively carefree and comfortable. We no longer have to hunt for food and shelter is more an idea of permanence, status, comfort, and style than an idea of protection or a place to rest between long journeys in the natural world. In short, our mental training takes a big hit.

The progression through the industrial revolution into the digital age has progressed society and culture in ways previously unimaginable, while at the same time stripping back our capacity to absorb discomfort, inconvenience, and challenge.

Continue reading here 


SERC Enews Aug 3

Club News

Help required

On August 26 the Shepparton Runners Club will host the Shepparton Running Festival. The SRC require your help on the weekend of August 25 & 26. Even if you are running we would appreciate it if you can give us 3 -4 hours of your time over the weekend. If you can help please contact Nadine Edwards

August Handicap

We will be holding a 10km event as a tune up ahead of the Shepparton Running Festival. Everyone will start this race together at the same time and have your handicap added to your finish time to determine the winners. The course will be 2 loops of the 5km parkrun course, it’s a good fast flat course, ideal for a PB, and we will have a drinks table set up that you’ll be able to access every 2km.

Start Time – 8am
Venue – Victoria Park Lake – where parkrun starts
Register – On the day from 7:15am or by facebook
Cost – SRC members – $0 Non-Members – $5
Distance – 10kms


Goodbye and thank you Sportsmans Warehouse.

Welcome Intersport

This month we welcome new sponsors Intersport Shepparton and they will be providing 4 x $30 vouchers to be awarded to the male, female and junior male and female winners of our future handicaps including this Sunday’s 10km event.


16 / 69 High Street
Shepparton VIC 3630
Phone: +61 3 5858 5695

Run Melbourne results

Brady Threlfall wins Run Melbourne. Full results can be found here.

Brady Threlfall Male 30-39
Chip Time 1:08:37.4
Gun Time 1:08:39.5
Pace 3:15 min/km
Overall Pos 1 of 4785
Gender Pos 1 of 2580
AgeGroup Pos 1 of 934
10.5km Split 00:34:49

Congratulations to all SRC members who ran Run Melbourne it’s an amazing event and a great opportunity to enjoy the city. People run for reasons!

SRC social media explained (Facebook)

Shepparton Runners Club inc has 390 members and 5 admin. Everyone here posts under their own name. This page is where members can chat about anything running or sport related. If someone posts something deemed to be inappropriate, the admin have the right to delete it

Shepparton Runners Club, this is a formal Facebook page with 439 members with Mathieu Ryan as the admin and 5 editors. The Admin and editors have a default posting under the name of Shepparton Runners Club. They can also temporarily post under their own name. Most of the time this will be Chris or Norah posting club running and training info. The results will come from Mathieu or Chealsea under the Shepparton Runners Club name. Members can not start a post but they can contribute. This is also where you find the events tab.

Shepparton Running Festival, with 1950 members this is where all the conversation re the Shepparton Running Festival happens. With 3 admin able to post as Shepparton Running Festival this is where a lot of Q and A happens and most of the time Liz Connick is posting and answering questions.

Shepparton Runners Club (Website & Newsletter) The newsletter is created and edited by Steven Trevaskis, with various contributors. This is posted on the SRC website late Thursday evening. Mailchimp email is created and scheduled for Friday at 6 am. Mailchimp is sent out as a reminder that a new newsletter has been created. Mailchimp is also used to convey urgent or important messages to SRC members. The Shepparton Runners Club website is where you will find past newsletters, race results, club news and much more. The website is wedited by Chelsea Nicholson.


Upcoming Races


Just 2 hours from Shepparton we bring you the Bright Running Festival 2018.


5km and 10km
Using flatter sections of town this race is suitable for all levels of running with varying distances for beginners and more advanced runners.

As above with a few more hills involved! Around 1000m of vertical.

Bright Ultra 50km
The big one! For those planning greater things or a season aim in itself. 2400m vert.

Kids’ Races
Between 1km and 2km. Entries will open closer to the event date.





Cathedrals Challenge offers a 21.1k and a 10k trail run in one of the most challenging and rewarding network of trails in Victoria.

A visit to the Cathedral Ranges State Park led Race Director, Sean Greenhill on what he considered a fantastic trail running adventure. Subsequently, maps were poured over and soon enough a race course was developed that would provide trail runners with an adventure on the trails they would not forget…

Mountain Sports hosts up to 10 events annually. We pride ourselves on pushing you to try something that you may consider beyond yourself. Ultimately we believe growth happens when we make ourselves a little bit vulnerable…

Enjoy the Cathedrals Challenge!

Sean Greenhill \ Melanie Michael
Mountain Sports Australia



Women on the trail at night


There’s been plenty of talk in recent weeks about women’s ultra running and the following article about safety at night on the trails is written by Victorian runner, Tash Sekulic.

She’s very kindly allowed me to republish the article, highlighting the thoughts and feelings she considers and deals with when running at night. The article is very much intended to prompt discussion and awareness. Without discussion, there is no awareness and without awareness we won’t do the small things that can amount to change – or at least make a fellow runner feel a little bit safer.” 

A little while ago I was running late at night with a friend in the Dandenong Ranges. We were running together, not because either of us really wanted company, but because both of us were nervous to be out on the trails late at night alone.

Midway into that run, a fellow runner (male), ran past us in the opposite direction. He was on his own and he looked so happy. There was no nervousness about him. I was so envious of his freedom. The ability to run alone at night on the trails with no fear is not one I have, despite being a tuff-nut.

My fear is not unfounded. Many years ago, very early on in my running years, I went out for a jog. It was 40 something degrees in Adelaide and I was wearing short shorts and a tank top. I hated my body back then and only ran to lose weight so there was no ego in my outfit. It was simply a practical outfit for the conditions in which I found myself. A couple kilometres from home I was grabbed by a gang of men under the railway bridge near my house. It was obviously just for shits and giggles for them as I remember them all laughing. One of them sprayed me in something – spray paint or some shit they were probably sniffing under that bridge. I still don’t really know what it was. I got away and ran as fast as I could home. When I told my story to those I trusted I was told “Well you shouldn’t go out in those short shorts.”

Then there are all the times I have been flashed by men whilst out on an early morning run. Too many times to keep count.

I didn’t start running to be with people. I started running to get away from people and have some time to myself. I do enjoy company from time to time but for the most part, I like to be alone.

I am currently training for a race called Tor Des Geants. It is a very long run, non stop through the mountains. I will likely be running for five or six days with short 15-45 min naps thrown in for five to six days (if I manage to make the cut off points). So as you can probably imagine, running through the night is quite important for my training right now.

Tuesday night, I got home late. It was a big day at work and whilst I usually run at lunch time on my double work out days, I just ran out of time. I thought about hitting the trails but my gut instinct told me not too. The common theme on those shows like “I Survived” is always listening to your gut instinct. So I went out jogging, planning to keep to the main roads. Dull but safe, I thought.

As I jogged down Dorsett road, I was in quite a good mood. I was really enjoying how good my body felt on a night run. It had been fuelled well and my muscles were warm. I felt really good, until I saw the man about a km ahead of me who until that point I assumed was innocently walking home from Woolworths or the train station. He turned and looked back at me and then he moved into the bushes and waited for me. I could see his shoes from the bottom of the bush.

Now what I should have done was probably cross the road, or turn back and run in the opposite direction. But I didn’t. I told myself, “Tash if that man touches you or makes a move, you need to be prepared to kill him.”

I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible, but that was the thought I had in that moment. So I ran toward him and as I approached I glared at him in the bushes. He said “Hello.” I grunted something, slightly confused and I kept running.

Now this man could have just been a regular nut job – not intending me any harm, but he also could have been the guy that has abducted and raped a number of female joggers in the Boronia area over the last few years. How the fuck was I to know.

Fast forward to Wednesday night when I needed to do my midweek long trail run. I almost met up with a total stranger on the VUR (Facebook) page just to avoid running alone. But I put my big girl pants on and went out for the run I had planned. The first hour was fine, but then it got very dark as I plodded into a very remote area of the forest. With each wallaby and deer that moved, I grew more anxious.

The thing about long runs is they give you time to reflect. I started to think of the woman murdered in Princess Park. I was overseas when it happened and whilst I felt the rage that most of my friends felt, I was somewhat removed from the incident and the outrage at the time. Though it affected me in ways I hadn’t realised. I realised as I jogged along that I had always known a man might jump out of the bushes and try to show me something I didn’t want to see. He might grab me. He might hurt me. He might rape me. But now, I knew, that he might kill me. He might end my life. A man, an absolute shit poor excuse of a human being might be capable of not only ruining my run, causing me harm, but he could end my life.

I need to put this in perspective. Once, I was walking down Hindley Street as a 20 something year old on my way home from the pub. A guy pulled up in his car next to me and said something perverse. I went straight over to the car and through the open window punched him as hard as I could in the nose.

I am not a fearful creature, yet I fear this creature, the one who wants to cause harm to me and my people.

The thing is, this is not just causing harm to women. That man in the bushes on Friday night – he could have had a mental illness, one that wouldn’t cause him to rape or kill me and may have really needed some help, but I couldn’t risk offering it to him. He may have just been a lonely guy who just genuinely wanted to say hello, but I couldn’t risk talking to him.

I don’t know what the answer is here, I just know I’m fed up. I don’t want to run with someone all the time just to feel safe. I don’t want to not run at night on the odd chance I run into a rapist or murderer. But I don’t want to die at the hands of scum.

In the kitchen

Grilled Chicken Caprese With Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese
Prep time 10 mins Cook time 10 mins
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Cracked black pepper, to taste
  • 4 chicken breasts, skinless and boneless
  • 1 roma tomato sliced
  • 4 thick slices buffalo mozzarella (about 14 ounces or 400 grams)
  • 4 tablespoons basil shredded
  • tablespoons balsamic glaze (or reduction), store bought
  1. In a large shallow bowl, mix together the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, oregano, basil, salt and pepper. Add in the chicken and allow to marinate for half an hour (if time allows).

    Preheat grill plates over medium heat, and grill chicken for 5-6 minutes each side, or until completely cooked through in the centre, and slightly charred on the outer edges. While chicken is cooking, grill the tomato slices for 1-2 minutes each side. Top each breast with a slice of mozzarella and grilled tomato slice, allowing the heat to melt the cheese.

    To serve, top with the shredded basil and balsamic reduction.