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Shepparton Running Festival

Fast flat track, certified accurate course

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Race day is nearly here! For all the up to date event information and everything you need to know to ensure your race day runs smoothly, please read and/or download our Athlete Guide (revised version).

Click here It includes our new maps, program times, race rules, presentation times, event venue layout and more…… See you in Shepp!

Club news

Good luck to Sam and Tara who will be running in the Wagga trail run this weekend.

Upcoming races and events

August 18 Willow parkrun Wodonga (Launch)

August 25 Wimmera parkrun (Launch)

August 26 Shepparton Running Festival

September  16 Sydney Running Festival

These and more can be found on the Shepparton Runners Club Facebook event page

Four Vines Running Festival

Presenting the Four Vines Running Festival is Tour de Senses.
Tour de Senses arranges private & exclusive bespoke experiences for up to 10 people in the Goulburn River Valley, showcasing the region to both locals and visitors. From skydiving to wine tasting there is something for everyone in the heart of Victoria.

Willow parkrun Wodonga LAUNCH

Medibank is bringing parkrun to Willow as part of the Free + Active program, which aims to tackle inactivity and support community connection through free, social, community-based activities. parkrun is a free, weekly, timed 5km run or walk that takes place at hundreds of locations across Australia. No matter your age or fitness level, parkrun is for everyone.

This is the 38th of 40 new parkruns to launch by August 2018, thanks to Medibank Free + Active. So get your runners ready and come on down!

Inside Running Podcast

Brady Threlfall interviews Lee Troop


A few weeks ago Kate Dainton and I did a Kinetic Link Training (KLT) Class at FIX. Half of the session was done with resistance bands. With the resistant bands and the dumbbells, we learnt about Time Under Tention. (TUT) The running physio explains it here.

From the Running Physio on Facebook.

From Aug 12,

Strength training for distance runners isn’t always just about heavy loads. One way to progress and further strength is through the concept of ‘time under tension’ (TUT)
👉🏻TUT refers to how long a muscle is under strain with a given repetition of an exercise)🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
📎Research has shown that greater time under tension can increase muscle protein synthesis*
_�Here’s Blake slowing down his Bulgarian split squats (2-3s down, 2-3s up i.e. 4-6s per rep). Exercises can be performed as slowly as 6s concentric phase and 6s eccentric phase (i.e. total 12s per rep-this is very hard!)💪🏻👟

📌TAKE HOME: if you have reached a cap in how heavy of resistance you can push try slowing down your repetitions to seek more strength gains, or incorporate TUT principles into your training while you are building up to being able to perform 3-4 sets of 8reps (ideal for strength training for runners)

September 16 – SRC Bunnings BBQ

The Shepparton Runners Club has a booking for a Bunnings BBQ on Sept 16 from 8 am to 5 pm. This is a fundraiser for the SRC 40th celebration in 2019. SRC members will be required to help out for approximately 2 hours. Please let Melanie McAuliffe when you can assist.

Below, Tara doing some research and development. How she took this selfie  I’ll never know.

Runner Gets Gushing Nosebleed, Takes Wrong Turn— and Still Wins Marathon

Find out what can cause your nose to spurt mid-race, and how you can stanch the flow fast.

Anything can happen on race day, which the winner of the European Championship women’s marathon learned quite well through her course filled with blood, sweat, and a wrong turn.

Volha Mazuronak, a 29-year-old runner from Belarus, was 30 minutes into the Berlin-based race when a nosebleed broke out, according to The Guardian. Blood covered her face, hands, and torso.

Full story here

Steakhouse Steak

Juicy Butter Basted Steakhouse Steak right at home! Whether your preference is a melt-in-your-mouth soft Rib-Eye steak, juicy, flavourful New York Strip, Sirloin or Rump, produce mouth-watering steakhouse steak in your very own kitchen! Tips to get buttery steak on your table in less than 20 minutes — from start to finish. VIDEO at the bottom…

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