SRC E-News Jan 17, 2020

This weekend

As always if traveling to parkrun or a race somewhere #sheppresenting please check facebook or the relevant website to see if it’s been canceled due to smoke.

SRC January handicap

Sunday – 1600m Handicap at Shepparton Aths Track – first race starts at 8:30am, race start lists posted later in the week – keep the registrations coming in. 46 Entries in so far, can we crack the 50? We will have 4 races on Sunday, Friday night we will list the groups and start times. First race will be at 8:30am

Cost – SRC members $0, Non-Members $5

Register here –…/1FAIpQLSdYzBHew6WglUpkL…/viewform…

Runner Profile

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Matt Ryan.

So I have ran many races from 5km to full marathon and most years I have been able to get my times down. My current PBs are 1mile – 5:57, 5km – 20:17, 10km – 44:29, Half Marathon 1:42:02, Marathon – 4:13:16. I do have a goal this year of running a sub 20 minute 5km. I like the ring of “sub 20 in 2020”. Other than that I don’t have any major goals in mind. Just keep running and staying active and healthy.

My running/training calendar is hit and miss. My expectation is to run 5 days a week, doing various sessions from fartlek with the club, social runs and long runs. Reality is I am a father and a husband too. So my runs revolve around what time I have available. Also, if the kids don’t sleep I do find it very hard to get up early and run. I am also lucky enough to have an hour lunch break, so when the weather is not as hot, I tend to run in my lunch break.

I have been a member of SRC since 2015. I joined the club after attending some handicaps and the Festival. I was just beginning my running journey, having only beginning running in 2014. Since then I have had roles such as handicap organiser, committee member, treasurer, secretary and now president. I have also been there volunteering with activities such as the festival, handicaps, and another other job that needs help.

My biggest tip is also a quote that I heard several years ago, and was a driver behind joining a club. “An eagle will never learn to soar, when surrounded by turkeys”. Solo runs are good, and when you increase your training load and train smarter then you will get faster/further, however training with others with the same goals and mindset is what makes those runs more interesting and helps push to go further/faster, and will keep you running after you have achieved your own goals. Don’t surround yourself by those who say you can’t do something. Also have fun when you run. Not every run is a race.

Aside from running, my life revolves around work to help pay for race entries. I work at the Shepparton Adviser as the Studio Manager, I have been there for 12 years and absolutely love being creative and reading the community news. I am a father to William (6) and Charlotte (3) who are my pride and joy. These two are always bringing a smile to my face. I am also a lucky husband, having been married to Justine for 9 years. She is very accepting of my unique behaviour. Although some days I do walk the line.

Pre-race diet… I have been asked if Pizza is a great pre-race meal, and unfortunately the answer is no. However, post race most definitely! And the key to the perfect pizza is pineapple… and if you can not finish the pizza in one sitting, it is always great the next day cold from the fridge. 

Two bays

With a picturesque course that crosses from one side of the Mornington Peninsula to the other, there is a 28km single crossing or the 56km double crossing for the hardy ultrarunners to participate in.

Race reports by the following people

Trevor, Natalie, Sam and Kate

Congratulations to Sam, Kate, Nat, Grant and Mark on their efforts with Two Bays.

In particular a fantastic achievement by Mark Beddell who ran 56km in 6 hrs 16 mins.

The first 6 of the 28km event is very tough.

What I like so much about the event is that it is so different to road races and has fantastic views.

The support you get along the way is also great.

I was delighted to beat last year’s time by 12 minutes and enjoyed skulling two cans of coke at the end of it, my body was craving for sugar.

I would thoroughly recommend this event to any SRC members.

By Trevor Dainton time 2:37:14


So I started training pretty soon after Melbourne Marathon and I must admit I was a bit tired of training at this point. I was sick of those 20 plus km runs. BUT I really wanted to do Two Bays and I couldn’t do it underprepared. So long runs and Botanical Gardens training started on Wed mornings and it waa great to have Kate Dainton come out amd join me. I actually really enjoyed those Wed morn sessions, it was just the long weekend ones I was dreading.

Thankfully I had some help with friends (Tara Lennie, Tara Daniel’s, Kate Dainton) joining me on these and it made the time pass quicker.

So I was seriously wondering why I’d decided to do this again. The morning of and I felt like I hadn’t done enough hill training and I was freaking out a bit.

I love getting to these events though and running somewhere I would never run alone and also seeing the range of people that run them. Big, small, young, old you’ve got them all and it’s inspiring. The vibe for this event is fantastic. Lots if Hawaiian themed outfits and colourful attire (I was too busy checking out everyones shoes though for some future shopping inspiration).

The run started and I thought I got toileting right, but No. Quick stop off into some bushes on the side of the road, then we hit the ascent up Arthur’s Seat.

I was really back in the pack at this loint5 and it was slow going which was prob good for me. Views at the top Amazing, then my favourite down hill part.

At no stage did I feel like I was labouring, stopped to take photos for people and came in at a much faster time than expected. Not a PB but pretty close. 

Such and enjoyable run and loved every minute of it. Grant came and ran the last 500m with me and I finished strong.

So good to see some Sheppresent cheering me on at the finish line, Sam and Tara Daniel and Kate Dainton.

Off to celebrate the run and Grant Hicks 42nd birthday at the Brewery.

I bloody loved it. I will be back next year hopefully for a PB.

By Natalie Hicks Time 3:25:42


A couple of weeks ago the coach asked around if anyone wanted his entry into this year’s Two Bays 28km trail run. Having never completed this wholly iconic run, I put my hand up. We popped down to the Mornington Peninsular Saturday afternoon with fellow runner Kate, and went straight to a brew pub for dinner, Dainton Brewery,  highly recommended the night before a race. In the morning we met up with the other SRC runners Sheppresenting, Grant, Nat, and Trev. Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic at the start line, and crossed very close to the rear of the pack. At least I had plenty of people to overtake. The weather was a pleasant 14 degrees, with cloud cover keeping the conditions perfect. I kept conservative going up the hills, and had more energy to race the flats and downhills. At the 20 k marker I was feeling great, and decided to push ahead, and aim to pass 100 tiring runners. I lost count around the 80’s, but I guessed the figure ending up around 120. I finished in 3 hrs 5 mins, very close to the coach’s prediction, and headed off to another brew pub for lunch, Jetty Road Brewery, also recommended.

By Sam Daniel Time 3:07:12


I went in with the following first trail run goals; Don’t face plant, don’t do a hammy, don’t swear too much BUT definitely see everything.

SOOO the trail Starts with Up, did I mention up?? I instantly regretted positioning myself right at the back. All I could hear was a battle in my head between ‘Its not a walkathon people vs patience. Nat passed me with a bum slap.. I nearly fell over the cliff (ok not really slight exaggeration) We took a selfie im scared of heights so I hugged a tree.

I nanny shuffled down on the steep was very clear I was a newbie at this trail thing as everyone else fled down. I checked in with myself ‘Yessus Im a survivor’

From there is started to thin out and I could run. Imagine green ferns, wineries, farmlands as you weave through the forest whilst it drizzled rain… perfection.

At 21km I was feeling like a strong trail warrior and i was dodging, weaving, leaping and no face planting! But people around me were falling like dominos. I could not stop smiling . I felt like a young mountain goat soaring through the hills and I wanted to sing the hills are alive with the sound of music tra la dah.. adrenaline and hill mental madness was setting in. I was passing people! Me the nanny trail runner!

Then there were stairs (Side note: more shepp tower climbs) I could feel my quads burning

I hit the tunnel of trees to hear the ocean. Blue water as far as you can see and a white shiny light house. I nearly cried. Breathtaking. I picked up pace feeling strong. There was Grant! Big high five.

I could hear Tara and Sam “GOOOOOO KATE!” cold beers were being handed out on the left and to the right coke. I received my medal like I was queen KATE mountain WARRIOR being awarded her crown. Sam and I sipped our sugary drinks as high as kite as we watched Nat come in strong with Grant.

IMPORTANT FOOT NOTE. I took on the Daniels recommendation of salt and vinegar chips to prevent cramps, who would have thought? The missing link was in a chip packet- lol. My advice is get on the trails peeps there may be cold beer/coke and great food waiting at the end that you can share with great buddies.

By Kate Dainton Time 3:15:26


The road to Nagoya – Part 20 by Tara Daniel.

I’ve been reading Tara’s blog every week and have thoroughly enjoyed them. As she comes to the pointy end of her training I feel they are becoming more interesting. Part of me wishes I was on the journey with her. But all I can do is help her on her long runs with Jacqui as we train for Wangaratta half.

Click here for Tara’s blog.

Membership. 2020

We have a wide range of runs to suit your needs – Training twice a week with fartlek, tempo and easy runs organised by our coach, Chris Armstrong. Otherwise catch up at Parkrun or a Sunday long run.
Come on, it’ll be fun, join up by clicking on the link

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SRC E-News Jan 10, 2020

Welcome back to a new year of running, comradery and achievements. As always the SRC newsletter is published every Friday morning. Over recent years I have received some much needed and appreciated contribution from our members and this has made life easier. If you have anything you want to contribute or any ideas you have please let me know.

I’ve been composing this newsletter for the good part of 15 years now. In that time I have had 2 sabbaticals to recharge my batteries. If anyone want’s to learn the ropes and give it a go in 2021 I will give them all the support they need towards the end of this year. And you don’t have to follow this format. you can let your creative juices flow.

I really do enjoy putting together the SRC newsletter, but sometimes my head hurts, and it’s not alcohol induced.

Thanks for reading

Steven Trevaskis

As I am sure everyone is aware we are having hot and smokie weather most days. Please make sure you check the relevant parkrun Facebook page and race event website before traveling. The Vic Emergency app gives air quality advice. Also make sure you stay hydrated when running. Their are several good methods of hydrating. Here is one shown by Jacqui and myself during Thursdays run.

Early 2020 Schedule of Events for SRCSunday 29th December – 2020 Memberships open online at Sunday January 19th – 1600m Track Handicap – register here at…/1FAIpQLSdYzBHew6WglUpkLY…/viewformFriday January 31st – Uniform Order is sent off, order your kit for 2020 here –…/1FAIpQLSe1JUhv153J13ZBAW…/viewform

Runner Profile – Harry Ukich.


“Jack of all trades, master of none”. Was happy to get 17:51 for 5km in 2019. 1 hour and 24 minutes for a half marathon and 3 hours and 26 minutes for a marathon. 

What got you into running in the first place?

When I lived in Parkville (Melbourne) I started running around Princes Park most evenings. It’s one of my favourite tracks. I started training with the SRC in 2018.

What successes have you had in your running?

Was pleased to complete the marathon at the Shepparton Running Festival in 2019. A great mental and physical challenge! 

What events are your favourites?

Any event with flat a terrain. The Great Ocean Road Marathon is the most scenic run I have ever done. Beautiful views and cool climatic conditions! 

Any international runs you dream about?

It would be great to compete in any international running event (probably just a half marathon though!)

Are Dominoes $5 pizza any good?

There is a time and place for everything! I used to enjoy them when I was studying in Melbourne! 

Are there any products that you absolutely recommend?

Garmin watches are great. Also any soft drink after a marathon tastes amazing and like a gift from heaven, so I recommend Coca-Cola after a marathon.

What’s coming up in the future?

I might do the Wangaratta Half Marathon in February. 

Uniform Order for 2020

Here is your chance to order some SRC uniform for 2020, we will be sending the order off at the end of January with expected delivery by the end of March. We may already have your size in stock, if so we will bring your order along to training for you.


Singlets – Adult $50, Junior $45

T Shirts – Adult $45, Junior $40

Hoodies – Adult $85, Junior $80

SRC Steigen Socks – $20

Visor – $20

Place Order Here –…/1FAIpQLSe1JUhv153J13ZBAW…/viewform

Further Reading

Liam Edwards (Shepparton Cycling Club) is back on the bike and eyeing National Championship success as a C5 Para-cyclist after an accident in October claimed four fingers on his right hand.

We spoke to Liam and his family about his accident, resilience and getting back on the bike.

“Perhaps the hope of representing my county is still there, just a slightly different pathway to most.”

With the help from his family and My Ride Shepparton, Liam’s bike had been modified to help him compete. Liam will race the time trial on Wednesday and the Road Race on Saturday

Read More:

Cycling Australia

HNF Charity Ride

SRC member, Steve Ayton, has once again been accepted to take part in the annual HNF Charity Ride in January 2020. This will be his second HNF ride after completing the event in 2019.

Over 6 days, a group of around 30 riders will be tackling the 840km from Torquay, Victoria to Adelaide, South Australia, to help raise funds and build awareness for Herbalife Nutrition Foundation which donates to foundations such as The Lighthouse Foundation, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, Power community limited, The Infants’ Home and Sunshine Butterflies.

If anyone wishes to make a donation to help support Steve during this epic journey, please click on the link below.…

Run Down Under News.

 Just a few days into her Run Down Under journey, 2020 ambassador Lucy Bartholomew messaged me & said “we need to do something to help raise funds and awareness for the bush fire victims”. 2 days later and we have an awesome raffle prize …..”Come run Razorback with Lucy & Trav”.

Head to and click on our “Shop” to purchase tickets for $20. Prize is:

* 2 entries to the distance of your choice at the Razorback Run. 22k, 40k or 64k in the spectacular Alpine National Park Victoria on Sat 14th March.
* Return flights to Melbourne for 2.
* Car hire.
* 2 nights accommodation.
* Meet and greet, dinner and run with Lucy. The prize is transferable and drawn on Feb 1st.
All proceeds will go to the fire victims to help rebuild. The exact donation recipient will be made public at the prize draw. 100% of proceeds will be passed on.

The Road to Nagoya

Part 20 Pb’s and pillow forts – By Tara Daniel.

Click here for the link

Run Calendar

Superheroes of Summer
Virtual Event
Superheroes of Summer is a battle between the states of Australia to see who can run the most kms during the month of January 2020.
This virtual event raises money for Children’s Hospitals around Australia, with the winning state receiving 40% of the prize money and the remaining 60% divided up between the states based on how they perform.
Recruit Superheroes for your squad then get out and run during January. Every km that you run or walk will go towards your squad’s total. The squad that runs the most kms from 1st January to the 31st January 2020 will be declared the winner and take away the major prize money for their hospital.

GMHBA Lorne Mountain to Surf
Friday, 10 January 2020
William St to SLSC, Lorne, VIC
The GMHBA Lorne Mountain to Surf on Friday, 10 January 2020 is an 8km fun run starting in Lorne and continuing through the forest and then along the Great Ocean Road and finishing at the Lorne Surf Life Saving Club.
This event is on the day before the Pier to Pub ocean swim.
Starting in William Street the course winds into the hills behind Lorne and then through the forest along the river’s edge before returning to Lorne along the Great Ocean Rd. A fit runner can expect to complete the race in approximately 30-40 minutes.
Late entries from 14 December – $80 (tbc) 

Two Bays Trail Run
Sunday, 12 January 2020
(Fallback date of Sun 19th Jan in case of Code Red fire warning)
Dromana/Cape Schanck, Melbourne, VIC
The Two Bays Trail Run on Sunday, 12 January 2020 is a 28km and 56km ultramarathon in Dromana, Melbourne.
Catch the great holiday vibe and excellent course between Dromana on the Port Phillip Bay side and Cape Schanck on the Bass Strait side.
That’s a 28km crossing (or 56km double crossing) of the Mornington Peninsula… and not at the skinny bit! Up and over Arthur’s Seat for fantastic rural and coastal views. Through Greens Bush, the largest piece of remnant native bushland on the Peninsula. Along the cliff tops of Bass Straight approaching the lighthouse.
28km $100
56km $110

Fun Run Pink: Melbourne
Sunday, 19 January 2020
Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Albert Park, VIC
Fun Run Pink is held as part of Ramsay Health Care Triathlon Pink at Albert Park in Melbourne, Victoria on Sunday, 19 January 2020.
The triathlons are for women only, and boys & girls aged 7 to 13, but the the whole family can get involved in Fun Run Pink, which is open to all genders, young and old.
Fun Run Pink & Triathlon Pink
– Next in series (19 January 2020)
– Previous in series (24 November 2019)
Fun Run Pink (Open to all):

Hume Bank City2City Run Walk
Sunday, 16 February 2020
Albury, NSW to Wodonga, VIC
The Hume Bank City2City Run Walk on Sunday, 16 February 2020 is an annual fun run aimed at promoting community health and wellbeing while being the flagship fundraising opportunity for the local cross border health service, Albury Wodonga Health.
Events start at Queen Elizabeth II Square on Dean Street in Albury, NSW and finish at The Water Tower on High Street in Wodonga, VIC.
This event will showcase the cities of Albury and Wodonga, providing participants exclusive access to roads normally off-limits to runners and pedestrians. People of all abilities can challenge themselves to either a 7.5km, 10km or 15km run for health with 100% of all monies raised to benefit Albury Wodonga Health.
15km Open
*Early Bird to 31 Jan 2020
Adults $35 Junior $5
Standard 1 Feb to 9 Feb 2020
Adults $40 Junior $5
Final Week 10 Feb to 15 Feb 2020 
Adults $45 Junior $5
10km Open
*Early Bird to 31 Jan 2020
Adults $30 Junior $5
Standard 1 Feb to 9 Feb 2020
Adults $35 Junior $5
Final Week 10 Feb to 15 Feb 2020 
Adults $40 Junior $5
7.5km Open
Early Bird to 31 Jan 2020
Adults $25 Junior $5
Standard 1 Feb to 9 Feb 2020
Adults $30 Junior $5
Final Week 10 Feb to 15 Feb 2020
Adults $35 Junior $5
Walk & Talk (7.5km or 10km)
*Early Bird to 31 Jan 2020
Adults $25 Junior $5
Standard 1 Feb to 9 Feb 2020
Adults $30 Junior $5
Final Week 10 Feb to 15 Feb 2020
Adults $35 Junior $5

Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Runs
Sunday, 23 February 2020
Wangaratta Showgrounds, Wangaratta, VIC
The Wangaratta Marathon and Half Marathon, 10km, 5km and Primary Schools 2km Fun Runs on Sunday, 23 February 2020 start and finish at the Wangaratta Showgrounds.
Courses are accurately measured, sealed courses on bike paths along the Ovens River. It is very picturesque with multiple bridge / creek crossings. These are slightly undulating courses with some twisting and turning but no hills.
Your entry fee includes: chip timing; customised medals; accurate courses; sandwiches, fruit and cordial at the finish; live entertainment; beautiful, flat, sealed river and creek, tree lined courses; events for the entire family; and a friendly and welcoming regional community.
Distances/Regular Pricing to 31st January
Schools 2km – $15
5km – $35
10km – $40
21.1km – $80
42.2km – $100

Cohuna Bridge to Bridge
Sunday, 1 March 2020
Cohuna, VIC
The Cohuna Bridge to Bridge on Sunday, 1 March 2020 is an annual charity fun run/walk that raises funds for the Cohuna District Hospital.
The full program of events includes seven run and cycle events for all ages and abilities. Run alongside the emus and kangaroos on the non-technical trail runs through the Gunbower National Park. The 12.5km and 21.1km trail runs are mostly off-road and an ideal introduction to trail running. The course is flat and takes you along the dirt tracks of this stunning bush setting.
If you prefer to stick to bitumen, try the 6.5km fun run/walk, and there’s also a mini miler for the kids. If cycling’s your thing, wind your way along the stunning Island Road with magnificent views of the Gunbower Creek. The courses for all events run between Daltons Bridge and the town bridge, hence the name.
This community run event has all the shebang of a professionally organised event, including race bibs, bling and trophies. Come and see what Cohuna has to offer, and help raise funds for the local hospital.
Kids Mini Miler early bird to 12/01/20 $10
6.5km adults $30 children $15
12.5km $45
21.1km $70

SRC E-News Nov 1


SRC Presentation night

Shepparton Runners Club presents the 2019 Presentation and Awards Dinner on Saturday 7th December at the WB Hunter Pavillion, Princess park from 5pm

PRICE: $20 per adult & $10 per child | Drinks at bar prices | Jumping Castle, Lucky Door Prizes. All welcome (kids, grandkids, parents, partners) RSVP by 3rd November and to be paid by 7th November. Tickets can be purchased at

SRC Bunnings BBQ

November 23.

Melanie has a roster set up for the BBQ. Please see her to put your name down on the roster. Every hour every volunteer helps.

Runner Profile

Adrian Jones

List of PBs.

Best PB changes every day – Most Days Lived.

Parkrun is 22:24.

10km to just under 49 (in Club Run).

How long have you been running?

Started less than 5 Years ago.

Never been previously able to run any distance – used Couch to 5k to get started to be able to actually run the distance. Started running basically to get fit and helped drop 20kg of weight. Initially speed was very slow but was able to build this.

What do you do other than running for exercise?

No other exercise – I am not a gym junkie and not into bike riding as whenever I ride it always into the wind.

What other activities fill your time?

Strangely enough I work full time – I do like to get out and walk my dogs – who thrive on the opportunity to get out. Plus of course my family with six grand kids.

Do you have any rituals before a run?

Monday Wednesday and Friday I am up at 5:50am and by 6am I start running – generally 5 to 6km sometimes 10km if I am preparing for something and I start slowly and gradually build up – I don’t have a warm up as such but I do start like a warm up probably because I am still asleep for the first 2km. The other days are evening sessions with the club, Parkrun and usually a gentle run or walk on Sundays.

Do you agree that anchovies are awesome?

You can not go wrong with pineapple.

What future goals do you have with running?

I was going to do the half marathon last year before I got injured so looking to do this next year.

Will Seb ever run a full marathon?

It is hard enough to get him out to run let alone a full marathon and the short answer is no.

Do you have a favourite event or place to run?

I have enjoyed the 3 Run for Kids events I have done and enjoyed achieving 5 Minute per KM in first event of this over 14km. Looking to running Melbourne Marathon next year and also the City to Surf in Sydney – enjoyed the Sydney Bridge run last year.

Have you considered an international event?

Only thing I have done is doing Parkrun in UK & Ireland in 2017 – looking forward to doing the same next year in May.

Adrian Jones

The Four Vines Experience

The Four Vines Running Festival experience is running and weaving through four working vineyards, it’s sprinting up the finish straight and sipping wine as you cross the finish line, it’s about spending an afternoon in the sun with family and friends at the Finish Line Festival. It’s more than a run and in 2019 we’re also raising funds for the local Nagambie and Bailieston CFA brigades.

When entering please select the Shepparton Runners Club team. The Shepparton Runners Club has 12 runners #sheppresenting. This is a fun event on an extremely picturesque setting.


Grow a Mo in November and win a prize! The best Mo will be awarded at presentation night. More details to come

Run Against Violence

What is it – Run Against Violence is a volunteer-based, member association established to use running and other sporting activities as a conduit for engaging the broader community in family violence prevention.

Starting 22 November 2019, groups of up to 20 people can walk or run 1300km from Broken Hill to Sydney. The route retraces the real-world 2017 StepsTogether Ultramarathon. This Challenge is the only opportunity you have to run this route, virtually. More than 2200 people across the world participated online in our last Challenge. This year we expect it to be even bigger.

The best part is that while you’re having a heap of fun, you also get to be a super-hero. By taking steps together, you will make your community a better place for others.

We are on a mission to create a positive culture within our local communities, to remove the stigma and social barriers that often stop people from talking about their experiences with violence and asking for help when it is needed.

Our approach is inclusive.  We believe that anyone can be a target or perpetrator of family violence and that we all have a role to play in prevention.  Whether you run, walk or roll, everyone is welcome

How can runners get involved

A few years ago Mairead Macdougall, Megan Wood, myself and a few others captained by Julie Brock Thomas participated in the Run Against Violence virtual challenge. time our team was heavily stacked with marathoners that could clock up big weekly km. This year it would be good to have more participants in our team and not rely on the marathoners. You don’t have to be one of the 150 SRC financial members to participate in this virtual team challenge/cause. EVERYONE IS WELCOME

The entry fee will go through Julie, so don’t enter directly yourself. PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME WHEN MAKING THE DEPOSIT SO JULLIE KNOWS WHO HAS ENTERED. HER BANK DETAILS AREJulie Thomas BSB 063698 AC No. 10298179

Frequently asked questions click here.

Recipe of the week

Sundried Tomato, Spinach, and Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Two large chicken breasts
3/4 cup Kraft Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing & Marinade (salt and pepper and olive oil would also work fine)

1/2 cup sundried tomatoes
1/2 cup roughly chopped spinach
1/2 cup feta cheese
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese

Marinade the chicken breasts in the dressing for a few hours (I actually skipped this step. I just dumped some on right before I cooked them because I was doing it last minute).

With a large sharp knife, carefully cut the chicken breasts like hot dog buns. Don’t cut all the way through.

Open the chicken breasts up where you cut them and layer on the remaining ingredients. It’s okay if you can’t fit all of it in, you can just leave some out. Just squish in as much as you can.

Stick a couple of toothpicks in near the opening to keep it all together.

Heat up a pan (I used a cast iron skillet) and sear the meat on both sides. You can lower the heat and continue cooking the meat on the stove until it’s done or, if you’re using a cast iron skillet, you can put the pan in the oven at about 190 c.

You could also just completely cook it in the oven on a baking sheet if you don’t feel like searing it. Just make sure you cook it until the center reaches 73 c. on a thermometer.

Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Shepparton Runners Club AGM is on Thursday 10th October 2019 at the Clubrooms, following training. Everyone welcome.

Attached are nominee form and proxy forms.

AGM Proxy Form 2019 – 2020

AGM Nomination Form 2019-2020

SRC Roles and Descriptions

SRC E-news Sept 13

Shepparton Runners Club Handicap.

Our next handicap event will be Sunday September 15th at Princess Park on our 4.9km cross country course. The first runner will start at 8am. Entry is free and we will be having a BBQ afterwards. We also have 4 x $30 vouchers from our superstar sponsors Intersport Shepparton. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Register here:…/1FAIpQLSdN5ygeBMIb17BNlI…/viewform

From the Shepparton Tri-club

On the last day of winter we enjoyed some great conditions for race 2 of our Duathlon series.

It was great to be joined by competitors from Melbourne, Echuca, Wangaratta as well as the Shepparton Runners Club to build the event.

Well done to everyone who competed and completed, results are attached.

Thank you to all who volunteered enabling us to continue to offer local racing.

We look forward to welcoming you to our third race of the series being the Sprint Distance Duathlon (5km Run – 22km Ride – 2.5km Run)

Part Three – Burnt out? Run it out! By Tara Daniel.

This year has been full on and right now I am honestly feeling a little burnt out. The way I know this is when I get asked a reasonable request such as “do you think you could put your washing away?” I respond in a totally irrational unreasonable way. This is not the best feeling at the beginning of get fit training but on the plus side, exercise (and eating) is my stress relief, so it is good that I don’t have an excuse to bail on it.

Monday, I went to hot yoga at lunchtime thinking a nice gentle slow flow would be good…I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE SWEATED THAT MUCH!!! I had sweat pouring off me and my yoga mat was nothing but a giant puddle, I almost felt sorry for my colleagues, not only did they have to deal with my cranky pants in the morning, I came back really really sweaty albiet in a better mood. I’m really enjoying the hot yoga; the heat and the movement is really helping with the leg issues! The leg issues were then nicely dealt with at Fix Myotherapy where a “number of firetrucks” were mentioned. I have officially decided quads are more painful to have massaged than calves. The massage then meant that I walked the Tuesday SRC training which was really frustrating but sensible…I got home on Wednesday to NEW SHOES!!!!! Oh my god they are the sexiest things I have ever seen…Saucony Iso (kids!) and a trusty pair of Peregrines…I tried out the Iso’s on the cross country course on Thursday and they were brilliant. I had minimal knee pain and my calves only got a teeny bit tight towards the end so I feel like I am winning! The shoes got another testing out at parkrun where I did 400’s and 200’s and ran my fastest time this year. This gave me a boost that I am not as unfit as I think I am and my new shoes are spectacular!

Sunday’s long run was interesting. I lost my audiobook virginity and I started nutrition training. I have never really used gels, I just don’t like them. The only time I have tried them was on a training run almost two years ago and I almost vomited. It made me cry and feel nauseous the whole run. I have found that the combination of jelly beans and tailwind has been ok for me in the past but I don’t think that will cut it for the full and I also have some concerns about carrying a bag of white powder through the Philippines and into Japan. So I thought I would test out a gel at about the halfway mark. I have a variety of flavours and brands that I am testing out…today’s was a chocolate Gu with caffeine. I admit my body felt better after taking it. I stopped and had it with water as recommended by others who know better than me, the flavour was not unpleasant…a burnt brown sugar more so than chocolate but it was ok. I got a little nauseous almost immediately afterwards then the butt clenching began…I lasted another 3.5 km then had to swing by the house to use the amenities….I felt better after that and my last 4 km were great.  I felt really good. I was pretty tired by the time I finished but really happy that I got it done. All in all it was another consistent week, my mood has thoroughly improved and I only have 25 more weeks of training!

Runner Profile

Name: Hamish Reid.

Age: 45 years

What are your PB’s?

The 5km is 22.13, the 10km is about 47:00, the marathon is 4:22: (I will have another crack at this in Melb on the Oct 13th, last year I got cooked in the heat and really struggled with cramp)

Do you prefer solo or collegiate running?

I have been doing my long runs with a bloke from work, Christian Willmott, he is very good at asking questions that require long detailed answers when I am really struggling for breath.

What is your current running routine?

Right now I am doing the tempo session on Tuesdays, Wednesdays I will do a 12km run at marathon pace and another 6km or 7km on Thursday and then 33km Saturday before it all starts again.

What got you into running?

I was playing quite a bit of competitive Rugby before moving to Australia (I actually played 2 tests for the Philippines in the Asian 5 Nations Championship) in 2010 and needed something to keep my fitness up. I started out biking but didn’t like the early starts, bogans trying to side swipe me in utes and magpies.  Mum, Dad and my father in law are runners so were very encouraging.  Mum actually has the age grade record at Shepparton and in Christchurch Parkrun, she is 77 and runs a 31min Parkrun.

What is your favourite post long run meal?


Do you use earphones for running? Music or podcast?

If out by myself, for a long run I listen to the below

Con Artists

Russia if you are listening

The Money Café

Planet Money

Hidden Brain

Hardcore History  

Are you married to any events, that you like to do over and over again?

Not really, the last Shepparton running festival was a ripper

Do you have any superstitions or funny routines before events or training runs?

I bet I have the same routine as most of you, which if missed can require a hiding spot and a handful of grass

Do you have any brand loyalty to shoe or activity companies?

Mizuno – they used to have an online tool which helped you select shoes which was great

Are there any events you would really like to try one day?

I would like to try some trail runs

Dylan takes a gift glory

The Stawell Gift has a long and proud tradition in the Goulburn Valley.
Tommy Deane (1946), Noel Hussey (1964) and Glenn Crawford (1995) are all locals to have won the main event and junior Dylan Scoble had his moment to shine on the big stage this year.
The aspiring runner took out the Little Athletics handicap 1600m final in a time of 4:44.753 following an inspiring run from the 13-year-old.
Running off a handicap of 190m in the last race of the traditional Easter Monday event, Scoble produced an inspiring performance to receive the winner’s sash.
Only taking the lead in the final stages of the race, he defeated second-placed Solomon Miesen by .3 of a second to take the glory.
Shepparton Little Athletics Centre president Aileen Zanelli was at Central Park at Stawell and said no-one deserved the win more than Scoble.
‘‘He had a great run and I was so thrilled for him, he’s a lovely boy and he tries so hard all the time,’’ Zanelli said.
‘‘He’s a humble champion and he’s got a great heart … he loves distance running.’’
Scoble’s mother Karisha Ryan said her son had not yet realised the grandeur of his success.
‘‘It was extremely exciting and he had a few people there watching, there was pretty amazing support at the finish line, but I don’t think it’s sunk in for him yet,’’ she said.
‘‘He was gracious and pretty casual about it and he didn’t expect it.’’
While Scoble may have been relaxed, Ryan was anxiously awaiting the final lap.
‘‘With a lot of kids and a lot of different handicaps it was difficult to work out where we were sitting,’’ Ryan said.
‘‘I knew he was going really well and he kept overtaking all these kids … coming around on the last bend Dylan picked up and had enough left to have a big sprint in the end.’’
With a passion for longer forms of running Scoble might have aims other than taking out the famous 120m Stawell Gift in the future.
In the week preceding the Easter long weekend, Scoble completed his first half marathon in Albury and managed to stay fresh for the 1600m race.
With Little Athletics’ longest race the 1500m event, Scoble thrived on the opportunity to focus on the longer distance with the talent a keen member of Shepparton Runners’ Club.
Ryan said SRC coach Chris Armstrong had had a major influence on Scoble’s improvement.
‘‘Chris at the runners’ club does a lot of work with him as well as the group, but he always gives Dylan some different goals to do and he’s been such a positive mentor for Dylan,’’ she said.
Scoble’s love for running comes from his grandfather Rob Ryan, and Scoble also puts his endurance to use as a boundary umpire when not playing football himself.
He was joined by his step brother Max Carroll who showed his prowess in the sprint disciplines, making the Little Athletics 400m final.
With a heavy workload Scoble also contested the 400m event, while both brothers competed in the the 100m and 800m races with Reeve Evans also taking part.

Melbourne Marathon

Chris and Norah Armstrong both posted PBs at the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday…

New uniforms

Modelled by Norah, Matt & Steve. It’s amazing how much of a difference the new uniforms make to how Matt and Steve scrub up!

Kirsten Bull and Tim Crosbie presentation

Great presentation from ultra marathon athlete Kirsten Bull  and Victorian Athletics’ Association Tim Crosbie at the SRC clubrooms last night.

Kirsten is the reigning  World champion female athlete over 100km.

Members of the SRC enjoyed an inspiring and fascinating insight into ultra marathon running from Australia’s latest World champion dynamo.

Special thanks to both Kirsten, and Tim who organised the evening.

Monthly Handicap

Enter now for our monthly 10 km handicap, this Sunday, August 6. Suitable for all levels of runners.