SRC E-News Oct 22

SRC President Mathieu Ryan 2019/20 message.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the night. As well as the outgoing committee and the incoming committee. As well as the club sponsors and supporters. 2019/2020 has been a very interesting year with bushfires, COVID putting a stop to training, and handicaps, but the club saw many positives, we took out the teams in Wangaratta, plus great numbers at the Numurkah fun run. We held a trivia night and meet the coach with Q&A’s. All going well we would like to return to training and handicaps when the restrictions ease and allow us to do so, but for the time being keep running and motivating others to do the same. Stay Safe, Mathieu Ryan

Runner Profile

Adam Burbidge

Age: 39


  • 5K (according to the watch) – 19:55
  • 5K (ParkRun time) – 19:40
  • 10k – 41:56
  • Half – 1:39:38

What got you into running and joining the club?

There were two major factors that I can think of that got me into running. The first was a really bad ankle injury I suffered playing for Tat soccer club. It put me out of action for months, led to injections and physio and ultimately to me hanging up the soccer boots. The second factor was a colleague, Kim Harrold, who is a talented and passionate runner. As well as being an awesome runner, Kim is also very generous and supportive with anyone interested in getting involved in running and it was his encouragement and enthusiasm that helped developed a love, and eventually a lifestyle, out of this amazing sport. I say eventually because initially I seemed to be hit with one niggly injury after another – Left knee, right knee, hip flexors, hammy, shins and the list could go on – and this led to a very stop start beginning to my running hobby for the first few months. Thankfully, my body seems to have finally accepted that the frequent pounding punishment is here to stay and it has stopped complaining… for now…well mostly…

As for how I got involved with the club, I think that was a combination of Kath and Sam mentioning it a few times and a general interest in learning more about the discipline that led me to sign up. It is a shame that COVID has disrupted things so much this year and I look forward to participating in more club activities as things become a little more settled in 2021 (fingers crossed).

You’ve completed a few events, what are your favourites?

Over the last 12 months I have ran in 5ks, 10ks and a couple of trail runs, and a half a little while before that. It’s hard to pick a favourite as I like them all for different reasons. I feel like I am more suited to the longer events as I find them easier but maybe I’ve just been too scared to push the pace on those… If I had to pick I would probably say trail runs because of the natural beauty and variety that they offer which help to alleviate some of the pain from exertion.

Do you think you’ll ever beat Dean Johnson over 5kms?

Haha! Great question! I’ve got about 12 or so years on him so I’d say the chances are slim to none. I did nearly run him down in a Bendigo trail race in which he finished first and me second. Which all sounds good until you hear that he was sick before and after the run to the point where he could barely walk and I had to drive his car home. So, if I can’t run down a very ill Deano in trail run, I’m not confident of a 5k victory. I’d love to get my 5k PB down a bit though and my new goal is 19:30.

What is your favourite style of pizza base, thick and fluffy or thin and crisp?

If I’m in Europe it’s a traditional, Italian style thin base with some good quality olive oil drizzled on top. If I’m in the UK it’s a deep pan from Domino’s with their delicious (and I’m sure really healthy) mayo/garlic/aioli dipping sauce. I’d say overall it’s a thick base preference for me but I’m more concerned with the toppings and dips 😊.

What future running goals do you have post Covid?

I’d love to run one of the big marathons. London, Berlin and New York are my top three,                I think. I don’t have a time goal for marathons, I’d just run to enjoy the people, sights and general atmosphere. Other than my 5k 19:30 goal, I don’t have specific times that I want to achieve in either the 10k or half but I’m definitely aiming to improve my PBs in both.

Why the early wake up is always worth it
Brian Metzler writes about why waking up just a bit earlier helps you live more at Trail Runner.

Have a great running week.

SRC E-News Oct 9

AGM Update

The Shepparton Runners Club will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 15th October at 7pm. Under the current restrictions, we will be holding our AGM virtually via zoom.
The link is here .
Normally held with a pot luck dinner at the club rooms, this year we are asking members to go and support a local business with ‘Take-Out Thursday’. Greater Shepparton has many businesses that need support during these times.

Normally held with a pot luck dinner at the club rooms, this year we are asking members to go and support a local business with ‘Take-Out Thursday’. Greater Shepparton has many businesses that need support during these times.

Runner Profile – Alice Allen

Alice Allen.

Age- 40

PB’s- I achieved my 5k PB at the final Shepparton parkrun in March this year before they got cancelled and we went into isolation. 

5k- 31:48

10k- 73:38

That’s it! At this stage I don’t see a half marathon in my future, but never say never I guess. 

What got you into running and the SRC?

Last year I signed up to Tara and Sam’s 5k finish line program. I have always liked the idea of being a runner, but never got off my bum to actually do something about it. The conversation came up again about running just as their program launched and I thought I’d give it a go. I lack self motivation, so need others or a group to hold me accountable and push me along. My husband runs (a lot!!) and I liked the idea of us both being interested in the same sport. I would drive him nuts if he ran with me though… I’m far too slow!

Have you entered many events, and which is your fave?

The only running event that I have ever entered (and actually run in) was last year’s Shepparton Running Festival. This was my first ever and I ran the whole way (which was my goal) with my 7 year old son beside me. It doesn’t sound like much but I was pretty proud of myself that day.

What training tips have really worked for you?

Lots of water the day before a run is something that I try to take on board. 

I really enjoy Tuesday night sessions with the runner’s club because they are something that I wouldn’t normally do (or be motivated to do) on my own. I find them really beneficial and I like that you can work to your pace. 

On pizza, do you like or dislike whole olives with pips?

I’m not opposed to olives on a pizza, but if they appear they must definitely be cut up into small pieces. And before anyone asks, YES pineapple belongs on pizza!

What is coming up in the (hopeful) future for your running?

My goal is to achieve a sub 30 minute park run. I would have liked to achieve that this year, but I’m not sure if I will get there. There is something about getting in the 29’s that I would really like to tick off. I still think I’m a bit of a ways off that, so I’ll keep on slogging away to try and achieve that. I would also like to clock some more 10k runs and improve my time. 

Norah Armstrong

Norah was interviewed by Suzanna Barry who manages the Running Sisters website/social pages. Running Sisters is a supportive community group celebrating women who run and their personal stories and is based in Echuca/Moama. Suzanna has been interviewing women re running and exercise in general. She is going through the alphabet a second time and Norah was her N.

Norah Armstrong

Norah, 35, is an advocate for running and the benefits it has for mind and body. Whether she’s running in the sunshine or the wind, running keeps her in the moment and provides a great distraction from the everyday stresses of life. ⁣⁣Norah holds one of the milestone records for parkrun regionally. Just before the pandemic struck she clocked up 250 parkruns at her home parkrun Shepparton. It was parkrun starting in 2014 that prompted her running journey. She found it a great social outing and discovered that the running community is a special group of people. They understand the work that goes into running, and are a supportive and encouraging bunch. ⁣⁣Back then Norah could only just run 5km. She had participated in fun runs once or twice a year, but that was the extent of her running history. Fast forward 6 years and Norah’s running achievements are many. She usually runs 5 times a week, a mixture of slow and easy running and a long run of around 18kms on the weekends. Her advice to new runners is ‘absolutely, you can do it’. ⁣⁣Through hard work Norah has seen her times improve. Her first parkrun was around 30 mins and now her PB is 23 mins and 4 seconds. She encourages other runners not to be hard on themselves, and says if you are out of breath it doesn’t mean you’re not fit, it just means you need to give the body time to adjust.⁣⁣For the past 4 years Norah and husband Chris have been active members of the Shepparton Runners Club. Chris is the club’s coach, and she assists the committee and is a volunteer coach. She completed the Level 2 Recreational Run Leaders course with Athletics Australia, and has learnt valuable lessons from her own experience, like going out too fast and “blowing up”. ⁣⁣Norah has ran 9 half marathons, and particularly loves the ‘out and back’ Gold Coast course, where she is running with thousands of others. Chris has run the marathon which means they see each other around the 8km mark. This spurs her on. Another bonus is that they get some sun and catch up with friends afterwards, which helps with recovery. She has plans to run a marathon, and hopes to tick this off before she turns 40. Also on the bucket list is a half or full marathon overseas, possibly in Boston or Berlin. ⁣⁣Norah encourages runners to be part of a club if they can. She learnt the hard way and being a bit stubborn, thought she could do it herself. Now she is one of many volunteers who find it satisfying helping others to achieve their running goals and to discover the enjoyment of running.

More Training sessions

As mentioned before I add in an easy week every 4 – 6 weeks to absorb the last few harder weeks. Last week was one such week. I am halfway through a 6-month quest to improve my 5 & 10 km time with the focus on the 5 km time… Every few weeks I will run a 3 or 5 km time trial to see how I am going.

On Sept 24 I was scheduled to run a 3 km time trial. The conditions were perfect for me. Nice and cool and on a familiar course. I gave Alice 2 mins head start so I had someone to chase down. I had Sam pace me to keep track of where I needed to be. My aim17:00 mins. My Result – per km 5:50, 5:43, 5:53 Total time 17:30 or 5:48 min/km. I also didn’t catch Alice who clocked a time of 18:38 or 6:11 min/km.

Did I aim too high or did something go wrong? Considering 2 days prior I ran 4 x 4 mins this may have taken the edge off my 3 km time trial. I’ll do another 3 km time trial in early November to see if I can redeem myself.

Melanie McAuliffe is fundraising for Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation!

I aim to run every street in Mooroopna in the month of October and raise money for Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation. I am not sure of how many KMs that will be but we will find out at the end of October. 

The funds I raise will go to Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation to continue their work in raising awareness and closing the gap between those in need of organs and tissue and the number of registered donors. Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation will donate a portion of the funds raised to Murdoch Children’s Research Institute to continue work on their blue ribbon project researching Children’s Heart Disease.

Mel’s fundraising page is here. And to her credit, she is at about $370 aiming for $500

Down the track – podcast

In a special edition of Down the Track, Sean and Tim analyse all the action from the London Marathon. Listen here: or wherever you get your podcasts. Although the hype around the Kipchoge/Bekele showdown didn’t eventuate there were still many talking points from a unique event conducted amidst the COVID-19 period.Jess Rothwell joins us for the second part of the podcast to talk all things nutrition. A world-class walker in her own right, Jess now assists our high-performance athletes as part of the Athletics Australia team and speaks of her role and some of the interesting experiences it entails. Jess also dispels some nutritional myths and gives us the low down on life on a dairy farm. So keep up to date with Australian Athletics and tune in to Down the Track.


Another new Aussie record for Albion Park’s Jessica Hull!

Hull clocked 8:36.03 (stripping more than 32 seconds off her PB!) in a red-hot women’s 3,000m at the Diamond League meet in Doha.

Incredibly, she’s become the first Australian woman to simultaneously hold the 1,500m, 3,000m and 5,000m national marks … three Australian records in 43 days.


Stewart McSweyn has broken his second Australian record in just nine days, storming to victory over 1500m at the Wanda Diamond League in Doha in a time of 3:30:51!Graphic; Athletics Australia

Lucy Bartholomew – E-Book

100 miles (160 pages) of my words, experiences, images, recipes, thoughts, passions, spelling mistakes, gratitude and love. What you need to know:


this is an E- book (electronic book) when purchased you are sent a link to access it on your computer/ phone/ tablet. ( my dream is to get hard copies for Christmas- bare with me on this as i find the best way to make this happen


the recipes in this book are 100% plant based but there are options that my Dad suggests that are not. I’m all about ‘you do you and what makes you happy’. Please be kind to this.


serving sizes aren’t really my vibe. I can eat for a family of 4 some days. Excuse the loose servings as a guide and by no means a restriction


this project has been 4 years in the making i am beyond blessed to have had this time to complete this project and share a little (lot) of me with you in another format.


if you make anything from this book or use it anyway- I’d love to see it. It Feels me with pride to see you nourish yourself and create.


it wouldn’t be what it is without my amazing team and friends: Brand You Media , Kate Dawson, Majell Backhausen , Salomon Running and my family.Nothing more to say but in order to #timetoplay you need to #eattoplay – get after it


Oh and link here



Face masks

From the last state government update on covid restrictions. The new rules regarding face mask come into force on October 11.

The State government has announced that face mask rules will be tightened. Face shields, scarves, gators, buffs, and bandanas were deemed suitable by health experts when Victoria’s active coronavirus numbers were in the thousands but apparently not now. Don’t ask me why. All Victorians must now wear only a fitted face mask of two-ply+ material or a surgical mask, with no end date for mask-wearing flagged.Wearing other face coverings such as a shield, scarf, gator or bandana will not be allowed after a grace period of two weeks ending this Sunday 11th. .There remain exemptions for some people including those with breathing conditions and for mental health reasons.


The status of each state and territory within Australia is therefore as follows:

Northern Territory (NT)
We were delighted to see parkrun return to the NT on 19 September.

Tasmania (Tas)
Following confirmation from Sport and Recreation at the Department of Communities Tasmania, we are excited to confirm that parkrun events will reopen on 17 October under our COVID-19 framework.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Group gathering limits in the ACT have recently been revised and a COVID Safe Event Protocol has been developed to help organisers plan events with more than 100 people. We are currently working with the seven parkrun events in the ACT to prepare and submit the necessary documentation to the government.

New South Wales (NSW)
NSW Health updated its framework for community sport organisations on 24 September. Whilst a small number of our events will sometimes exceed the participant limit of 500 people, we have submitted our COVID-19 Framework to the Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard, and are working with the government to understand if there is a way for all of our events in NSW to open.

Queensland (Qld)
Queensland Health has increased participant limits this week to 1000. Following extensive consultation with the Sport and Recreation Department we have now formally submitted our COVID-19 Framework to the Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young.

South Australia (SA)
We are working with all 38 events in South Australia to better understand how our events can comply with the current crowd density requirements in SA.

Victoria (Vic)
Melbourne and Regional Victoria continue to have restrictions on outdoor exercise that do not allow parkrun to reopen at this time.

Western Australia (WA)
As we have mentioned in previous updates, the tentative start date for Phase 5 of the WA COVID-19 roadmap is 24 October. We therefore provisionally intend to reopen events in WA on that day under our COVID-19 Framework. However, this date could come forward, or move backwards, depending on government announcements. We continue to work closely with parkrun Ambassadors and event teams in WA to ensure everything is in place for parkrun’s return.

Two weeks is the minimum notice we will give to volunteer teams prior to the reopening of events in any state and territory, so please be assured that we will provide confirmation in accordance with this timeframe.

Please can I also take this opportunity to assure the parkrun community in Australia that our small team of staff is working as hard as we can to reopen parkrun across Australia and the rest of the Asia Pacific region that we are responsible for.

Our weekly global update will continue to be shared every Wednesday morning and there will continue to be an Australian specific update every second Friday. In the event that there is a significant update to share in the interim, such as an announcement about parkrun returning in a state or territory, we will communicate this in an additional Friday update.

Thanks, as always, for your support and patience.

Renee Gimbert
Territory Manager, parkrun Asia Pacific