SRC E-news Shepparton Running Festival part 1.

Coaches Post

It’s hard to do today justice in a social media post, to say I’m proud of our club is an understatement. 

From a performance standpoint it was amazing to see the purple and gold flying around with many positive results on the day. Being able to see the joy when you made the finish line and share that with family, friends and team mates was special. What was even more exciting was hearing the feedback from non SRC people about how encouraging you were to all other runners out on course. I’m proud of our club culture we have, it doesn’t matter the ability you possess to run, we care about being good people and today that really stood out. 

Just as impressive was the willingness to volunteer and help each other get things done. To see the group come together throughout 2019 and seek out things that you could do to help out shows we have come a long way. It really stood out and the positive energy was really infectious, thank you for being involved. 

Feel free to share your highlights of today below, whether it was your race or somebody else’s or someone who did something nice for another, share it below so we can all reflect. 

Tuesday night we go again, a good chance for everyone to come down and enjoy a gentle night of training for those that have raced or a session for those on fresh legs. 


Thank you Liz & Sean, the event wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and expertise shown by you two. We are proud to stand alongside you both and very thankful for all your hard work in what we believe is the best Shepparton Running Festival that we’ve ever had.

It’s a real credit to the club and the members within it that such a outstanding professional event can be offered to over 1000 runners and it has really become one of regional Victoria’s premier running events.

From the official photographers The EVENTures

Well the wraps up the Shepparton Running Festival experience …we had just the best time. To Alice, our assistant photographer on the day, we say a big thank you. Expect to see her at more events. To all those participated , we are in awe. No matter the distance run ,each and everyone has a story to tell….and we applaud you all.

check out your photos at : — with Shepparton Running Festival.

Race reports from SRC members. I will add more next week.

By Sam Daniel

For my first full marathon, I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself, but that’s not how things work out most of the time. I tried my best to stick with my 16 week running plan, but some knee niggles and a long lasting man-flu threw a few spanners in. With a desired finish time of just under 4 hours, I realised at 37 or 38 km that I was going to get pretty close. This helped me push as hard as I could when I least wanted to. I crossed in 4 hours, 2 mins and 49 seconds, pretty happy, fatigued, and with no injuries. I would like to thank my training partners from the last few months, my friends Chris and Kate, without their encouragement and counsel I would not have completed my first full marathon.

By Tara Daniel

My Five Km Finish Line Legends!

A throw away line of “I wish I could run 5km” at the beginning of the year, resulted in a short six week running program aimed to help anyone who wanted to finish the 5km run at the Shepparton Running Festival. We ended up with a group of ten people (nine plus Steven) who went from running sceptics to running legends! Over the six weeks watching each person achieve and seeing the enjoyment they were getting from running was incredibly rewarding. The sessions were set up channelling Coach Chris and mimicking the SRC training sessions with Tuesdays focussing on quality and Thursdays focussing on active recovery and socialising. Everyone was encouraged to either parkrun or get out for a walk on the weekend and the combination of the above resulted in the participants realising that running is actually not that bad! I felt like a proud parent on Sunday watching everyone finish and seeing them out on course was so uplifting. I will also admit to letting out a few sneaky tears!! I think the best part of the whole thing is now being able to train with Jacqui, Taren, Alice and Katherine as part of the SRC! Welcome to the Cult and I look forward to continuing on your running journey with you!

By Sharlene Batchelor

Going to bed Saturday night I had fully planned on getting a solid 8 hours of sleep so I could be fully rested and give myself the best chance of making it through the run without wanting to stop for a nap halfway, so dragging myself out of bed at 4am after an hour and a half of terrible sleep was not optimal. But on the upside it gave me plenty of time to have my protein shake, NingXia Red and some trial mix before having a shower to wake up properly and start the process of becoming more K tape than person. 

I had laid all of my clothes out and packed my bag the night before but considering I had ample time I figured I could get dressed and repack my bag again just to make sure I had everything I needed.

Kirsten picked me up at 7am so we could head down to the lake, do our warm up and stretch with plenty of time to not feel rushed, but I managed to forget my headphones when I repacked my bag so had to go home for them. I hadn’t spent a week working on a motivational playlist to not be able to listen to it.

We got to the lake, dropped our bags and started our warm up, my legs weren’t feeling too terrible which surprised me a whole lot considering the last run I had done was the club 10km handicap and had almost crippled myself doing it.

Happy with the warm up I started stretching, then 20 minutes to the start was announced and I realised that I hadn’t been to the bathroom for my 600th nervous wee for the morning and still hadn’t pinned on my number or put on my drinks belt. Nothing like a little last minute panic to really get in the right headspace.

The first five kms seemed to be going really well, it was easy to sit at the 6 minute km pace from my race plan, I was making sure I was on track with my first bottle of hydration and just enjoying the atmosphere and beautiful scenery, my legs felt great even if my stride was a little off. The next 5km were all about settling into the rhythm and keeping up with hydration and really making sure my pace was consistent. 

Coming back along the river trail before the wooden foot bridges the ten km runners started coming past and the high fives and mutual cheers of encouragement were a great way to get that much needed boost of energy.

We headed out behind aquamoves towards Princess Park and I could feel that my right leg had started to twinge a bit more than I had wanted it to be at such an early stage but I turned up my music and kept going, I started to struggle with holding pace and my whole right leg just wouldn’t stay activated so my stride became really uneven and it felt as though I was just dragging my leg forward with every step, I knew I still had another 10km to finish and there was no way I was giving up so I had a moment of very real honesty with myself and reevaluated my expectations of the run, I had said that I was coming into this knowing I was as injured as one could be and still have the hope of finishing so that is what I wanted but at that moment I knew I had still been holding onto the hope that I could do this run in a decent time, having that realisation I knew I had to just let it go completely and enjoy this run for the victory it was regardless of how woeful I thought my time was going to end up being. I came back on to the lake path and had my Mum, brother and Godmother cheering me on, a little further on Kirsten gave me some more encouragement and reminded me that I had to dig deep mentally to get through this pain. 

The last 7kms started with me telling myself that this was just a parkrun with a warm up and cool down and I’ve done plenty of those tired, in pain or unwell so suck it up and just get it done, there was a whole lot of walking and very slow jogging, groaning and most of my known workout words were used with a few extras made up in between, I had written Never Ever Give Up on my hand because that has been something I tell myself, when you don’t want to, you are tired and or are just not feeling it Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up and Never Ever Give Up no matter what, so looking at that I summoned every last ounce of energy I had left and gave one last effort to get through the finish line. 

Once I crossed it the sheer relief, the joy and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment was enormous, my time wasn’t what I wanted it to be and the run certainly didn’t go to plan, after months and months of putting in the hard work sometimes just getting the job done is where the victory is and now I have a pb I can absolutely obliterate next year.

Thank you to every single one of you amazing beautiful humans who have supported me, encouraged me and had the faith that I could do this.

By Norah Armstrong.

Race week was busy with a lighter training then a work awards on Friday night in Melbourne. Home by 2am then up at 6am Saturday to volunteer for bump in at the lake and registrations. (Note to self- don’t do this next year).

Race day was an early start but I was looking forward to see how everyone would go. I warmed up and watched the half marathon start. Quick toilet stop then time to go.

This was my third 10km race for the year and I hoped to go under 50 mins. I just tried to hold the pace the whole way. Apologies to anyone I didn’t give hi fives. It was great to see such a strong field wearing the purple and gold. I got to half way and saw everyone in front of me. I caught up to Aj and Peter Frizzell by 8km and felt the burn. I had to hang on and get to the finish. The course opened up back onto Tom Collins Drive and I pushed to the final turn past Aquamoves. Sprint for home and crossed the finish line 50.11.

Congratulations to everyone who ran, volunteered and made the weekend such a success. I’m so proud to see you do so well.

The end and beyond.

If you want to know how good the Shepparton Runners Club is, just ask a former member that’s moved away if they have got anything that matches the SRC yet. The awesomeness of the SRC stood out with the human finish line created for our last few runners. You would go a long way to match that.

Human finish line

And to top the day off we had an evening of great food and great company (and beer) at the Aussie. A rough count showed about 40 SRC members turning up for after event meal and drinks.

It’s new and it’s by Tara.

The Road to Nagoya

Part One – Buyer’s Remorse (Introduction)

Three years ago, when I started my running journey, I heard about this marathon that you get men in tuxedos handing out Tiffany’s necklaces; and there was a smile station at the end you can adjust how you look before finishing; and you get beauty products in your entry kit; so I was like, yep that is the marathon for me! I then promptly forgot about it and put it in the never running a marathon category. Then at the SRC Bunnings BBQ earlier this year we were discussing Ellie Pashley running at the Nagoya Marathon and my brain started ticking over; I googled it and I realised that it was going to be run on International Women’s Day. I don’t believe in signs, but I do believe in women’s rights and gender equality, so I decided if I was ever going to run a women’s marathon it really should be on International Women’s Day. The entry for overseas participants is limited each year to about 15 % and I was hopeful I would not get a spot so I wouldn’t have to train. But as luck would have it, I did! My emotions at this point have gone from sick to excited to shock to “can I return my entry?” (I can’t, I checked!!) particularly watching some of the marathoners finish on Sunday. As I don’t really think my normal training plan of “winging it” will cut it for a marathon, I figure to keep myself and my training accountable I would do a weekly(ish) post on how my marathon training, and my getting fit to start marathon training is going once I start, which will probably be, definitely maybe next week!

Recipe of the week

  • 1. In a blender or food processor, purée frozen berries, frozen banana and coconut milk until smooth.
  • 2. Pour into a breakfast bowl. Arrange fresh banana, fresh berries, coconut flakes, walnuts and chia seeds on surface of smoothie bowl and serve.

SRC E-News Aug 23

On behalf of the Shepparton Runners Club I ‘d like to welcome the new subscribers to the newsletter who were running with Tara & Sam’s 5k training sessions. I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and down the track contribute to it.

It’s great to see a few runners from the 5k finish line have already become financial members to the SRC.

The following directory may help you

Shepparton Runners Club website HERE where you can find out all about the club and past newsletters under our blog tab.

Shepparton Runners Club Social page here & Formal page here And the Shepparton Running Festival website here and the Facebook page here

The Shepparton Running Festival smashes all records.

Entries are up in all events and it looks like we could have some races sold out. So if you still haven’t entered, Now Is The Time To Run.

Everything you need to know about race day is listed in the booklet here.

Don’t miss out! Many runners turn up to Saturday rego to enter. If you leave it till then, your race might be sold out. All events are filling up. We will now close on-line entries Friday @ midnight. Saturday rego & bib collection is open from 10am-3pm. 
Enter now:

We’ve got charities and causes

Our community is a supportive bunch. Thanks to GV Health for allowing us to assist with the ‘Mini Field of Women’ tribute event and partnering with our 5km Pink Ribbon Run. We want to encourage all our runners and supporters to visit Melissa on race day and get involved. 

Hey Mums & Dads, after completing the McDonald’s 2km Kids Dash your child will feel like a ‘superhero’! This event supports #voice4kidz, is lots of fun and adults can walk/run alongside the kids for FREE. Don’t miss out on a personalised race bib, register your child before 15 July and don’t forget to dress like a superhero! 

SRF is about all-ages and all-abilities, so much so, we have teamed up withTara and Sam from My 5K Finish Line. This new initiative started 15 July. Successful applicants received qualified coaching (twice a week), a 6 week training program, a 5km race entry, and a t-shirt,

We couldn’t do this without our sponsors.

Looking for simple ways to boost your veggie intake? Our Indian Chicken & Lentil Tray Bake is great for your heart and tastes amazing ❤️️

Get the recipe as part of our Winter Warmers booklet. 
Download your free copy now:

I’d like to with all runners all the best for this Sunday. Remember the points you have been told over the last few weeks.

  • Hydration should start a few days out
  • Get a good night sleep the night before the night before (Friday night)
  • Don’t try anything new race day (clothing diet)
  • Don’t go out too hard
  • Enjoy the day
  • You will get the result you deserve

GOOD LUCK and I will see you at the pub afterwards. Remember to bring your race bib.

SRC E-news Aug 16

Shepparton Running Festival news.

The Shepparton Runners Club are coming to the pointy and busy end for planning the Shepparton Running Festival. Entries are up by about 20% on last year.

If you are able to help out on race weekend and give us a few hours of your time please contact Rosalie Smith A.S.A.P. so she can fill in the volunteer spot. Speaking from experience over the last few years come midday on Sunday the SRF committee are exhausted, please consider helping pack up as it will be greatly appreciated.

This years event will be bigger and better than previous years. We have Tara Daniel 5k finish line group that she has been training for the last 6 weeks. Nine runners are setting out to run either their first 5 km run or to run a 5k Pb. Well done Tara with Sam assisting. Look out for the runners in their 5k tops. Also you will get the opportunity to meet and greet them at Tuesday training session. Chris will be doing the Mona Fartlek session and the 5k finish line runners will join in with the SRC runners.

Continuing on with the bigger and better theme. Narelle and Kathy will be at the SRF with Ditto. Saving one child at a time raising awareness about sexual assault.

Bit of fun at the lake in readiness for the McDonalds Shepparton 2km Kids Dash. How cute are our superheroes!. Make sure you jump on line and register your young superheroes! Narelle Pell and Kathy Fuller are both super proud to be associated with the Shepparton Running Festival with#voice4kidz being a nominated charity partner. Our little superheroes deserve the right to be able to run free, dress up and have fun in a safe and protected environment. 💛💜


Shepparton Running Festival Website

Shepparton Running Festival Facebook page

Shepparton Running Festival Instagram

Shepparton Runners Club Website where you can see all the past newsletters. And our Facebook pages here and our more formal Facebook page here

Time for some #sheppresent in the gold fields.

join us for some of the most scenic and challenging trail running in the heart of Victoria’s ‘Gold Rush’ country.

The Goldfields Trail Run Festival is hosted in conjunction with the TreX Cross Triathlon Series which together make up an action packed weekend of off road events for the entire family.

Taking in some of the most spectacular bushland trails this trail run festival is set to delight, challenge and inspire trail runners of all ages and abilities.

Based in the heart of Victoria’s Gold Rush Country at Crusoe Reservoir in Bendigo the courses challenge runners with a diverse array of terrain and scenery, from the natural beauty of Crusoe Reservoir and No 7 Park, to the challenge of Big Hill within Bendigo Regional Park.

So whether your a hardcore trail runner, a weekend warrior, someone who just loves getting in 2 the outdoors, or a family and kids, there’s something for everyone at Trail Run Australia Goldfields.

Event details are here

From ’16 beers’ a day to City2Surf winner
Just 20 months after he reached rock bottom from struggles with depression and heavy drinking, Harry Summers went within two seconds of breaking Steve Moneghetti’s long-standing record at Sunday’s City2Surf. Find out more at The Age.

Thoughts on running versus hiking
Running is usually faster than hiking, but sometimes (especially when going uphill) hiking can be far more efficient and even faster than running. Trail Runner takes a look at running vs walking economy here.

Power hiking techniques
And continuing on the theme of the above article, Ultra168 has some tips for techniques to use when power hiking.


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting virtually forever for …. RUNNOVATION IS LAUNCHING A VIRTUAL RUN!!! We are just a little bit excited as you can tell.

The virtual run is a murder mystery who dunnit themed run. The challenge is to run/walk 40kms throughout September. All finishers will receive an AWESOME medal.

We will post the initial story and list of suspects on 1 September. Each week in September there will be additional challenges posted for participants to earn new clues. At the end of the month you tell us who you think the murderer is. If you are correct, you go into a draw to win some AWESOME Runnovation medal display products.

We have early bird pricing until 17 August 2019 where you can enter this fun September challenge for $30.

So what are you waiting for?!?!?! Register now on the below link, join the event page Runnovation Murder Mystery Virtual Run and put your best detective cap on.

SRC E-News Aug 10

Take Care and be aware of your surroundings.

Late afternoon last Tuesday just before dusk Sam was out running around Victoria Park Lake. He ran past the skate park and was confronted by 2 youths on scooters. They asked him for smokes and money (I assume they know that’s what runners carry LOL.). They followed him half way around the lake hassling him and invading his space. Sam decided to remove the youth from his scooter and this prevented the potential threat from escalating. Sam did report the incident to the police.

If this can happen to Sam in a public place in daylight, it can happen to others, and next time things could end worse. Take care of yourself and look out for others.

Bright Parkrun

E V E N T C A N C E L L E D // Please note this coming Saturday there is no Bright parkrun. Please help share this information with those parkrunners who are not on Facebook. There are very few times per year that this occurs, in this instance with no Run Directors available and a empty volunteer roster we have no choice this week. As a side note if you are interested in hearing more about the role of RD and would love to get involved please drop us a message.

Listen and Learn

One of the favourite parts of my day lately is walking the 1.3km to work and home again, even fitting in a walk at lunchtime, always with my phone and earplugs and a listening to a good podcast.  How lucky are we to have so many talented people sharing their knowledge with their listeners? Walking to work rather than driving gives me an extra 10 minutes of podcast listening and it’s my time and I love it!!

The choices of podcasts to listen to are endless and I like to mix them up a bit, some health and wellbeing along with some crime mystery.  Although I could never aspire to be a 100 km trail runner, the ‘Trail Running Nation’ is one of my faves and I can’t help but be inspired by some of the amazing athletes they interview.  Another running based podcast I like to listen to are Brady Threlfall’s ‘Tell Me Your Tale’.  Both of these extend further than the running world and cover a wide range of information on all sorts of topics associated with health and wellbeing and lifestyle choices.

Its not hard to get into some binge listening with the real life stories retold such as ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ and more recently ‘In the Dark’ Season 2 – the story of Curtis Flower, a black American who has been tried for the same murders 6 times. (Not one to hide my reactions with facial expressions, I’m sure people would wonder what I am listening to when one day I’d be cringing with disgust and the next day laughing along to a comedian.)

Recently I stumbled upon ‘Wellness Women’s Radio’ and ‘Real Food Reel’.  Both are Australian podcasts and cover a huge range of topics and interview some very interesting people.  It was from listening to these types of podcasts that I realised I would benefit from visiting a Naturopath and I was fortunate to get the winning bid at the SRC Gala Dinner and have since visited Phillip Chua at FIX.  Within a few weeks I’m already feeling better within myself from that initial visit.  I mentioned to Phillip that I like to listen to podcasts, only to be told by Phillip that he has one.  Its on PODBEAN, search for ‘Phillip Chua – Naturopath’.  Needless to say I’m currently listening to Phillip’s podcast and enjoying it. 

There wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to listen to all the wonderful podcasts that are available.  They certainly help the time fly by when you’re doing a long trip in the car.  If you’ve got any good recommendations I’d love to hear of them.


Rosalie Smith

My 5k Finish Line

Tara & Sam’s training sessions for their 5km Finish line is seeing lots of improvement, motivation and fun from the entrants. The 5k finish line concludes with the 5k at the Shepparton Running Festival. This week entrants received their My5k t-shirt. Any surplus monies after expenses will be donated to the GVCASA. They have several entrants that are considering joining the SRC after My 5k has concluded. Tara is doing the My 5k project as part of her Fairley leadership program. Well done Sam and Tara

Indigenous Marathon Foundation

Vote for Rob.

Marathon great and director of the Indigenous Marathon Foundation, Rob de Castella, is proud of his sporting feats but says his greatest achievement has been helping Indigenous Australians. Through the Indigenous Marathon Project and Deadly Running Groups, which include over 5,000 runners, the foundation promotes running for a healthy lifestyle.

Nominated for a Westfield Local Hero award of $10,000, if Rob is successful the foundation will host a three-day coaching workshop for IMP graduates and Deadly Run Leaders to upskill.

Please vote for Rob and IMF here:…/1RLmqAnyed…/local-heroes-2019

Conquer NF

Details of #conquerNF Trivia has now been finalised! Please contact Allan or Kerry on the numbers in the post, or feel free to message us on this page.

We are so excited to have you at our trivia night once again!

SRC E-News August 2

This coming Sunday will be our August handicap. 10km at Victoria Park Lake with an 8am start. Same as last handicap – free entry and we will all start together. A good chance to have a group hit out or do part of your long run with a bunch of mates.

Register here for free –…/1FAIpQLSdkvVisI9DKK1xcEt…/viewform

Kate Dainton Happy dances her way to a Pb in Run Melbourne.

Run Melbourne 2019

Beep Beep 4:45am wake up. I had woken up with a sore glute Saturday so I had no expectations but to finish. I got to Wave B start line and looked around. All the running peeps looked really fit so I asked around what pace they were thinking. We all had approximately the same pace so I said ” well right lets go to Wave A, we deserve to be there!”  We walked to Wave A. I was feeling calm no nerves and really just had the attitude of ‘lets go run this city’ I had done all the pre training and there was nothing more to do. l looked for the pacers but none in sight.  ” just run Kate” I said to myself.

First 1km was steady and then boom.. up the road went.. gee didn’t expect this so early. ‘Up’ I said to myself in my head. 

I saw a school friend around the docklands and we chatted and ran. We tried to do some high fives which were complete fails -lol. I realised that I should probably stop the banter and just concentrate on breathing. At this stage I was loving hearing the footsteps of everyone it felt easy, comfy and relaxed. Checked in in my glute which hurt to warm up and no pain “You beauty, my lucky day!” 

 At the tan I saw Steve Monk ” STEVE” I yelled. The poor bugger got a startle stopped, turned around and saw me. Always a buzz to see Shepp peeps out there. 

It got to 18km and I felt great..  I looked down.. I had been holding onto my water bottle the whole way and not had a drink. I laughed to myself and tossed it away. In my other hand I had my ear pods.. Oh yes music lets pop them in! – lol. I just get into a zone and time flies by. Lady gala ‘Hey girl’ starts filling my ears. Yep you know I am singing and running along. 2km to go and I put the pedal on.. then get wammed with another elevation with 1km to go… there goes that plan ” hills are easy swing those arms!” I repeat in my head. 

I had no idea what time I was at…I would look at my pace but the gps would go up and down just like the roads.  I really just focused on breathing and getting up the harder parts smoothly and trying to smile 😃 

I had written on my hand ‘brave and courage’. Courage over comfort and brave for a young 16 year old who has incurable brain cancer and whom I was running for. 

Finishing I was overwhelmed by emotions and in true Kate style I had a teary moment. I gravitated towards some random guy who sat with me and we talked about who we were running for. I was overwhelmed that I had just bloody smashed a huge PB easily and was so happy to raise $1.000 for brain cancer research. I was also sad because this run was always going to bittersweet in not having a cure. 

I went to the Brain cancer foundation tent afterwards which was great. It was nice to share stories on who we were running for. More tears were shared. 

To put things into perspective.. I ran my first half at Run Melbourne 3 years ago for Peter Mac. My time was about 2:20 and I was over the moon. In 2019, I clocked in at 1:41:44. I hope this helps with knowing that ‘You can do it!’ with some mental and physically training. Don’t let your fears, age, time or anything get in the way of your dreams!

Thank you for all your support. Whether it’s been through; money, training, pulling me along on those easy & hard long (and listening to me talk about food for most of it 😆), coaching and friendships.

Happy dance Kate

Kate doing the happy dance.

Club news

Tara has 9 runners in her My 5k Finish Line running group, with several people interested in joining the SRC.

Coming soon….

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