SRC E-News Sept 26

Coming soon – Melbourne bound, we interview those #sheppresenting in Melbourne (October 13) and see how their training has gone and find out what they are hoping for in Melbourne.

We have 23 SRC members confirmed so far.

Marathon Nathan Stoate Grant Hicks Natalie Hicks Anna Turnbull Kate Dainton Laura Smithers-Shaw Felicity Hall Trevor Dainton Harry Ukich Jodie Redfern Hamish Reid Phillip Healey

Half Marathon Amanda Heard Kirsten Arthur Norah Armstrong Chris Armstrong Bronwyn Cole Chris Banning Helen Reynolds

10km Cate Aitken Rosalie Smith Chris Harvey Debbie Harvey

Runner Profile

Hi, My name is Lee-Anne Kirschner and I am 47 but don’t tell anyone. I started running because my silly sister tells me they are starting a free 5k run at Berwick Springs near her house. I was going to the gym regularly and treadmill running but never really attempted to run outdoors. Little did I know that Berwick Springs parkrun was their very first event as well as mine. I ran it way too fast because I thought I had to, but once I finished I was already hooked by the atmosphere and the variety of different runners. I saw 50 and 100 milestone t-shirts and already started thinking that maybe I could achieve these t-shirts also. I was moving to Shepparton  but I overheard that parkrun was starting up there, I thought how exciting, not knowing that Allan was talking to the run director  at the time. I didn’t know Allan.  The rest is history. Parkrun has become my life and my work and family have had to accept that nothing is arranged around 8 o’clock Saturday mornings. My pb is 23.28 but I think that was a fluke. Hahaha! In the last 5 years I have many opportunities to run tourist parkruns, 52 in fact, I have slowed down touristing but I have rated all my parkruns and created a ladder from 1-52.  Number 1 is Wilson Botanic and number 52 is KM Reedy Reserve.  And yes Shepparton comes in at 11. Was sitting in top 10 until I did Sunbury. All parkruns are unique but one thing for sure is that they are all inviting and friendly and encouraging. I have been asked “When do I wear my purple tutu?” The purple tutu is worn only on special occasions and everyone is welcomed  to wear one, it is when you visit an inaugural parkrun. It is to celebrate the birth of another parkrun. So don’t be shy and wear one if you get an opportunity to go to a new parkrun. When I am not running, I am meditating, colouring, walking the dog, working, taxi mum, eating and ON MY PHONE. I have a future run coming up but I am a little nervous about it. I am going to participate in the Bathurst Mt Panorama Hot Lap Punish Run on the 27th October. The same course the V8’s cars race around. Its 6.213 kms, 174 metres elevation gain and first 3kms is uphill so I need to be fast enough not to be picked up by the bus and as you know Shepparton is flat. A few trips to Mt Major is in order. I don’t take my running too seriously, I do like being competitive but I am very thankful at my age that I can run, I can run injury free and enjoy running with like minded friends. Besides if I didn’t run I would be a size of a house as my eating is enormous. I want to eat all the time but my favourite post run meal is pizza and a chocolate or strawberry milkshake and lots of it.

Surf Coast 100 km

Natalie Hicks, Norah Armstrong, Chris Armstrong, Grant Hicks.

Team Burning Sensation are back together again this year and I had Leg 4 (24km). I had never ran this far before or that far on trail so I was pretty nervous. I roughly knew I’d be starting between 3pm -4pm depending how Chris, Nat & Grant went. Grant true to form and consistent as ever arrived at the checkpoint 3.20pm a quick timer bracelet swap and I was off.

The first 4km was in bushland and I had to concentrate to not bust an ankle. Once up the incline the view was amazing looking out to the ocean. Great photo that one then down the other side along gravel paths. I met up with a horse trail group walking up the stony path so another photo and drink.

9km in and time to scramble under the road bridge before a flat path and checkpoint before the lighthouse. Feeling good at this point and walked for a bit and had a gel. Whoop whoop Nat go girl then the boys at the top.

So from hear the views were beautiful looking out over the ocean and trail winding through shrubs, little flowers and fairy wrens. Next point was Urquhart’s Bluff and the crew waiting on the beach. Hi fives and time for the 6km sandy stretch for home. (14km and another gel). The breeze was cool and luckily behind me. I tried to keep out of the soft sand and push forward. This stretch was about 6km and at 17km the sand got a bit firmer (winning). 19km up the stairs and along the trail to Angelsea Surf Club before a bit more sand along Angelsea Beach. Left turn onto the boardwalk and muddy path to the finish line, we finished in a time of 10 hours 35 minutes and a handful of seconds. Time to eat my body weight in pizza from The Captain.


Norah Armstrong


Shepparton park runners were spotted in many places this week: Tara and Sam Daniel at Hagley parkrun, the Reynolds family (Hayden, Craig, Justin, Helen, Lee) at Studley parkrun, Shane Colbert at Portland parkrun, Sue Olley at Wilson Botanic parkrun and Peter and Glenys Frizzell at Sunbury parkrun.

Wangaratta news

A reminder that Ned Kelly Chase entry fees rise on 1 October, and no entries received after that date will be mailed out.  Jump on board now for best value and to enjoy this event that doubles as the AURA  100km National Championships this year. for all the details of this 27 October event.

Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Runs entries are also open right now.  We had terrific entries on opening  night and look set for a great 10th anniversary, 2020 event.  It all happens on Sunday  23 February 2020.

It’s taper time. And I am looking forward to presenting to you the 2 part #sheppresent Melbourne marathon special starting next week.

Further reading

How long can you go without exercise before starting to lose physical fitness
Swirled looks at how long you can go without doing exercise before it starts to impact on progress you have made, looking at cardio, muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility.

SRC E-News Sept 20.

The 2019 Shepparton Runners Club AGM is on Thursday 10th October 2019 at the Clubrooms, following training. Everyone welcome.

Attached are nominee form and proxy forms.

AGM Proxy Form 2019 – 2020

AGM Nomination Form 2019-2020

SRC says goodbye to Nathan.

Tonight we did our final Tuesday quality session with Nathan Stoate as he makes the move down to Geelong to take the next step in his running journey. We feel very fortunate to have had you as a member, as phenomenally talented as you are, you’re also a wonderful young man and we will miss your presence at training and parkrun on Saturdays. From all your friends at SRC we wish you the very best with the next chapters in your journey. You’ll always be welcome anytime at SRC, the purple and gold army will be following you every step of the way 

My 5 km finish line participants donate to GVCASA.

Today we are very humbled to receive a donation for $172. 65 from our beautiful running friends who created My 5km finish line run. Tara & Sam Daniels and the Crew from the Shepparton Runners Club ❤️ We are very fortunate to live in a great community that actively get behind and support activism on child sexual abuse. #voice4kidz actively raise awareness and funds for our local GVCASA to protect kids in our community. ❤️ Thank you 🙏🏻 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️
Kathy Fuller

Up coming races

Sunday October 20 249 Allan St Kyabram

The Curves Wellness Fun Run/Walk in Kyabram, Victoria on Sunday, 20 October 2019 is being held in support of the dialysis unit at Kyabram District Health Service.

2km, 6km & 10km More info here

Saturday Sept 21 – Harvest run – Yarra Valley Racing Club, Yarra Glen, VIC Website here

Saturday, 21 September 2019 Surf Coast Century Website here

Sunday, 6 October 2019 Sweat vs Steam Website here

Sunday, 13 October 2019 Great Strides: Bendigo – Website here

Sunday, 13 October. Melbourne Marathon festival. WATCH THIS SPACE for a special SRC report. It will be over 1 to 2 weeks just before Melb Marathon.

SRC September 4.9 km handicap

Today’s net results from the handicap. Forgive the less than stellar excel skills! Well done again to everyone who participated, we hope to see you again soon.

Massive congratulations to team Armstrong who have put on another successful handicap. The handicapping was great for a field of 50+ runners of all abilities. The course was well marked. The food was cooked to perfection (thanks team Bachelor/Hallam). It was great to see so many stick around and chat.

Interesting articles

New half marathon world record
Geoffrey Kamworor set a new half marathon world record at Copenhagen on Sunday, knocking 17 seconds off for a new record of 58 minutes, 1 second! Find out more at Runners World.

Doubling for mortals
The typical professional runner runs twice a day almost every day. The typical recreational runner never runs twice a day. Training Peaks takes a look why not, and how doubling up can help.

Mountain running workouts
Coach David Roche has a list of workouts for mountain running, and treadmill variants for people who can’t easily get to the mountains but need to train for them.

The ultimate guide to foot and lower-leg pain
Outside Online has compiled a list of types of foot and lower leg pain, looking at what each is, why you get it and how to fix it. These include plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, blisters and black toenails, and more.

Soon, Now and Now

Now –

If you live in an area with snakes, please remember:

● When left alone, snakes present little or no danger to people.

● If you see a snake, keep calm and move yourself and anyone with you (including pets) away from the area.

● Do not attempt to capture or harm snakes. Instead call DELWP on 136 186 for further advice, or call a licensed snake catcher.

● Maintain lawns and clean up around your house, as snakes are attracted to shelter such as piles of rocks and timber, sheets of metal, and building materials.

● Undertake first aid training and ensure your first aid kit contains several compression bandages. If someone is bitten, call 000 immediately.

and now

Top ten tips to protect yourself against swooping birds

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning offer 10 tips for dealing with swooping birds:

  1. Know your local swooping hotspots
  2. Avoid the area
  3. Move quickly
  4. Cover your head
  5. Place fake eyes at the back of your head
  6. Do not harass wildlife
  7. Do not destroy nests
  8. Do not feed swooping birds
  9. Travel in a group
  10. Notify others

Have a great running week.

Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Shepparton Runners Club AGM is on Thursday 10th October 2019 at the Clubrooms, following training. Everyone welcome.

Attached are nominee form and proxy forms.

AGM Proxy Form 2019 – 2020

AGM Nomination Form 2019-2020

SRC Roles and Descriptions

SRC E-news Sept 13

Shepparton Runners Club Handicap.

Our next handicap event will be Sunday September 15th at Princess Park on our 4.9km cross country course. The first runner will start at 8am. Entry is free and we will be having a BBQ afterwards. We also have 4 x $30 vouchers from our superstar sponsors Intersport Shepparton. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Register here:…/1FAIpQLSdN5ygeBMIb17BNlI…/viewform

From the Shepparton Tri-club

On the last day of winter we enjoyed some great conditions for race 2 of our Duathlon series.

It was great to be joined by competitors from Melbourne, Echuca, Wangaratta as well as the Shepparton Runners Club to build the event.

Well done to everyone who competed and completed, results are attached.

Thank you to all who volunteered enabling us to continue to offer local racing.

We look forward to welcoming you to our third race of the series being the Sprint Distance Duathlon (5km Run – 22km Ride – 2.5km Run)

Part Three – Burnt out? Run it out! By Tara Daniel.

This year has been full on and right now I am honestly feeling a little burnt out. The way I know this is when I get asked a reasonable request such as “do you think you could put your washing away?” I respond in a totally irrational unreasonable way. This is not the best feeling at the beginning of get fit training but on the plus side, exercise (and eating) is my stress relief, so it is good that I don’t have an excuse to bail on it.

Monday, I went to hot yoga at lunchtime thinking a nice gentle slow flow would be good…I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE SWEATED THAT MUCH!!! I had sweat pouring off me and my yoga mat was nothing but a giant puddle, I almost felt sorry for my colleagues, not only did they have to deal with my cranky pants in the morning, I came back really really sweaty albiet in a better mood. I’m really enjoying the hot yoga; the heat and the movement is really helping with the leg issues! The leg issues were then nicely dealt with at Fix Myotherapy where a “number of firetrucks” were mentioned. I have officially decided quads are more painful to have massaged than calves. The massage then meant that I walked the Tuesday SRC training which was really frustrating but sensible…I got home on Wednesday to NEW SHOES!!!!! Oh my god they are the sexiest things I have ever seen…Saucony Iso (kids!) and a trusty pair of Peregrines…I tried out the Iso’s on the cross country course on Thursday and they were brilliant. I had minimal knee pain and my calves only got a teeny bit tight towards the end so I feel like I am winning! The shoes got another testing out at parkrun where I did 400’s and 200’s and ran my fastest time this year. This gave me a boost that I am not as unfit as I think I am and my new shoes are spectacular!

Sunday’s long run was interesting. I lost my audiobook virginity and I started nutrition training. I have never really used gels, I just don’t like them. The only time I have tried them was on a training run almost two years ago and I almost vomited. It made me cry and feel nauseous the whole run. I have found that the combination of jelly beans and tailwind has been ok for me in the past but I don’t think that will cut it for the full and I also have some concerns about carrying a bag of white powder through the Philippines and into Japan. So I thought I would test out a gel at about the halfway mark. I have a variety of flavours and brands that I am testing out…today’s was a chocolate Gu with caffeine. I admit my body felt better after taking it. I stopped and had it with water as recommended by others who know better than me, the flavour was not unpleasant…a burnt brown sugar more so than chocolate but it was ok. I got a little nauseous almost immediately afterwards then the butt clenching began…I lasted another 3.5 km then had to swing by the house to use the amenities….I felt better after that and my last 4 km were great.  I felt really good. I was pretty tired by the time I finished but really happy that I got it done. All in all it was another consistent week, my mood has thoroughly improved and I only have 25 more weeks of training!

Runner Profile

Name: Hamish Reid.

Age: 45 years

What are your PB’s?

The 5km is 22.13, the 10km is about 47:00, the marathon is 4:22: (I will have another crack at this in Melb on the Oct 13th, last year I got cooked in the heat and really struggled with cramp)

Do you prefer solo or collegiate running?

I have been doing my long runs with a bloke from work, Christian Willmott, he is very good at asking questions that require long detailed answers when I am really struggling for breath.

What is your current running routine?

Right now I am doing the tempo session on Tuesdays, Wednesdays I will do a 12km run at marathon pace and another 6km or 7km on Thursday and then 33km Saturday before it all starts again.

What got you into running?

I was playing quite a bit of competitive Rugby before moving to Australia (I actually played 2 tests for the Philippines in the Asian 5 Nations Championship) in 2010 and needed something to keep my fitness up. I started out biking but didn’t like the early starts, bogans trying to side swipe me in utes and magpies.  Mum, Dad and my father in law are runners so were very encouraging.  Mum actually has the age grade record at Shepparton and in Christchurch Parkrun, she is 77 and runs a 31min Parkrun.

What is your favourite post long run meal?


Do you use earphones for running? Music or podcast?

If out by myself, for a long run I listen to the below

Con Artists

Russia if you are listening

The Money Café

Planet Money

Hidden Brain

Hardcore History  

Are you married to any events, that you like to do over and over again?

Not really, the last Shepparton running festival was a ripper

Do you have any superstitions or funny routines before events or training runs?

I bet I have the same routine as most of you, which if missed can require a hiding spot and a handful of grass

Do you have any brand loyalty to shoe or activity companies?

Mizuno – they used to have an online tool which helped you select shoes which was great

Are there any events you would really like to try one day?

I would like to try some trail runs

SRC E-news Sept 6

Our next handicap event will be Sunday September 15th at Princess Park on our 4.9km cross country course. The first runner will start at 8am. Entry is free and we will be having a BBQ afterwards. We also have 4 x $30 vouchers from our superstar sponsors Intersport Shepparton. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Register here:…/1FAIpQLSdN5ygeBMIb17BNlI…/viewform

Tara’s post marathon training

This week has really been a week of relearning all the stuff I have forgotten since the last time I was training for something. Its pretty amazing what you forget when you are just going along with life…It’s the simple things like not having a spicy vindaloo and red wine the night before parkrun or a long run that strike you down. Also, just because you aren’t training for something don’t ignore your legs because they will be angry with you when you start building up time on them. Stretch, roll and massage….do it, don’t just pretend to or say you will do it!! I’ve been having some calf and quad tightness for the last few weeks, which has caused knee pain intermittently while I have been running…I stupidly assumed it would be fine and get better on its own…ignoring a niggle is not a solution to it. This has meant that my getting fit for marathon training has really started as trying to get my body back in working order. I have been reacquainting myself with my best friends “spiky ball”, “foam roller” and “hard massage ball” which seems to be helping. I also don’t think the extra kgs I have gained this year have really assisted me. This is also a good learning point – Don’t eat like you have run the Barkley Marathons when all you have done is watch the documentary.

I started the week pretty tired after the running festival weekend, but the body felt ok, so I probably went out a bit hard at training on Tuesday.  We did a series of out and backs and  my legs and lungs felt great for three of the four…on the fourth my knee suddenly felt like the patella was being surgically removed with no anaesthetic so I called it and walked the last one with Sam (who appears to have recovered from his marathon remarkably well). Hot yoga (a sweaty vinyasa series) and a butt strengthening session on Wednesday was my cross training for the week and things must have been going right as my Thursday run felt pretty good (and I could feel my glutes engage following Wednesdays session!!). I did however really take note of how bad my shoes were (another learning – if you can feel tiny stones through the bottom of your shoes you probably need new ones!), so I channeled Nat Hicks and purchased two new pairs of shoes on the way home. Having really tiny duck feet I am pretty restricted to shoe brands and I have discovered a love for Saucony. They are super sexy and yet to be tested. I can’t wait! Side note: I require a neutral shoe, size US4 with a wide toe…I am open to suggestions.

Parkrun was an easy run with Sam trying to keep him in check, it felt good and I was in an old pair of retired Under Armor shoes (it was like running in pillows…seriously don’t wear your shoes down that far!!). It was a lovely day and there were a few people running around the same pace, so it was pretty fun until Steve beat me!

Sunday’s long run was 11 km (in my retired Nike Pegasus 34s) and with Sam again. We decided to mix it up and get out of Tat and go into Shep and run at the lake. Running together only lasted 3 km but seeing him on occasion around the lake was nice and a bit of a mental boost getting me out of my head! I contemplated the big life questions during my run such as “if snoopy is a beagle, why isn’t he tri-coloured?” and “What sort of bird is Woodstock?”. I also had some gastrointestinal issues, probably also from leftover vindaloo that I had for Saturday lunch…I finished the run with no pain and another couple of km in me so that made me feel on top of things.

In general, I was pretty happy with the week, and the progress made towards returning the legs to normal. The weekly total was 32.5 km, and a mix of walking and running, but it’s a solid launching point to build on. Week one is done! Now I just need to keep it up for another 26! 

Annual awards for the Bendigo Athletics Club presentation night for Cross Country. Thanks to Amanda Heard. #sheppresent

Race winners:

Race 1: 5km: Josh Sait

Race 2: 6.5km: Gab Sait

Race 4: 8km: Tony Sait

Race 5: 6.5km: Amanda Heard

Race 8: 6.5km: Andrew Sait.

Club Champion: Josh Sait

Aggregate: Andrew Sait (2nd) and Tony Sait (3rd)

Running Hacks

Plan/vary Your Route

Training Peaks has assembled a list of running hacks

Over time we can become guilty of running the same loop/route/track week in and week out. Over time, this will not only become mentally repetitive but will wear down on your motivation levels. Be brave and explore, a change of scenery will refresh your running soul. Apps like MapMyRun can also help when in a foreign city or on holiday.

For your longer slow runs, you can also vary the terrain somewhat. Adding in some grass/cross country will train the stabilizer leg muscles that typically get overlooked when simply pounding the cement/tarmac routes.

Bonus tip: If training for a specific race, mirror that course in your key sessions – e.g. include hills or loops to try and replicate what you will be facing race day.

Know What You are Trying to Achieve

Before you lace up the runners, make sure you are clear on what the session is trying to do for your running. Is this a speed session, a tempo run or a recovery run? Be clear on what you are meant to do and how—this will help you eliminate junk miles from your training

Bonus tip: Also pick the right route for that session. If your workout involves running at race pace for 1km repeats, for example, try to find a flat route without traffic lights/obstacles that might require you to break out of your rhythm.

Don’t Forget Form

One of my favorite pieces of advice is to “dance like no one is watching” (mainly because I have the coordination and rhythm of “that” drunk uncle at a wedding). However, as I was running along the coast and found myself puffing out my chest; correcting my stride; and lifting my head tall as I spotted some club mates running towards me—it occurred to me that we should run like EVERYONE is watching! In running, good form is important (in dancing, well, less so).

Bonus tip: If you find yourself slowing for no reason, do a quick head-to-toe self “diagnostic” to get your form back. Is your head looking at the floor? Are you slumped over? Are your feet falling where they should? A quick form check should help you refocus and regain your efficiency.

Monitor Your Progress

Do keep a training log, whether you use TrainingPeaks or an old notebook. This will help you see progress in terms of improved times/distance covered and understand when runs are not going as planned.

Bonus tip: As part of the monitoring – keep a log of which shoes you used  and for which run. This will help you keep track of when you should replace shoes with more than 500km in them. 

Getting the most out of your running just requires a little more planning (route and session objectives), improved execution (watching form and mixing things up to challenge yourself/muscle groups) and monitoring your progress to know when to push on or pull back!

Enjoy and remember to run like everyone is watching!

Advice from Steve Monaghetti

Four time Olympian and arguably one of Australia’s greatest long distance runners Steve Monaghetti knows a thing or two about running! He has attended many running events in Australia over the past 3 decades, often speaking at expos and pre/post race events and has offered plenty of pearls of running wisdom over the years. Here’s a few of Monaghetti’s top running tips:

“If you’re training for an endurance event, it’s not about distance necessarily; it’s about time on legs… you need to train when your legs are already fatigued. This can be done by having your long run in the morning, then a second much shorter run in the afternoon [at an elite level, Steve would do 35km on a Sunday morning, then 10km that afternoon].”

“Don’t try to work out your time for a long distance event using your usual 5km or 10km pace. You need to be running faster than your race pace as you’ll only get slower in a race when you get fatigued.”

“A percentage of all programs need to encompass speed training. Going faster than your race pace is the only way you are going to get faster in the race.”

“If you’re training for a marathon, make sure you run shorter events in the lead-up. If you have a bad marathon — and you’ve spent months of hard work to get there — you’ll be bitterly disappointed. But if you’re had a 10km PB along the way then it makes it all worth it.”

“When you’re running you need to be 100% focussed because you need to be able to put everything into that particular effort [Steve doesn’t train with music]”.

“Everyone should run on the track because it’s a measured 400m distance and flat — you can get an accurate measurement of your pace and what you can do without guessing.”

“There’s no way that the first marathon you run should be your fastest. You should be getting faster each time and — if you’re not — you need to revisit what you’re doing.”

“If you’re thinking about running a marathon you need to have the passion first. If you’re going to spend hours-upon-hours every week training and be very, very tired, you’d want to love it.”

“Hill training makes you super strong. It’s better to train on a hill course where you roll over the top and down over the other side, rather than getting to the top, stopping and walking back down [the same way] — there’s no race where that happens!”

“If you’ve trained on hills and they’re in your race then you’re ready, but if they’re not, you’re stronger anyway. So train on hills!”

“Prevention is the key — I ran for 15 years and hardly missed a race and was never injured. I had a massage twice a week and would take my physio with me wherever I went [Steve would take him as his “plus one” to races all over the world].”

“I never took a rest day because I felt like I didn’t need one, but everyone is different. [When I was competing], the way I looked at it was if the guy over the other side of the world wasn’t taking a rest day then I was already putting myself at a disadvantage.”

Up coming races

The Four Vines Experience

The Four Vines Running Festival experience is running and weaving through four working vineyards, it’s sprinting up the finish straight and sipping wine as you cross the finish line, it’s about spending an afternoon in the sun with family and friends at the Finish Line Festival. It’s more than a run and in 2019 we’re also raising funds for the local Nagambie and Bailieston CFA brigades.

The Shepparton Travel & Cruise Marathon starts at Fowles Wine and weaves its way through Box Grove Vineyard, Mitchelton Wines, some quiet country roads and finishes at Tahbilk Winery.

The Nokkon Half Marathon starts and finishes at Tahbilk Winery and loops through Mitchelton Wines, while The Top Pub 10km, 5km and 2km Kids Run all start and finish on Tahbilk Winery. Your day just starts when you cross the finish line with one of the heaviest medals you’ll wear around your neck, sipping on something sparkling. There’s a whole morning and afternoon of the Finish Line Festival with a food and wine festival (yes, there’s beer too), live bands, and kids activities.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Four Vines Family. To register head to

Click here for a filtered link to Victorian runs in the next 8 weeks

Magpie swooping times

Male magpies only swoop during mating season in spring due to a huge increase in testosterone where they become over protective dads. The mating season can vary from state to state but generally is between late August to late October, with the occasional borderline case.

We occasionally hear that some people are continually plagued by a particular bird throughout the year but this is very rare. Dog walkers tend to be targeted and you could speculate that it’s most likely down to the magpies fearing the dogs rather than the walkers due to some previous experience.

Let us know where the locations are of magpie swooping so we can add them here.
Please support the sponsor of the Shepparton Runners Club