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SRC President Mathieu Ryan 2019/20 message.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the night. As well as the outgoing committee and the incoming committee. As well as the club sponsors and supporters. 2019/2020 has been a very interesting year with bushfires, COVID putting a stop to training, and handicaps, but the club saw many positives, we took out the teams in Wangaratta, plus great numbers at the Numurkah fun run. We held a trivia night and meet the coach with Q&A’s. All going well we would like to return to training and handicaps when the restrictions ease and allow us to do so, but for the time being keep running and motivating others to do the same. Stay Safe, Mathieu Ryan

Runner Profile

Adam Burbidge

Age: 39


  • 5K (according to the watch) – 19:55
  • 5K (ParkRun time) – 19:40
  • 10k – 41:56
  • Half – 1:39:38

What got you into running and joining the club?

There were two major factors that I can think of that got me into running. The first was a really bad ankle injury I suffered playing for Tat soccer club. It put me out of action for months, led to injections and physio and ultimately to me hanging up the soccer boots. The second factor was a colleague, Kim Harrold, who is a talented and passionate runner. As well as being an awesome runner, Kim is also very generous and supportive with anyone interested in getting involved in running and it was his encouragement and enthusiasm that helped developed a love, and eventually a lifestyle, out of this amazing sport. I say eventually because initially I seemed to be hit with one niggly injury after another – Left knee, right knee, hip flexors, hammy, shins and the list could go on – and this led to a very stop start beginning to my running hobby for the first few months. Thankfully, my body seems to have finally accepted that the frequent pounding punishment is here to stay and it has stopped complaining… for now…well mostly…

As for how I got involved with the club, I think that was a combination of Kath and Sam mentioning it a few times and a general interest in learning more about the discipline that led me to sign up. It is a shame that COVID has disrupted things so much this year and I look forward to participating in more club activities as things become a little more settled in 2021 (fingers crossed).

You’ve completed a few events, what are your favourites?

Over the last 12 months I have ran in 5ks, 10ks and a couple of trail runs, and a half a little while before that. It’s hard to pick a favourite as I like them all for different reasons. I feel like I am more suited to the longer events as I find them easier but maybe I’ve just been too scared to push the pace on those… If I had to pick I would probably say trail runs because of the natural beauty and variety that they offer which help to alleviate some of the pain from exertion.

Do you think you’ll ever beat Dean Johnson over 5kms?

Haha! Great question! I’ve got about 12 or so years on him so I’d say the chances are slim to none. I did nearly run him down in a Bendigo trail race in which he finished first and me second. Which all sounds good until you hear that he was sick before and after the run to the point where he could barely walk and I had to drive his car home. So, if I can’t run down a very ill Deano in trail run, I’m not confident of a 5k victory. I’d love to get my 5k PB down a bit though and my new goal is 19:30.

What is your favourite style of pizza base, thick and fluffy or thin and crisp?

If I’m in Europe it’s a traditional, Italian style thin base with some good quality olive oil drizzled on top. If I’m in the UK it’s a deep pan from Domino’s with their delicious (and I’m sure really healthy) mayo/garlic/aioli dipping sauce. I’d say overall it’s a thick base preference for me but I’m more concerned with the toppings and dips 😊.

What future running goals do you have post Covid?

I’d love to run one of the big marathons. London, Berlin and New York are my top three,                I think. I don’t have a time goal for marathons, I’d just run to enjoy the people, sights and general atmosphere. Other than my 5k 19:30 goal, I don’t have specific times that I want to achieve in either the 10k or half but I’m definitely aiming to improve my PBs in both.

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Have a great running week.

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