Good Luck Nathan.

More good news 
I’ve been told by Athletics Victoria that my running times at the moment are just at the national level and I should consider moving to Melbourne or Geelong in the future.

Good step to maybe being a professional

Q and A with Nathan

1.       How did AV spot you

Seeing my Parkrun times.

2.       Are you getting any other training advice other than Chris at SRC.

Yes I have been getting alot of tips on how slow I should run my recovery runs and my technique.

3.       How are you feeling about the news? Do you intend going/moving?

Yes I plan on moving to Geelong. My dad lives there so it works out well and its my hometown.

4.       Anything else you can add would be appreciated.

 Would like to say thanks to Chris and the runners club crew I’ve loved every second of it since I’ve been here.

Well done on the awesome news.

Some big races I’ve got coming up that I’m possibly doing

6th July-Sandown Racecourse (Springvale)
14th July-Lakeside Albert Park (Melbourne)
27th July-Lake Wendouree (Ballarat)
28th July-Melbourne Half Marathon
10th August-Cruden Farm (Langwarrin)
8th September-Victorian Half Marathon (Burnley)
21st September-The tan track Botanical Gardens (Melbourne)

Shepparton Running Festival

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Good luck to everyone who is running at the

Remember you can live stream it and track those who are sheppresenting.

Ever heard the one about abs being made in the kitchen? It’s a commonly held belief that diet plays a bigger role than exercise if you’re trying to lose weight. So would it be possible to lose weight through diet alone? Or does exercise play a more important role?

We spoke to Accredited Practising Dietitian Kate Gudorf, to get the skinny on how weight loss really works, and why there are benefits to exercise beyond just losing weight.

How does weight loss work – is it simply calories in minus calories out?

“At its most basic level, weight loss is an energy deficit. Which means that the calories we take in are less than the calories we burn throughout the day.

We burn calories in three different ways:

  • The exercise that we do. That includes planned physical activity as well as the activities of daily life, like moving around, standing or walking.
  • Our basal metabolic rate, which is the energy we use to fuel our body’s processes — so things like our heart beating, our lungs expanding and contracting, our brain using energy to think.
  • The thermic effect of food, which is just a fancy term for metabolism. When we eat, our body uses energy to break down and metabolise the food.

So as long as we’re taking in less than we’re burning, in theory we will lose weight. But of course there are many other factors that can affect that balance.”

In what ways is losing weight different for different people?

“This is where it really comes down to the individualised approach. For some people, they can just very easily alter the calories that they’re taking in, increase the calories that they burn and they go forward and they lose weight. But for other people, they might find that there could be a strong emotional component.

They might struggle with emotional eating, they might have certain triggers that cause them to overeat — for example they could have a very stressful day, and the way that they manage that is by turning to comfort foods. Or maybe people have a strong connection with sitting in front of a screen at night and eating, and eating more than what they need to consume.

For other people, they might just find that when they reduce the amount of calories they’re taking in, they feel it’s beginning to affect their quality of life. Because obviously food is connected to so much that we do, it’s connected culturally, it’s connected to our enjoyment and our social life, so for some people, that emotional connection with food can be really difficult to tame.”

More here

Cobram parkrun 3rd anniversary this Saturday.

Link is here.

SRC E- news Feb 1, 2019


Special mention to Mairead MacDougall who achieved her 190th parkrun at Underwood Park, it was her 60th different parkrun, her 50th different Australian parkrun and most notably, she completed her alphabet parkrun tourism challenge! Well Done Mairead!


Sunday Feb 3 is our 1600m handicap at the athletics track, first race at 8:30am. Rego on the day from 8:00am
Prizes, gift vouchers from Intersport.

Thursday Feb 7 is our 40th birthday! We will have a pot luck night on after training, bring a pot of food along and come and celebrate with everyone and share some stories. The SRC 40th Facebook page will be launched as part of this event. 

Tuesday Feb 12 is our graded 3000m track races also at the athletics track, first race at 6:15pm and will also count towards our handicap results.

Feb 7, 40th Anniversary Launch –  pot luck 7 pm SRC Clubrooms
March 10, Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser
July 13 SRC 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner. More information to come with online booking and a stand-alone Facebook page with all the information you need. All coming soon.

Sunday February 24  – Wangaratta Marathon and fun runs Website 

Sunday March 31 – Murray running festival Albury Website 

Other news

Courtney Atkinson ran Australia’s 8 best trails in just 7 days
Olympic triathlete Courtney Atkinson ran 8 of Australia’s best trails in 7 days, running for over 14 hours across a total of 137 kilometres, taking 12 flights, and spending 43 hours driving a total of 3556 kilometres! Find out more here at Red Bull.

Improve your form
Good running form aligns all your joints optimally to create a smooth, efficient running gait. By doing certain dynamic stretches and strengthening exercises and remaining aware of your body movement while you run, you can avoid or address impediments to good running form. Check out these exercises that can help at Trail Runner.

Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Shepparton Runners Club AGM is on Thursday 11th October 2018 at the Clubrooms, following training and a shared “Pot Luck” meal. Everyone welcome.

Attached are nominee form and proxy forms.

Proxy Form AGM 2018

AGM Nomination Form 2018 2019

SRC E-News July 20

SRC E-news May 25

Club News

Sportsmans Warehouse

As some of you may have heard through the grapevine, Sportsmans Warehouse is closing down. The official announcement will come out today, but Carlo has called Mathieu to confirm the rumours. Their doors will close in July and they will honour our arrangement until then.
The Shepparton Runners Club would like to thank Sportsmans Warehouse for their sponsorship with the club and with the Shepparton Running Festival.

Defib training 

Yesterday several SRC members attended a defib training session at the Shepparton Runners Club rooms. The following people received defib training along with some basic first aid. Chris, Norah, Matt, Allan, Rosalie, Sebastian, Steven, Larry, Adrian, & Lee-anne. The following members have previously learnt how to use a defib Sue, Nadine, & Liz.

Bunnings BBQ

September 16, 2018

The Shepparton Runners Club has been successful in locking in Sept 16 for a Bunnings BBQ. This will be a fundraiser for the Shepparton Runners Club 40th celebrations in 2019. Thanks to Melanie for organising this.

Planned December Event

SRC Teams Event – December – date and time to be confirmed, aiming for a Saturday twilight event in early December

How would it work?

 Chris will ask people to nominate themselves as being interested initially, from there he will nominate team captains. All the interested names would be placed into different groups. Happy to have anyone nominate, so not restricted to SRC members, the more the merrier.

Example of groups – subject to change

Group 1. Male – sub 20 parkrunners

Group 2. Female – sub 25 parkrunners

Group 3. Juniors

Group 4. Male – sub 30 parkrunners

Group 5. Female – sub 30 parkrunners

Group 6. All remaining runners

Let’s say we get 45 interested runners – Chris will nominate 3 team captains and they will pick a squad of 15 each

How are the teams picked?

 We want to have a social night in the lead up maybe a Thursday or Saturday? And could make it like a draft – Each captain pulls a name out of the say Female sub 25 minute parkrunners pool, and we announce the picks – Eg – “with the first pick in the SRC Teams Draft, the Sportsmans Warehouse Warriors select Kate Dainton” – we will name the teams after our sponsors and encourage team members to wear their sponsor colours on the day.


SRC Members – Free, Non Members $10

How does the event work? – subject to change

 We would have a range of events on the day eg – 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m, a mixed relay, separate races for males and females and hopefully juniors.

Basically the day is a mix of a school athletics carnival mixed with the nitro athletics event hosted in Melbourne last year.

The initial feedback has been very positive and we look forward to keeping you updated in the lead up to the event.



Kathy & Narelle

The 12 marathon ran by Kathy and Narelle this year will be held in December in Shepparton.

The Shepparton Runners Club is invited to Join Kathy and Narelle for a km or 42. What distance you do is up to you. An event is in the planning stages at the moment with a committee organising a final event,

Voice4kidz #12in12

Sunday 16 December

The Woolshed @Emerald Bank


Details on distances, course, time etc TBC

Kathy & I have recovered well from the O’Keefe Challenge marathon on 22nd April, 2 weeks ago.

We are currently in our “ peak training week” for our next marathon in Adelaide on the 27th May.

“Peak week” certainly looks a little different if you were training for 1 marathon.

Kathy and I will explain our monthly training program in the next few weeks. So make sure to stay tuned. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

Please show your support to our fundraising cause and donate today, our details are BSB: 633 000
Account: 143 139 863
Thank you 

Runner Profile

Name  – Chris Banning

Age – 27

Recent PBs 5k – 17:40, 10k – 45:15, Half – 1:38:25


What inspired you to start running? I was always involved in my school’s athletics team, but with an emphasis on triple jump, 800 m and cross country. I was a member of Ringwood AC, but my coach had a stroke when he was overseas and wasn’t able to return to coaching. I began to drift from the AC and only ran occasionally. My uncle used to compete in Ironman events. One Christmas he convinced a few of us to sign up to compete in the team Ironman event in Busselton WA . My dad did the swimming leg, my aunt the bike and I ran the marathon leg. I’ve been running ever since.


How many years have you been running? I’ve been running for about 9 years now


Typical training week – I don’t have any regular training. I run at parkrun on Saturdays and may get a training run in during the week. It all depends on what the kids are doing!


Goals – I’d love to get back to my times from 12 months ago and target a sub-17 5 km. I also want to complete a half in under 90 minutes.


Biggest challenge in running – trying to manage niggling injuries (shin splints) and finding time to train with two young kids at home


Biggest breakthrough in running – increasing my cadence to decrease the stress on my legs has really helped with managing my shin splints


Most enjoyable run would – I love those cross country runs where you’re weaving along gravel paths and up and down hills. I love that feeling of exploring the unknown and being completely disconnected with the rest of the world while I’m running.


If you could run in any event where would it be? I’d love to compete in the London marathon


Who inspires you to run – I’m amazed by Mo Farah. To have come from such a humble origin as a refugee fleeing Somalia, to becoming the most successful British distance runner of all time and a multiple Olympic gold medallist.


Best advice would have been – Take it easy when returning to running after injuries. I always went to hard or too soon afterwards and never really let my body heal entirely.


Any funny or notable moments – I had a great time running as Pikachu at the Shep parkrun earlier this year. I didn’t expect it to make an impression, but at the Euroa parkrun launch last week I was recognised as “Pikachu”


Up-coming races

Did someone say marathon NEW

Sunday, November 4, Nagambie, 4 vines running festival.


Facebook here 

Further reading

A simple, flavoursome way to enjoy your greens.

Once you’ve mastered the art of stir-frying – cooking enough so that vegetables aren’t raw, but not too much so that they lose their crunch – you can use the technique on lots and lots of different sorts of leafy greens, and experiment with your flavours. This recipe is a good start.

If you don’t have all the leafy greens listed below, simply substitute with any Asian greens from your garden.

Full recipe on the Medibank website here

SRC E-Newsletter November 24th