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Hello SRC members and supporters.

As self isolation continues, it is glad to see many runners adapting to their environments. It is also great to see social distancing being observed by many members. There has been noted increase of public use of common areas such as the lake and botanic gardens, which is great to see the public keeping healthy, but we still need to remember social distancing. There is now the issue around unnecessary travel with Mount Major now being closed to the general public. I now ask all members to act with caution when travelling to their favourite running spot. If you can run within your own neighbourhood, please do.

Coach Chris’ Virtual sessions are still very popular with members posting their sessions online. This is proving to be a great motivator to maintain fitness while we are unable to train as a club, with members posting pictures of their runs and how they went with their training sessions.

Stay Safe and Keep Running

Mathieu Ryan


“High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has boomed in popularity with the general public, particularly in the last few years, but is clearly nothing new in any athletic space. In fact, Sir Roger Bannister was noted as completing “10 quarter mile intervals per workout at close to race pace, with about two minutes of recovery between each interval”. More recently, HIIT has been shown to have beneficial effects on a number of physiological variables that contribute to running performance (muscle buffering capacity, mitochondrial content, capillary density and running economy to name a few). In relation to the study in question, we may guess that the Kenyan athletes were completing a greater portion of their training as short intervals to elicit some of these benefits in the lead up to their major events.

For reference, the Kenyan athletes were completing about 60% of their total kilometres as easy runs, 25% as tempo runs, just under 10% as short intervals, just under 5% as long intervals and around 1% as tests/competitions. For comparison the national level athletes completed close to 70% of their total kilometres as easy runs, 10% as tempo runs, around 6% as short intervals, 12% as long intervals and 2% as tests/competitions…”

Read the full article:

Following the rules

After a week of social distancing of running with no more than one other person most of us were commenting that it seemed like a month since we ran in a group.

It’s great to see runner using social media (Facebook & Strava) to discuss their run and training plan.

And here are some reminders from the Vic Gov website. Remember this is from the government and doesn’t have to make sense.

Can I leave the house to do some outdoor exercise on my own?

Yes, you can leave your home to exercise alone, provided it’s possible to maintain appropriate physical distancing from others. This includes, walking, running, bike riding or other types of exercise, such as yoga in a park.

Can I exercise with others?

You can exercise outdoors with any or all of the people who normally live at the same address as you. This includes walking the dog, yoga in the park or going for a run or bike ride. Always maintain physical distancing when you are exercising with them. 

Alternatively, you can also do outdoor exercise with one other friend or family member who doesn’t normally live at the same address as you, provided you maintain physical distancing while together.

That person can also be a personal trainer if you wish.

Can I meet a friend for coffee? 

Only as part of your daily exercise. Cafés and restaurants are not permitted to offer table service, so sitting down for coffee with a friend at your local café is not an option. Going for a walk with one friend or family member who doesn’t live at the same address as you and getting a couple of takeaway coffees is an alternative, but an online coffee catch-up is the better way to stop the spread of coronavirus.

SRC donated $800 to the Cupid’s Undie Run

Shepparton Runners Club (SRC) members may not have been able to lace up and strip down for a great cause last Sunday, but that didn’t stop them from contributing. Today the SRC donated $800 to the Cupid’s Undie Run, Shepparton, which will go towards the Children’s Tumour Foundation.

Cupid’s Shepparton, race director, Kerry Connolly said, ”I was blown away with the donation. We were sad to not be having our run, but this has lifted our spirits”

Race Calendar

Briefly – Gold Coast July entries suspended. Shepparton August entries suspended.

Name of EventDate of EventLocation of EventEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Make it Your Own
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Pop! Challenge
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
I Survived 2020 5km Virtual RunThursday, 1 October 2020 to Sunday, 31 January 2021AnywhereEvent Website Facebook Page
Legacy Remembrance Walk6th November to 11th November AnywhereEvent Website

Pan Seared Salmon and Avocado Salsa

For the Pan Seared Salmon4 Salmon fillet‘s – skin on2 Tablespoons avocado oil Click here for my favorite brand1/2 teaspoon garlic powderZest and juice of one small lime Kosher salt to taste pepper to taste For the Avocado Salsa150 g Diced avocado juice of one lime clove Onegarlic minced salt and pepper to taste2 tablespoons chopped corinader2 roma tomatoes diced


  1. Heat the avocado oil in a large non stick fry pan or skillet over medium high heat.
  2. Season both sides of the salmon fillet‘s with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
  3. Cook the salmon in the hot skillet for a skin side down until it it starting to crisp. Sprinkle the lime zest and pour the lime juice over the salmon before turning. Flip the salmon and cook through to your liking.
  4. Remove from heat and set aside
  5. In a medium bowl, combine all of the ingredients for the avocado salsa and season with salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Serve salmon fillet’s topped with avocado salsa

Remember Coach Chris post training sessions on line. You are encouraged to post your run on line when prompted by Chris or Norah.

Stay safe, Stay home, unless you are social distancing running with one other.

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