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The Shepparton Runners Club is honoured to support the Mothers Day Classic this Sunday. The Shepparton Runners Club will provide pacers for the run. Thanks goes to Kathy Fuller allowing the cross promotion of the Shepparton Runners Club on Facebook and the Shepparton News.

It seems the pacers will really get into the spirit of the day by dressing up in pink. We may even see a tutu or two.  Earlier on in the week at separate occasions, Chris Nicholson, Mathieu Ryan and Kate Dation went tutu shopping. Chris and Matt bought their tutu without question. But then Kate goes in and the lady at the shop was like “um…. are you with the other male runners??” Is it odd that Matt and Chris weren’t questioned but Kate was?

The Mothers Day Classic will be a great morning supporting a great cause.


SRC handicap Cross Country results

SRC May Handicap 4.9km Cross Country

Name Gun Time (Mins)Net time (Mins)
Chelsea Nicholson33.5828.53
Mathieu Ryan 33.5920.46
Jason Hunter34.2423.08
Chris Banning34.3620.31
Liza Hoffman34.3829.38
Lydia Monk34.4725.12
Chris Nicholson34.4921.24
Nadine Edwards34.5124.06
Mel McAuliffe34.5925.59
Shane Colbert35.0925.39
Allan Connolly35.1030.35
Steve Monk35.1030.34
Steve Hicks35.2626.43
Adrian Jones36.2124.05
Hayden Reynolds36.4727.49
Helen Reynolds36.5927.49
Norah Armstrong37.1827.28
Julie Mulcahy37.2337.23
Natalie Hicks 37.5528.05
Cadel Nicholson38.0526.55
Justine Ryan38.4536.45
Steven Travaskis41.1134.31

A request from Sao Mai Tyler

Hi all,

I’m posting on behalf of Maddie, a vision impaired future triathlete. Maddie is a local; she’s from Numurkah but lives in Melbourne. We’ve been training together with me as her guide – cycling once a month in Shepparton and running on a Sunday morning at Achilles running group in Melb. We both had planned to do her first tri at Shepp Challenge. But unfortunately I had to pull out due to health issues. So we need to find Maddie a good pair of eyes and a willing spirit! Guides generally do no pay for entry, and I can help you get started with how to guide a vision impaired person. The distance is 500m swim, 30km bike and 7km run. At the very least we need to find someone who can cycle with her, but if you’re up for the challenge you can do all three! Maddie is super nice and I would love to see her do her first tri locally. We have til November! If anyone is interested let me know at Tues training, I’ll be there in a fortnight rough and ready for a run! Pictured is us ready for our long ride on the tandem bike

If you can help Sao and her friend out please contact Sao at training or via Facebook. 

Runner Profile 

Name  Trevor Dainton

Age 60

Recent PBs 5k, 10k, Half, Marathon

5km – 19:18    10km – 40.41  Half – 1:28  Marathon – 3:58

What inspired you to start running?  Nothing really.  Always been right into health and fitness and most sports.


How many years have you been running?

About 40 years. In my early twenties I started competition running under my coach Noel Hussey, but didn’t really have the right attitude and then focused on squash and cricket for a few years.


Typical training week

Gym twice a week for either grit or pump and weights, and about 40kms of running.


Goals – To run a marathon time that I am really happy with, which will be soon.


Biggest challenge in running –  First competition run in my early twenties at Echuca (realization of the standard of runners around at a higher level and where I needed to be at).  Also changing running habits of the past 40 years to prepare and recouperate properly..


Biggest breakthrough in running. 1;28 for half last year.


Most enjoyable run would – Two Bays


If you could run in any event where would it be?  Boston Marathon


Who inspires you – Kevin Bell runs exceptionally good times for his age, plenty of young people would be more than happy with his times. His Park Run percentage ratings speak for themselves.  Dave Frizzell and Sue Olley also does exceptionally well.


Best advice would have been – to prepare properly for events and recouperation and not to start too quickly – I hope to learn to apply it all one day as I know it will make a difference


Any funny or notable moments – Rob Hearn at Park Run – when coming up behind a group of walkers, he yelled out elite runner coming through – it was a classic line as was the look on their face when he passed by.

The other one was when we had just started Park Run, a local loony watching,  took a set on me for some reason yelling out as a couple of young kids sprinted off at the start line “even the kids can beat you”.

Just thinking about still makes me laugh.

How to get really fast after 50 

Fifty is the age where performance declines become obvious, and can no longer be written off solely to non-sport commitments like family or job stress. Plus, other things occur at 50 that move aging to the forefront of one’s mind, like reading glasses, grey hair, facial wrinkles, and so on.

Read more here 

Upcoming races

Next Mothers Day Classic Shepparton

Euroa Parkrun launch May 19

46 Kirkland Ave Euroa, 8am sta

All upcoming races are on the Shepparton Runners Club Facebook page under the tab Events. Click on the event you are interested in for more information and remember to click Interested or Going. The Shepparton Runners Club Event page is here

Further reading 

Expressions of Pye  

Expressions of Pye is a health and fitness blog written by Sarah Pye a former SRC member. Sarah covers topics like recipes, fitness and life. Sarah will give you practical ideas for your health and fitness without going to any sort of fad diet or extream exercise. She explains a lot of body weight exercises as well.

Sarah’s blog which you can subscribe to is here

Sarah’s Facebook page that has a lot of the same stuff as her blog is here.

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