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January 2021

spa day Well, its been another busy weekend, with all the running activity going on this week… time to put up the feet and get this newsletter prepared.

It has been great to see people getting out and getting some running in, with parkrun back in full swing and out handicaps back, at least we are getting to have a run with mates and get into some of the banter that goes with it. It feels like an eternity since we have had the opportunity to run races, and one can hope that that is about to change with a few events on the calendar as long as we keep Covid at bay.

As always, if you have something that you would like to see in the newsletter, please make sure that you get in contact at The next newsletter is due out on the 26 March.

Happy reading and……..  Keep Running 😉

President’s Podium

Goodmorning Running Superstars!
What a month we have had. We have survived a snap lockdown, had a massive turnout at our 3

km handicap and survived the heat once again. Below are some updates the committee wish to share.

We are still working on getting clean water to the club rooms and after discussion with council maintenance they believe it to be the hot water system, which will be getting replaced. Until then, we ask members to bring their own water to training sessions. While on the topic of club rooms, council have sent out a revised plan for the new facilities, however nothing has changed that will impact the clubs space.

We now have a stand for the timing clock, courtesy of Robert Ryan, who made one for the club to help with positioning and keeping the clock stable. The next step will be creating a visor to help block the glare and a bag to help transport it to different events.
Membership has been strong this year as we now have 95 paid members, as well as our two regular life members at training. It’s great to see so many faces at training and handicaps.
Multi sport weekend only 1 week away!
If you haven’t already registered to run, there is still time. Saturday will have a 2km kids race with $5 donated to GV Hospital Kids Ward ( and Sunday will have the 7,14 and 21km race, complete with bib and medal (
If you are also available to help on the weekend, please register here.
Remember, you can still run and help out. Every hand helps!
Take care and keep running
Mathieu Ryan

Coaches Corner

This month I want to share with you some key Recovery Tips.

One of the things I get asked a bit is about recovery, so I thought I’d share my top 3 tips.

1. Sleep – this is the most important thing, if you’re not getting enough sleep it doesn’t matter how well you are running, your body will struggle to repair itself.

2. Nutrition – if you put diesel in a petrol car things don’t go to well…. same thing with our bodies, if we don’t fuel it correctly it won’t perform or repair the way you want or need.

3. Hydration – Water! As much as this is the boring option, your body will thank you for it.

Now this all sounds a bit dull, But if you do all 3 of these at a high level then you’re doing better than most of us!  These are the “Big 3” if you’re doing these well and want to look for additional ways to recover you can then begin to explore things like foam rolling, hot and cold water therapy, compression garments, massage guns etc…

How would you rate your sleeping habits, nutrition and hydration?

– Chris A

February 3km Handicap Round-up

May be an image of outdoorsLast Sunday (21st February) the second of our 3kms handicap events was held for the year. In almost the exact conditions to last month, very warm and humid, 50 participants slugged it out in a high spirited event.

The Volunteers, headed up by Chris Armstrong, were out early in the morning to set up, and can be credited with the very professional look we see month in and month out. The start/finish line was awesome all decked out in purple and gold.

Not only did we have out 50 participants and the volunteers, but it was great to see many supporters and spectators in attendance as well. We really appreciate that they gave up their Sunday sleep-ins to come along and watch too.

May be an image of 3 people, people playing sport, people standing and outdoors

The course includes a lap of the oval at Princess park, then participants head out the gate and up the driveway, through the carpark at the top of the hill and then onto the levy bank.

After that, it is a nice firm and flat run around to the turn around point where runners head back the way they came finishing with a one lap dash around the oval to see what time they can gain over the last 400ms.

Our Handicapper once again did an awesome job with nearly all participants on the oval at the same time as the event drew to a close.

May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoors
Some quick stats:

*4th to 38th were separated by 50 seconds,

*45 of our 50 finishers finished within 60 seconds of their handicap,
*29 of our 50 finishers finished within 20 seconds of their handicap.
Thank you also to Intersport Shepparton for sponsoring todays run.

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors

Congratulations to our top 2 place getters who each receive a $30 voucher from Intersport Shepparton:
1st Male – Fletcher Hicks
2nd Male – Brett Church
1st Female -Melanie McAuliffe
2nd Female – Kati Hogarth
Firstly thank you to our amazing volunteers who started setting up just before 6:30am. A lot of little things happen to help today run smooth and not only “look” the part but hopefully exceed your expectations as runners.
Thank you to our runners for the effort and sacrifice you go to, to support the events, we love putting events on for you! It feels great to see you “vote” with your feet. The best part is seeing you all afterwards socializing whether it’s on a cool down or sitting down and enjoying some breakfast afterwards, it really warms the heart.

May be an image of 2 people, people playing sport, people standing, outdoors and text that says

No photo description available. We are still seeking support for volunteer roles to help on the Multisport weekend (next weekend).

If you can help on either date, please click on this link and register. Thanks in advance superstars!…/11tmpDmVnZaY6tH13…/viewform…

Runner Profile

Gerard MontgomeryMay be an image of 1 person

37 years old

5km: PB 18:17

10km: 39.53

Half: 1:29

Full: yet to complete

I began my running career at the age of 16. This is when I took up football umpiring with the Goulburn Valley Football Umpires. When your sister can kick a ball further than you, you know it’s time to give up the game.

Have been involved with the association for 21 years now. Became a life member in 2018.

I also was a part of the fire brigade running team for Mooroopna. Being small and agile I was the ladder man. Scared of heights but got over the fear with the rush of adrenaline.

We got involved with the Shepparton Runners Club after Chris Nicholson mentioned it to Kate at work one day. Thinking it was a good idea to see what it was all about we went down to a session. Kate was not a big runner so think it was to give me another group of like minded people to share a common interest with. The part that convinced me that the runners club was a good idea, was at the Wangaratta Running Festival. We went along for the first running event I have ever entered and really enjoyed the support from the club along the track as well as the finish line. From there we decided the runners club was a good fit for purpose.

From there I have run in the Numurkah Fun Run. First and only time I got to beat Nathan Stoate. 🙂 Then have completed a couple of Shepparton Running Festivals, in the 5k and 21k events. Run for the Kids in Melbourne was an awesome experience, seeing the purple and gold in the crowd and on the track was awesome and I have run the Rosebud Australia Day Fun Run in 2017.

Getting the family involved in running has been a bit of a passion for me. They keep telling me they don’t like it as much as I do, but I think secretly they do enjoy it, they just won’t admit it. For us we plan our holidays around where we can participate in a parkrun. The involvement through running and volunteering has aided us in the sense of achievement and belonging. Being a part of a great club makes for an enjoyable experience. Connections from all walks of life and everyone has a story. Montana has compromised with us to volunteer one week at parkrun then run the following week. Can’t argue with her when she wants to help out. We know it’s to get out of the running side of things though. 🙂

My favourite pizza is our Friday night home made special. What ever is left over and can go onto a pizza. If its from a shop I can’t go past BBQ chicken.

My running goal this year is to get back into umpiring. Fingers crossed we can get a few games in this year.

Future running goals are to complete a full marathon. This is a FUTURE goal. One day. For now, happy to keep running with good friends and family.

Keep smiling and enjoy life.



Support for Lila

Lila Urquhart, one of our fantastic Junior club members, has decided to put her love for sport to a good use and is swimming 8kms in 30 days.

She is raising money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a fantastic organisation that helps sick children.

If you would like to support Lila in her efforts, you can log into her page at the link below and make a donation.