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SRC Mile Handicap – Sunday February 16th

It’s on again, our second handicap for 2020 and we go back to the athletics track!


When – Sunday 16th February, first race at 8:30am
Where – Shepparton Athletics Track
Who – Everyone is welcome
Cost – SRC Members – Free, Non-Members $5

Register here –…/1FAIpQLScdH8MYYryGVYct0l…/viewform

Runner Profile

Melanie McAuliffe

Melanie McAuliffe

Born – Albury NSW (although parents lived in Shepparton at the time) but grew up in Townsville QLD

Kids – Mason 15 and Maleah 6

Lives – Mooroopna – for around the last 10 years

Age – 41 years, 11 months and 26 days

What are your PBs?

  1. 5km – 26.09
  2. 10km – 57.22
  3. half – 2.07.59
  4. full – I will never find out

What started your running journey?

After keeping mostly to myself for the first 6 years of my time in Mooroopna I finally decided to “Try something new”. A friend of mine suggested we try parkrun to get fit and meet new people, so we signed up and then did absolutely nothing, 2 laps of the lake? Are you crazy!!…… Finally a few months later the kids and l went along to Parkrun to give it a go. Mason was calling out to me the whole time “Hurry up mum” while I pushed the pram around the lake (TWICE!!!), dying and wondering “how do all these crazy people do this each week and without carrying a water bottle” I finished in just under 39 mins and I was addicted. I set myself goals, stalked every running website available and then decided that once I could run 5km in under 30mins I would join the Runners Club. The rest is history.

Running is the BEST therapy and I wish I had found it years ago. As a single mum of two kids I would very rarely put myself first or allow myself to be part of anything other than kid related things. But what I love about running is that I can do it whenever I want, with or without kids, and if I don’t run on a certain day I’m not letting a team down.

How do you find time to run with working and kids!

It’s not easy, and Strava will show that I lack consistency. But you just do what you can, when you can. Originally I would run with Maleah in the pram and Shawn the Sheep on the DVD player, now I run with the club, after work, in the mornings (as Mason is old enough to baby sit) or the Ryans and I tag team babysitting duties if needed.

What do you like about the SRC?

The inclusiveness, the craziness and the friendships. Maleah has no family here other than myself and Mason so I love that EVERY member of the club is someone who I consider a positive role model for her and Mason, which is very important to me.

Goals for the next twelve months?

Apart from consistency, it’s to Beat Tara. We have a bet going that will end in April and the winner gets to choose an outfit for the loser to wear at parkrun/handicap.

Best recovery drink out of a mixing bowl?

Ok so to explain this. I was very tired on Sunday and poured myself a nice cold wine INTO A BOWL. I laughed, I cried, I took a photo and shared my craziness. But seriously WATER, cold water!! And then follow with a Pinot Grigio.

Pineapple or Anchovies on a pizza?

Pineapple; anchovies belong on the NEVER EVER list with coriander and full marathons.

Any favourite or memorable races that you have done?

My first half marathon was The Great Ocean Road with Justine, Matt and Steve. It was the best; location, run, atmosphere and company!!! Then every event I do where I hear the cheers of the Purple and Gold as I cross the line warms my heart and brings me such joy. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful and supportive people.

Two truths and a lie:

  1. I have 7 tattoos
  2. I’ve been skydiving
  3. I’ve lived on 2 islands in the Whitsundays

Race Calendar

Edited by Sharleen. If you know of a race in the next 2 months that’s not included please let Sharleen know.

Name of EventDate of EventLocation of EventEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Make it Your Own
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
Pop! Challenge
Wednesday, 1 January 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020Anywhere in AustraliaEvent WebsiteFacebook Page
I Survived 2020 5km Virtual RunThursday, 1 October 2020 to Sunday, 31 January 2021AnywhereEvent Website Facebook Page
Legacy Remembrance Walk6th November to 11th November AnywhereEvent Website

The Road to Nagoya

By Tara Daniel

Last Sunday I wanted a 15km run at Half Marathon race pace as a test for Wangaratta half marathon. So I new I couldn’t run with Tara as she would run 30+ seconds per km slower than my aim. So Sam decided to run with me to assist with my pacing. Jacqui was a late scratching from Tara’s support runners so Taren decided to run with Sam and I. Taren was aiming for 10 km and Sam 20 km.

We clocked over 10 km in 1:07:00 and Taren was committed to running the extra 2 km to get back to her car. Sam and I continued on trying to pick up the pace but I didn’t have much left in the tank. When I finished my 15 km in 1:40:51 Sam kept running to clock up his 20 km for the morning.

This week Tara’s support runners were Kate Dainton, Melanie and Natalie. Her latest blog is here – The Road to Nagoya

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