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The Shepparton Runners Club just clicked over another milestone in membership numbers. We have just hit 150 financial members.

SRC Annual General Meeting

Hello SRC Members, The Shepparton Runners Club will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 10th October at 7pm after our regular Thursday night training at the club rooms at Princess Park. There will be food provided by the club at the conclusion of training, prior to the meeting. This will be a BBQ provided by the club. We are asking members to BYO salad to share. If anyone has any food allergies, please let us know. The roles descriptions, nomination and proxy forms are available via the SRC website This is a great opportunity for any current members who wish to join the committee and be a part of shaping the club for 2020. If any member has any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us

SRC Presentation night.

SAVE THE DATE: 7th December 2019🏆

Venue – Swans rooms Princess Park.

5 pm start with a surprise activity for the kids!! It will be a family friendly event and all members (past and present) and their families are invited.

More information to come but if you have any ideas on what you would like to see from the night – please let us know!!!

#Sheppresenting in Melbourne.

Over the last few weeks Sharleen has been busy chatting to the SRC member who have entered the Melbourne Marathon festival. The SRC has members running in the Marathon, Half and 10 km distances. All were correct at the time of the interview and runners may have changed up or down in the interim.

We have 23 SRC members confirmed so far.

Marathon: Nathan Stoate, Grant Hicks, Natalie Hicks, Anna Turnbull, Kate Dainton, Laura Smithers-Shaw, Felicity Hall, Trevor Dainton, Harry Ukich, Jodie Redfern, Hamish Reid, Phillip Healey

Half Marathon: Amanda Heard, Kirsten Arthur, Norah Armstrong, Chris Armstrong, Bronwyn Cole, Chris Banning, Helen Reynolds

10km: Cate Aitken, Rosalie Smith, Chris Harvey, Debbie Harvey

Chris Harvey

1. How did your training program work out?

My training program started when I decided to do the half marathon at our running festival, however it was a somewhat shortened program due to an injured hip.  After completing the half marathon, which I enjoyed, I felt my hip would not appreciate another one so soon so opted for the 10 km run in Melbourne.

2. How long was your longest run?

Longest run for the half was 17 kms and for the Melbourne run I have run 10 kms.   Ran up Mount Major recently which was not so bad the worst bit was the downward journey which has resulted in an increase in hip soreness, so now just trying to maintain what level I am at running parkrun and SRC training sessions

3. Are you using any nutrition strategies?

Balanced diet with plenty of carbs,

4. Do you have a goal in mind?

My first goal is to complete the distance and being able to run onto the MCG, however I would like to do it under 1 hour but this depends on how I handle the hills in particular the downward slopes.

5. What number run is this for you?

This will be the first run in the Melbourne marathon carnival which will no doubt be the largest run, numbers wise, that I have done.

6. Best and most challenging aspect of training?

Best part about training is actually being able to run, albeit not very fast, the most challenging aspect is managing an aging body, in particular my cranky hip.

Laura Smithers-Shaw

1. How did your training program work out?

My training program was terrific. I thought it looked tough and potentially too much running for me but I managed it ok. 

2. How long was your longest run?

My longest run was 28km

3. Are you using any nutrition strategies?

I follow the paleo lifestyle as much as possible and just try to eat clean (I’ve been quite naughty this year!) 

I don’t do a lot of traditional ‘carb loading’!

4. Do you have a goal in mind?

My goal is to finish in one piece! If I finish faster than my previous marathon times I’ll be very happy.

5. What number run is this for you?

This is marathon number 4 (2 were part of an Ironman)

6. Best and most challenging aspect of training?

The most challenging part of the training for me was backing up the long run with another run the next morning. Also, trying not to be too exhausted from running that I had nothing left for my family time or other training.

Anna Turnbull

1. How did your training program work out? 

I will find out on October 12!

2. How long was your longest run? 


3. Are you using any nutrition strategies? 

Yes. I’ll use Gu.

4. Do you have a goal in mind? 

Just to beat last year’s time

5. What number run is this for you? 

2nd marathon

6. What has been the best and the most challenging aspect of training? 

Fitting in the long runs around family but waking up at 5am on a Sunday meant I couldn’t stay out late on a Saturday night!

Cate Aitken 

1. How did your training program work out? 

My training has not gone to plan. I have been unwell for the last 4 weeks and missed trainings as well as  swimming which has been part of my weekly routine. 

2. How long was your longest run? 

My longest run was 11km back in August. 

3. Are you using any nutrition strategies for the run?

I don’t follow any nutritional strategies but do just try to include a lot of protein and have a balanced diet. I do love chocolate unfortunately! 

4. Do you have a goal in mind?

My goal is to beat my previous 10K PB..which is 1:04, not sure how that will go now so just hoping for around the same time and just enjoy it.

5. What number run is this for you?

This will be the second time I’ve ran at Melbourne marathon. (I have no idea of how many events I’ve entered- 20+ medals hanging on my wall)

6. What has been the best and the most challenging aspect of training?

Best part of training – coach Chris and being with my running buddy, worst part – I have been too sick to get there. 

I’m pretty excited for Melbourne as not only do I get to run with SRC crew, my brother is coming over from Adelaide to run his first half and my daughter is running in the 5k. 

Debbie Harvey

1. How did your training program work out?

At the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to try to run a Half Marathon.  I was running 10 kms runs at that stage. I spoke to Coach Chris and asked him what he thought about me trying to do a Half marathon.  He advised that I increase the kms gradually (add one kilometre to my long run every three weeks). So that is what I did. I really enjoyed my Thursday long runs, some with my sisters dog Zuri who was great company.  Chris’s advice to increase kms gradually was spot on. By my third week of running 15kms I knew I was ready to run 16 kms and after 3 weeks at 16 km I could run 17 at the same pace and so on. 

2. How long was your longest run?

My longest run leading up to the Half Marathon was somewhere between 19 and 20km ( I lost satellite  contact and so my watch wasn’t recording accurately – Grrr).

I loved running the Half Marathon – it was so much fun.  All the training had paid off. (Huge thanks to Chris).

I was keen to do another Half at Melbourne but in the end decided to settle for the 10 km event. I have been a little relaxed about training for the 10km event but have done some 10 and 12 km runs and I ran up and down Mt Major twice on Sunday.  

3. Are you using any nutrition strategies?  

I lost quite a bit of weight in the lead up to the Shepp. Half so at the moment I am trying to put the weight back on again. 

4. Do you have a goal in mind?

My goal for the 10 km event – it would be nice to do it in an hour but I might not worry about numbers/time.and just enjoy being part of a big race.

5. What number run is this for you?  

This will be my first Melbourne run.

6. What have been the best and the most challenging aspects of training?

 Best parts are definitely Training nights with SRC, running in the handicaps and parkrun.   It’s great training with lots of really lovely people. I don’t have any challenges about training but I do wish I had discovered  running much earlier in life …….but better late than never.

Looking forward to running in Melbourne and seeing lots of other SRC members there.

Runner Profile – Justine Ryan

I started running for a number of reasons. I was already going places with Matt for most events, so it was a case of “if you can’t beat em, join em”. I also needed an outlet from having two little ones at home, to which the SRC sessions have really helped – which absolutely surprised me (apparently running is good for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing – who knew!?). I’m not the typical “runner” and I by no means break ANY records…. but I’m moving and thats what counts. I’ve learnt that running is only ever against myself, and you can’t do your best run every time. I really enjoy the social atmosphere, friendly environment, and the allocated time to just tune out. 99.8% of the time i finish in a better mood than when I started.

I’m really not sure if I entirely ENJOY running …yet!! Its difficult to get your butt into gear and get down to training… especially when I’m very good at creating excuses… but the first 100-200m are the worst – its the kick starting of the body that is the hardest and getting all the creaks out of the legs. Once going, its all ok and I can concentrate on the important things…. like breathing!! Beating the excuses, kick starting the body, getting it done… I absolutely love the feeling AFTER running!! Plus, it helps to get the crazy out some days 🙂.

My PBs are:

5k – 31:52

10k – 1:13:30 at SRF in 2017

Furthest I’ve ever run is 12.5km – at Sweat vs Steam in 2017 – BIG learning from this experience is that an extra 2.5km is a LOT further to run!!

Upcoming runs for me: 5km at Sweat vs Steam, then Four Vines 5km.. after that is anyone’s guess. Although its heading into hot weather…. and me and hot weather don’t go well together. So no major huge awesome runs… but a bit more running in general while the weather holds out. 

Running goals: ONE day I will get a parkrun PB (It’s been 18 months) and ONE day (very distant future) I’d like to hit that magic sub 30 mins mark for 5km… in the meantime though… lots more running and training required!! And maybe one or two less wines 🙂

Four Vines

If you are entering the event please join the Shepparton Runners Club team. You do not have to be an SRC member. The next public holiday just happens to be Four Vines weekend (what a coincidence) and if you’re looking for a last escape before Christmas then why not come up to Nagambie and experience four beautiful wineries up close before relaxing with a glass of what those vines produced!

Places are limited in all events so best to get in before they sell out!

Further reading – the road to Nagoya Womens Marathon 2020

by Tara Daniel

I have a proper blog now. This weeks edition is me dealing with a normal week! It’s unusual and weird! 23 weeks to go.  

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