SRC E-News July 12

Norah smashes out a Pb at the Gold Coast.

This years Gold Coast Half the goal was to officially go sub 2 hrs after last year running 2:00:34 at Melbourne in October and just missing out.

The days in the lead up to Sunday were 35km/h winds with light showers. We were lucky the wind had reduced but light showers were likely and around 16 degrees and humid.

Once at the start area, I went for a warm up and toilet stop then it was time for the 6am start. We shuffled into our start area. Go time and off we went easing into a nice pace as it was pretty congested. The sun started to come up around 5km, it was quite humid and we had a bit of a tail wind as we headed towards Paradise Point. We went over a couple of channels then Chris yelled out to cheer Moose and Sinead Diver coming back for home. At 8km I kept telling myself that we were nearly at 10km and to relax and keep going. Another drink station and to the turn around for home. I tried to keep in one line on the road and conscious of the kamber. Time for a gel and water. At 16km my feet started to hurt but I had to lift the pace so that distracted me. I focused on form and tried to latch onto anyone who looked like they were running strong. 18km the breeze felt good and cooling. From here you can see down towards the finish area so it feels closer. We pushed on and turned left onto the highway and 1km to go. I picked people off and kept pushing. The crowds were great cheering everyone on along the club tent area.Left again to the finish chute. Found the gaps and gave anything I had in the legs. Crossed the the line 1.56.54 stoked and stuffed. Big hug for Chris. Woo hoo!!!


Norah Armstrong

Norah’s half marathon stats


Melbourne 2:15:50


Gold Coast 2:05:57, Melbourne 2:00:27 (previous Pb)


Gold Coast 1:56:45 (New Pb)

Norah’s splits and pace

10 km 55:23 & 5:32

20km 56:05 & 5:36

1km 5:25  &  4:56

My opinion, over years Norah has chipped away at the 2 hr half marathon knocking off 5 – 10 minutes each 6 months. At Gold Coast her pace was unbelievably even, with energy for a final 1 km kick at the end.

Well done Norah!

Easy runs make hard runs easier.

An easy run is not a slow run and yes language matters. It is just an easy out the door run. It’s not a tempo or stride or fartlek. Easy is an effort unique to you. You do an easy run so you can recover from a hard run. Easy runs help to reduce stress and pressure built up during the day.

Too often we look at numbers as the benchmark of success. When you should measure the success of a run in many different ways. Did you enjoy the easy run, did you enjoy the new route? The pace that feels easy one day may not feel easy the next, so don’t attach a number to your run.

70 to 80 percent of your km should be done as an easy run. It’s always good to finish an easy run feeling accomplished.

These 4 running drills are quick and easy to learn and can be done in less than 5 minutes after your run.

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