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What. A. Day. Early morning on a Sunday again to catch up with Dwayne FitzpatrickLuke Whykes and Matthew Nunan over at Cohuna for a Bridge to Bridge Fun Run 6.5km.
I managed to pull off a win in 24:22. My first win in my short running career which is the confidence boost I needed and is the reward for the effort I have put in so far.
Plus indulging at the Waffle House was also reward for effort! Thanks fellas!

– To all Shepparton runners, I am sorry I didnt kit up….

This weekend

Sunday, March 10 – Shepparton Runners Club Bunnings BBQ fundraiser. If you are not helping out with the BBQ remember to come out and buy a sausage Event page

Also, remember to like the Shepparton Runners Club 40th anniversary page here.

Cohuna funrun

Sharleen Batchelor (sorry I couldn’t find the time)

Mairead MacDougall 12.5 km 1:33:24

Rosalie Smith 6.5 km 42:21

Cate Aitken 6.5 km 42:21

Chelsea Nicholson 6.5 km 44:49

Mathieu Ryan Half Mara 2:04:04

Cadel Nicholson smashing it at the school sports.


250 parkruns

Congratulations Trevor Dainton on becoming the 3rd person to clock up 250 parkruns from the home run of Shepparton.

What’s even more impressive is the consistency of the fairly quick times. And considering he has had his 60th birthday these times inspire many others. Well done Trevor, see you at 500.

Upcoming Races.

Early Bird Registration fees expiry at Midnight on Monday 11th March – so if you’re thinking about running in any of our individual running events, sign up today and save yourself some money!

What will happen to the prices after next Monday night?
Mandalay Resources Marathon: $99 becomes $111.
Fosterville Gold Mine Half Marathon: $70 becomes $80.
Athlete’s Foot Bendigo 10km: $40 becomes $45.
Connally’s Real Estate 5km: $10 becomes $20.

PS/ The entry fees for the Mile, 500m, Ekiden Relay, Dinner and Night Ride are all fixed prices, so they won’t budge. But you’d better get clicking and register NOW for the 5km and above.

This event is a great morning out for both families and the serious runner alike. Whether you want to support your kids in the 2km or challenge yourself in the half marathon or chase the single track on the trail runs there is an event to suit you. Program includes: – Half Marathon – 10km Run – 5km Run – 2km Run – 5.4 km Trail Run – 8.1 km Trail Run -13.3 km Trail Run contact: Tracy Carey. email: Visit the website for more details. contact: Tracy Carey. email: Visit the website for more details.

Shepparton Running Festival – Stay up to date on the Facebook page 



Incorporating strength training into your regular routine has a ton of benefits—it not only helps you become a stronger, faster runner, but it helps prevent injuries, too. And while deadlifts may seem intimidating at first, Noam Tamir, C.S.C.S., owner and head trainer at TS Fitness in New York City, says this lower-body move is worth keeping in your rotation for a few very specific reasons.

Deadlifts strengthen your glutes.

The deadlift move recruits a lot of muscles in the lower body, including the hamstrings and the glutes, says Tamir. Plus, your quads get majorly activated as you extend your knees and lift up the weight.

“Since the gluteus maximus is one of the main movers in this move, the deadlift will definitely build muscle on your butt,” says Tamir.

But wait, there’s more—Tamir explains that deadlifts also work your traps, along with your lower, middle, and upper-back muscles. And your entire core gets a challenge, since it’s responsible for stabilizing your spine through the movement.

More here in Runners World

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